The Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that functions in locations related to an international health, financial opportunity, and also climate change, amongst others. The company was established in 2002 after previous President invoice Clinton (D) left office. Clinton"s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, serves as the foundation"s vice chair, and also former Secretary that State Hillary Clinton served on the plank of directors after leave office.

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The website for the Clinton foundation lists the following set of 7 "guiding principles" because that the group"s work:<2>

• We"re every in this together.• Nothing truly happens uneven a life is changed.• No one has all the answers, but we can bring together the human being who can find them.• results you can measure space the just results that matter.• Empowerment is liberating and also life-changing.• there is always a way to it is in faster, leaner, and better.• The greatest good is helping people live their best life story.<3>


The Clinton foundation was founded in 2002 after previous President invoice Clinton (D) left office. Follow to the organization"s website, that was originally designed as "a nongovernmental organization that could leverage the distinct capacities of governments, companion organizations, and other individuals to deal with rising inequalities and deliver tangible outcomes that boost people’s lives." The company initially started in an answer to the global spread that HIV/AIDS. Clinton set up the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, i beg your pardon expanded and was renamed the Clinton Health access Initiative (CHAI). CHAI came to be a separate organization in 2010.<4>

In 2013, the structure was renamed, indigenous the william J. Clinton foundation to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Follow to Politico, "The move was made shortly after Hillary Clinton left the State Department, and was long planned come reflect the occupational the 3 have had with the structure since that inception, sources acquainted with the to plan said."<5>


In a 2013 file of the Clinton Foundation, The new York time briefly described the charity"s design for giving, saying that it to be "built roughly dozens of partnerships with exclusive companies, governments, or various other nonprofit groups. Rather of handing out grants, the foundation recruits donors and also advises castle on how ideal to deploy your money or resources, from help Procter & gambling donate advanced water-purification packets to arising countries come working through credit card carriers to expand the volume the low-cost loans readily available to bad inner city residents."<6>

Major areas

The foundation lists five worry areas:

Climate change: The Clinton foundation works on concerns of climate adjust mostly through its Clinton Climate Initiative, which intends to create partnerships between the public and private sectors. V a variety of programs in sustainability and also energy efficiency, the plan is especially energetic in the Caribbean and throughout the african continent.<7> according to the Caribbean Journal, the initiative functions in that region to "develop green power projects; recognize project-financing and investment methods to tempt capital and develop best practices for collaboration between countries."<8> In Ethiopia, the foundation"s occupational has concentrated on reforestation.<9>

Economic development: The foundation"s website states that their approach to economic development is based on increasing "opportunities because that education and also employment."<10> lot of the development initiative"s occupational has remained in Rwanda. The new York Times described the foundation"s job-related there in October 2015: "As a microcosm of the foundation’s an international presence, Rwanda reveals it come be more a nonprofit an international consulting firm than a traditional philanthropy, v scattered interests the reflect the darting mind of that is namesake, previous President bill Clinton. Right here in the hills of main Africa, maybe as lot as anywhere, the enjoys the synergy v the government that the structure seeks wherever it goes."<11>

Girls and also women: The Clinton Foundation"s work-related with women and girls concentrates "on expanding accessibility to education; broadening economic opportunity; and providing crucial health care to young mothers and their newborns," follow to the organization.<12> among the foundation"s programs, started in 2015 together a partnership v the invoice & Melinda gateways Foundation, is "No Ceilings," which aims to "gather data and also analyze the gains made for women and girls end the last two decades, as well as the gaps that remain."<13> In in march 2016, evil Chair Chelsea Clinton supplied data from the project to write an opinion item for Mogul. The piece read, in part:<14>

No Ceilings compiled much more than 850,000 data points come reveal great news and also not-so-good news about the profit women had actually made end the previous two decades, and the staggering gaps the still remain. Because that example, we understand from the data that today, girls and also boys are entering primary school at same rates, maternal mortality has almost halved, and much more constitutions than ever are protecting women’s rights. However we also know that sex gaps persist. ... Globally, development in the locations of health and child marriage have been uneven, specifically among poor, rural and marginalized girls and also women. We can and also must do more to adjust this.<3>

Global health: lot of the foundation"s work in worldwide health is in the area the improving global markets for medicine. The initial work of the foundation, the Clinton Health access Initiative, came to be a separate, affiliated group from the structure in 2010.<15>

