Texas make its assistance for president Donald trump card official, but the Electoral college officially declared Joe Biden together president-elect.


Maj. Marco A. Rodriguez (CD 23) and other Texas electors celebrate ~ the notice of every 38 Texas electoral votes because that President Donald Trump during the conference of the presidential electors in the house Chamber of the Texas State Capitol ~ above Monday, December 14, 2020 in Austin. Every 38 electors voted for Trump and also Vice president Mike Pence. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News)(Vernon Bryant / staff Photographer)
AUSTIN — Thirty-eight Texas electors gathered in the home chamber at the Texas Capitol to officially actors their presidential ballots because that President Donald trump card on Monday afternoon, the work the Electoral college officially asserted Joe Biden together the president-elect.

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Texas electors voted for Matthew Stringer native Odessa to chair Monday’s meeting. Applause damaged out in the chamber minutes later when Stringer announced that all 38 electors voted for Trump and also Vice president Mike Pence.

“It is my respect to report to you that we have actually finished tallying the votes because that the presidential electors in the state of Texas and also the poll totals space as follows: every 38 votes for President Donald J. Trump for President of the United states of America,” Stringer said.

But by so late Monday afternoon, together expected, Biden reached 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, affirming Biden’s victory.

This every comes one week after Texas Attorney basic Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit together a last-ditch effort in ~ overturning the election outcomes by nullifying 10.4 million votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and also Wisconsin.

The situation was tossed by the U.S. Supreme Court ~ above Friday, clearing the runway for the Electoral college to convene Monday totally free of uncertainty.

“The State the Texas’s activity for leaving to paper a invoice of complain is refuse for absence of standing under article III of the Constitution. Texas has not prove a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which one more State conducts the elections. All various other pending motions are dismissed as moot,” the court wrote in a quick unsigned ruling.

Following the votes for president and also vice president, a suggest resolution declared that the Texas Electoral university condemns the “moral cowardice” the the can be fried Court for not taking action on the Paxton case.

The resolution likewise encouraged legislators in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia to choose their own electors, however most of the conversation revolved about the use of the “moral cowardice” term.

TEXAS ELECTORAL COLLEGE:"I Don Quixote come and also tilt at this windmill...These two tiny words 'moral cowardice' are like this fire ant bite I gained the various other day: tiny but irritating...If anybody here deserve to stand increase now and tell justices Thomas, Kavanaugh, Coney Barrett the ..." pic.twitter.com/y6PXnOZFgh

— Howard Mortman (

“These two tiny words, ethical cowardice, are favor this fire ant bite I acquired the other day. The little, however it’s irritating,” Richard Tex hall from Bulverde said. “…When you litter those words the end front, yes you obtain their attention, but not in the right way.”

The “moral cowardice” term to be removed, however the resolution passed in a vote the sparked a tiny social media storm however is i can not qualify to result in any type of action.

The TEXAS electors are having actually quite an afternoon. They're currently considering a resolution criticizing the supreme Court for exactly how it tackled the state's instance to overturn the election. The current controversy is currently on even if it is accusing the justices of "moral cowardice" is as well strong.

— Kyle Cheney (

Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and also Wisconsin — an essential states that aided decide the election — had already cast their votes for Biden prior to Texas’ electors convened.

Trump beat Biden by over 630,000 votes in Texas, a state he won by more than 800,000 votes in 2016, despite he lost the U.S. Popular vote for a second time, this time by around 7 million votes.

Many Democrats proceed to protest the Electoral College, a watch which to be refueled in 2016 after Hillary Clinton winner the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, yet lost the Electoral college 306-232.

Each state receives one elector for each member in Congress, for this reason 36 house members along with its 2 Senators lands Texas at 38 electors. In the Lone Star State, together is the case in 47 various other states and the ar of Columbia, the party the wins the well-known vote gets to have all of the state’s electoral votes in the Electoral College.

In order to it is in eligible to serve as one of the 38 electors in the state, Texans should be a standard voter in the state, not host the office of United claims senator, United states representative, or any type of other commonwealth office of profit or trust and must be affiliated through the party for which they are an elector.

Texas electors encompass familiar deals with such as Rep. Briscoe Cain and unfamiliar ones, as the wall surface Street Journal very first reported, such as Tamon Hamlett, a 19-year-old college student at the university of Houston.

Texas is one of only 17 claims that walk not call for its electors to vote for the candidate who won the popular vote in their state.

As reported previously Monday, “faithless electors” can slightly transform the total number of electoral votes by no voting for your party’s nominee. That was the instance in Texas in 2016 when two Texas electors cast one poll for man Kasich and also the various other for Ron Paul.

That was not the situation on Monday, v all 38 votes going to Trump.

Congress will fulfill on Jan. 6 to count the electoral votes, and the inauguration is set for Jan. 20.

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Alex Briseno. Alex Briseño is covering politics in Austin for The Dallas Morning News. He was born in Seguin, Texas, and also is a recent graduate native the college of Texas in ~ Austin. During his time in ~ UT, Alex interned at sports Illustrated, freelanced for newspapers throughout the state and also spent 4 years in ~ the college student newspaper, The daily Texan.