'Bridgerton' season 1 to be released on Netflix ~ above December 25. Check out on to uncover out how plenty of episodes space there in 'Bridgerton' season 1 and other details.

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The brand-new Netflix showBridgertonis aperiod drama set in the competitive people of London’s high society. Created byChris van Dusenand created byShonda Rhimes, the display revolves aroundRegencyLondonhigh society'sTonduring theseason, whendebutantesarepresented in ~ court. They room thereafter introduced and also initiated into high society. The present has garnered a lot of praise ever because it was released on Netflix top top December 25. Check out on to discover out, "How countless episodes space there in Bridgerton?”.

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How many episodes are there in Bridgerton?

Bridgerton season 1 has eight episodes. All the episodes were released top top Netflix at the exact same time. Hence, audiences have the right to binge-watch this high culture drama in one sitting.



Episode 1: Diamond the the first WaterEpisode 2: Shock and DelightEpisode 3: art of the SwoonEpisode 4: An work of HonourEpisode 5: The Duke and also IEpisode 6: SwishEpisode 7: oceans ApartEpisode 8: ~ the Rain

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Will over there be a 'Bridgerton' season 2?

Bridgertonhas no been renewed for a 2nd season yet.However, back Season 2 has actually not beenofficiallyannounced, the is highly likely come return because that a 2nd season. Fans can expect more of Daphne and Simon. A report in What’s top top Netflix has listed the show as being renewed ago in February 2020. However, official renewal news is quiet awaited. The report further reveals the filming because that season 2 to be reportedly initially scheduled to begin in July 2020 but it had actually to be propelled to march 2021 because of thecoronavirus pandemic.


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Here is the elaborate list the 'Bridgerton' cast

Lady Whistledown: Julie AndrewsDaphne Bridgerton: Phoebe DynevorSimon Basset: Rege-Jean PageAnthony Bridgerton: Jonathan BaileyColin Bridgerton: Luke NewtonPenelope Featherington: Nicola CoughlanMarina Thompson: Ruby BarkerLady Danbury: Adoja AndohEloise Bridgerton: Claudia JessieBenedict Bridgerton: Luke ThompsonLady Portia Featherington: Polly WalkerLady Violet Bridgerton: Ruth GemmelPhillipa Featherington: Harriet CainsPrudence Featherington: Bessie CarterLord Featherington: Ben MillerQueen Charlotte: Golda RosheuvelSiena Rosso: Sabrina BartlettMadame Delacroix: Kathryn Drysdale

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'Bridgerton' review

The Netflix collection has a 7.2/10 rating on IMDb. It also has a positive 94 per centlike top top Rotten Tomatoes. A full of 96 per centof Google users likewise liked the 8-part season ofBridgerton.

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