THE chosen is the Amazon Prime video clip biblical series which has actually returned because that a 2nd season. Yet how plenty of episodes will certainly be in season two?


The Chosen: Season 2 premiered on Easter Sunday (Image: Amazon Prime)

The Chosen began in 2017 together a TV movie, before audioeditorfree.comming to be the TV series its fans follow today.

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After last being watched on display in 2019, the biblical epos will audioeditorfree.comntinue to explore the life and impact of Jesus’ life.

Season two of The chosen has already aired its first three episodes, through it premiering top top Easter Sunday, April 4.

The 2nd and 3rd episodes were released back-to-back top top April 13, with Amazon Prime audioeditorfree.comntinuing its legacy of giving shows a staggered release.

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The Chosen: There will be 8 illustration in season 2 (Image: Amazon Prime)

How many episodes space in season two

Season one had actually nine total episodes, which also includes the original TV movie from 2017.

The 2nd season will have actually eight illustration this time around, with each episode dropping weekly ~ above the streaming platform.

The present is distinctive in exactly how it release episodes, dropping brand-new episodes live on YouTube and also the show’s audioeditorfree.commpanion app as shortly as it has actually been edited.

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The Chosen: mary Magdalene (Image: Amazon Prime)

Amazon Prime video also airs each episode as shortly as they room ready.

So much the new season has had an inexplicable release schedule audioeditorfree.commplying with the seaudioeditorfree.comnd and third episodes dropping simultaneously.

Episode four is meant to release at some point in might 2021.

The original audioeditorfree.comllection creator Dallas Jenkins is back for the brand-new season.

Jenkins is finest known for his work-related on The Resurrection the Gavin rock and What If.

Speaking audioeditorfree.comme Gazette.audioeditorfree.comm, Jenkins said: “A multiseason show permits us to dig much deeper and also take our time to develop the stories, the characters and also the backstories.”

Joining star Jonathan Roumie (known because that Ballers and also the video clip game death Stranding) as Jesus is a diverse actors of familiar enaudioeditorfree.comunters in season two.

The cast includes Shahar Isaac (Madam Secretary) together Simon Peter, boy name James (Shameless) together Andrew, and also Paras Patel (Nashville) as Matthew.

Also in the actors are George Harrison Xanthis (Les Norton) together John and also Elizabeth Tabish (Panic) as mary Magdalene.

There has actually been no audioeditorfree.comnfirmation on a 3rd season, with most of season two still audioeditorfree.comme air.

The Chosen began as a crowdfunded media project and also went ~ above to it is in the biggest project of its typeand quiet isto this day.

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The favored is obtainable to watch on Amazon prime Video, YouTube and also The Chosen: Jesus Christ Story audioeditorfree.commpanion app


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