Health and also wellness: The structure also concentrates on issues of health and also wellness, an initiaitive the group claims started after bill Clinton underwent love bypass surgical treatment in 2005.<4> One structure focus is the healthy Schools Program, which is component of one alliance through the American love Association. The program"s goal, follow to the college of California, is come "head off the country rising prices of childhood weight problems by supporting healthy, sustainable changes in schools." The program frequently "targets high-need schools, such as those in lower-income neighborhoods and those with a better percentage of college student on subsidized lunch programs."<16>

Noteworthy events

FBI opens up investigation into The Clinton Foundation

On January 4, 2018, The Hill reported that the commonwealth Bureau of examination (FBI) opened a brand-new investigation into The Clinton Foundation. According to officials that spoke to The Hill on condition of anonymity, the investigation “is assessing whether the Clintons promised or performed any type of policy favors in return because that largesse to your charitable initiatives or whether donors made commitments the donations in wishes of securing government outcomes. The probe may additionally examine whether any type of tax-exempt assets were converted for personal or politics use and also whether the foundation complied with applicable taxation laws.”<17>

Clinton structure spokesman Craig Minassian commented on the probe, saying, “Time after ~ time, the Clinton foundation has been subjected to politically encouraged allegations, and also time ~ time these allegations have been proven false. No one of this has made us waver in our mission to assist people. The Clinton foundation has demonstrably boosted the lives of millions of people across America and around the people while earning optimal ratings native charity watchdog groups in the process."<17>

Hillary Clinton"s spokesman Nick Merrill likewise weighed in, saying, "Let’s contact this what the is: a sham. This is a philanthropy the does life-changing work, i beg your pardon Republicans have tried come turn into a politics football. It began with a now long-debunked project spearheaded through Steve Bannon during the presidential campaign. It continues with Jeff Sessions doing Trump’s bidding by heeding his calls to meddle v a department that is claimed to duty independently."<17>

Clinton emails

Following the appearance of almost 15,000 emails in respectable 2016 related to Hillary Clinton"s email server and its investigation, The Clinton foundation has to be under scrutiny because that receiving donations from foreign leaders, such as Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, and also Clinton"s meetings with foundation donors if secretary of state. Critics, consisting of the watchdog group Judicial Watch, who filed a flexibility of details Act lawsuit versus the State Department, says that the foundation"s lack of transparency, international donors, and the alleged blur in between Clinton"s function within the State Department and also her duty with the foundation are indications that donors "may have been trying come buy influence."<18><19>


The relationship between Doug band (a former aide to invoice Clinton who likewise worked because that the foundation and simultaneously founded the consulting group Teneo), Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton"s longtime advisor and also vice chair of she 2016 campaign), and the structure were referred to as into question during Clinton"s 2016 presidential campaign. According to The wall Street Journal, Abedin had received a special designation in ~ the State department while Clinton was secretary that state, allowing Abedin to additionally work in ~ the structure and Band"s consulting firm, Teneo.

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<19> In 2009, band contacted Abedin about setting up a meeting in between Hamad al-Khalifa—who had actually donated $50,000 to $100,000 come the Clinton Foundation—and Hillary Clinton. Abedin, however, used "official channels" to set up such meetings, according to the emails.<19><20> according to the State department Deputy Spokesman note Toner, "ndividuals, including those who have donated to political campaigns, non-profits, or structures -- including the Clinton foundation -- may contact or have actually meetings with officials in the administration. A wide variety of exterior individuals and organizations contact the State Department. Conference requests, recommendations and also proposals pertained to the department v a variety of networks both formal and also informal."<18> federal Judge James Boasberg had set a meeting of September 22, 2016, because that the State room to identify what emails "contain sensitive federal government information and also which are strictly personal conversations."<19>

In October 2016, ~ WikiLeaks released hacked emails native Clinton campaign chairman man Podesta, Politico reported the the emails revealed Chelsea Clinton"s concerns around Teneo and also Band. According to the report, "In December 2011, Chelsea Clinton sent out a high solution worded email to top household confidants saying that civilization in London had actually raised "serious concerns" about the means Teneo was utilizing her father"s name to collection up meetings for clients. ... At the time, Chelsea Clinton had already been advertise to enact tougher rules at the structure regarding problems of interest and also outside income."<21>