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The Robertson household may have become household names many thanks to A&E, but they’ve stayed on fans’ psychic ever due to the fact that thanks to your hilarious antics. Duck Dynasty gave viewers an inside look into the lives of the Louisiana natives, in addition to their business, Duck Commander. The hit reality display premiered in march 2012 and ended in march 2017 ~ 11 seasons.

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The collection followed patriarch Phil Robertson, his wife, Kay Robertson, his brother Si Robertson and also Phil’s sons Willie Robertson, Jep Robertson and Jase Robertson. Willie and also his household — including wife Korie Robertson, daughter Sadie Robertson and also son John Luke Robertson — took facility stage transparent the show’s run, i m sorry featured appearances native the family’s countless relatives.

Willie and Korie reflect on the phenomenon in march 2017. “The Robertson household has always been very open v their lives. Good and bad,” he told Us Weekly exclusively in ~ the time. “When you vulnerable and say, ‘Hey, this is what we’re walk through,’ the resonates.”

He added: “We try to protect everybody and not get caught in miscellaneous embarrassing, though. There to be one time Si to be picking his nose and producers thought it to be funny. Us were like, ‘No, take that out.’”

As for when the stars that the show knew they were famous, Willie recalled the transforming point. “People started arriving to the warehouse,” that said. “At first, it was two, and I to be like, ‘Hey, which in!’ Then two turned right into 20 turned into 40 turned right into 2,000. They to be making the expedition down right here to be part of it.”

The finish of the collection did not signal plans for the men of the household to shave, though. “I’d speak no,” Willie reasoned when asked even if it is he would shed his beard after filming concluded.

Korie, for her part, noted: “Missy really wants Jase to, and he’s considering it.”

However, the pair made decision Jep to be the far better option. “I gambling Jep,” Willie told Us, come which Korie responded, “Yeah, Jep is the most likely.”

Scroll v to view where the Robertsons are now that their reality present has ended.

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