Patient visits:

In 2020, there to be 8.7 million complete outpatient visits, 273,000 hospital admissions and observations, and also 217,000 surgical instances throughout Cleveland Clinic’s wellness system.

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Cleveland Clinic is a 6,000-bed health system that includes a 173-acre key campus near downtown Cleveland, 19 hospitals, much more than 220 outpatient facilities, and locations in south east Florida; ras Vegas, Nevada; Toronto, Canada; Abu Dhabi, UAE; and London, England.


Among Cleveland Clinic’s 68,700 employees an international are much more than 4,600 salaried physicians and researchers, and 17,400 registered nurses and advanced practice providers, representing 140 medical specialties and subspecialties.

Research and education:

Cleveland Clinic has 1,952 residents

 and fellows in training and also 110 accredited cultivate programs, with research capital totaling $312 million.


Cleveland Clinic serves the ar by offering uncompensated health care to those in need, engaging in a broad selection of medical, research, education and also training programs, and also supporting community health initiatives. In 2019, ours community advantage contribution totaled $1.16 billion.

Economic and also Fiscal influence Reports

As the biggest employer in Ohio, Cleveland Clinic has made significant contributions to the state and also local economies, totaling $17.8 billion in 2016, follow to the Cleveland Clinic Economic influence Report. In 2016, Cleveland Clinic detailed 58,610 straight jobs – consisting of Cleveland Clinic physicians and also employees, on-campus hotel jobs, on-campus parking jobs, and jobs existing at spin-off carriers – because that a full of $4.5 billion in wages and also benefits.

In addition, Cleveland Clinic accounted because that 61,110 indirect work – those noted by various other businesses, through the assistance of the hospital’s safety – because that a total of $3 billion in wages and also benefits. In all, the activities of Cleveland Clinic supported much more supported 119,720 Ohio work in 2016, representing an ext than $7.5 billion in full earnings.

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A crucial Economic pressure in Ohio’s Economy

A critical Economic force in Florida’s Economy

A vital Economic force in Nevada’s Economy

Similar economic influence reports were all set for Cleveland Clinic framework in Florida and Nevada. In Weston, Fla., Cleveland Clinic Florida’s complete economic output included up to $1.2 billion. In las Vegas, the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo facility for mind Health totaled an financial output of $47 million.

Community benefit Report


Cleveland Clinic’s total community advantage increased 12% come $1.16 billion in 2019, representing the highest possible level the community benefit in the reporting background and has all wellness system operations in Ohio, Nevada and also Florida.

Community advantage is a measure up of a hospital’s investment in its ar through education, research, financial assistance and also Medicaid shortfall, subsidized services, and also outreach programs. It is one indicator the Cleveland Clinic’s commitment come its neighbors.

“Our goal is to make every neighborhood we offer the healthiest possible,” claimed Cleveland Clinic CEO and President Tom Mihaljevic, M.D. “Community advantage is one way to measure up progress. It shows exactly how our care for patients and commitment come our neighbors go hand-in-hand.”

Read or download the entire community advantage report here.

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Community health and wellness Needs evaluate 2016


Cleveland Clinic health system completed substantial community health and wellness needs assessments (CHNAs) which included all neighborhoods surrounding the system’s hospitals and family health centers. The goals of this assessments were to identify and evaluate health and wellness related demands in the communities Cleveland Clinic serves and to usage this details to accomplish our mission.