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The FBI concluded the Hillary Clinton have to not it is in prosecuted over her decision to conduct State Department business exclusively end a exclusive email server, yet Donald trump card pledged to appoint a unique prosecutor to inspection the matter if he i do not care president.

At the 2nd debate in between the 2 presidential nominees, Trump criticized Clinton for turning over half her emails organized on she server to the State Department and also deleting the rest. He said Clinton have to be "ashamed" that herself for deleting 33,000 emails.

"There has actually never to be anything prefer this," Trump stated at the Oct. 9 event in St. Louis. "You gain a subpoena, and also after acquiring the subpoena friend delete 33,000 emails."

Clinton and her project don’t dispute that she turned off these 33,000 emails. Castle argue that these were personal in nature, rather than work-related, and therefore to be not essential to revolve over.

However, they have denied that they turned off the emails ~ receiving a conference subpoena indigenous the House pick Committee on Benghazi on march 4, 2015. Yet an respectable 2016 FBI report on its examination shows the Trump’s insurance claim has part merit.

Let’s take a look at the timeline of pertinent events, follow to the FBI report. (The most pertinent information is on pages 15-19 that this document.)

Feb. 1, 2013: Clinton serves she last day together secretary that state.

July 23, 2014: The State department reaches an covenant with the Benghazi committee about producing documents for that is investigation right into the 2012 strike on a U.S. Embassy in the Libyan city.

Oct. 28, 2014: The State Department sends out an main letter to Clinton’s staff requesting "emails regarded their government work." Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, and also aide Cheryl Mills looked after the review of Clinton’s email archives to create work-related documents to the department.

Dec. 5, 2014: Clinton’s team gives 55,000 pages that emails, or about 30,000 individual emails, to the State Department. Mills tells an employee in ~ Platte river Networks, which controlled the server, that Clinton go not must retain any kind of emails older 보다 60 days.

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March 2, 2015: The New York Times breaks the story the Clinton offered a an individual email account if secretary of state.