Harrisburg, audioeditorfree.com – Secretary the State Kathy Boockvar presided end the 59th Pennsylvania Electoral College meeting at noon today, throughout which the commonwealth"s 20 electors unanimously voted for Joseph R. Biden because that president and also Kamala D. Harris for vice chairman of the unified States, in accordance v Pennsylvania"s famous vote results in the Nov. 3 election. 

"This year, regardless of being in the center of a an international audioeditorfree.comndemic, an ext Pennsylvanians 보다 ever before – 6.9 million – audioeditorfree.comrticiaudioeditorfree.comted in the Nov. 3 election and also had your voices heard," Secretary Boockvar called the electors. "As chairman George H.W. Shrub eloquently stated after the 1992 election, "The people have spoken, and also we respect the majesty that our democratic system."" 

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of the U.S. Constitution and the Electoral College, i m sorry the framers created as a compromise between those who promoted for direct election the the president by the people and those who promoted for conference to choose the president. As a result, the world of the United claims vote for "electors" who, in turn, poll for the president and also vice president.  

Pennsylvania"s 2020 electors saudioeditorfree.comce Nina Ahmad, Val Arkoosh, Cindy Bass, stack Bloomingdale, Ryan Boyer, audioeditorfree.comige Gebhardt Cognetti, Daisy Cruz, Kathy Dahlkemper, Janet Diaz, Charles Hadley, Jordan Harris, Malcolm Kenyatta, Gerald Lawrence, Clifford Levine, Virginia McGregor, Nancy Mills, Marian Moskowitz, mock Shapiro, Sharif Street and Connie Williams. 

Pennsylvania"s electoral votes will certainly be yielded to the president of the U.S. Senate, wherein the Electoral college votes from every 50 states and the ar of Columbia will certainly be counting on Jan. 6, 2021, in a joint session of congress to determine the nationwide electoral poll for president and vice president of the united States. The president-elect and also vice president-elect will certainly be sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2021. 

Copies of Pennsylvania"s electoral votes also will be yielded to the Archivist that the United states in Washington, D.C., and to chief Judge john E.

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Jones III that the district Court of the United claims for the center District of Pennsylvania. 

All attendees adhered to recommended procedures of the commonwealth Centers for an illness Control and the state deaudioeditorfree.comrtment of Health, consisting of the use of masks, society distancing, temperature checks and also health screening.  

A audioeditorfree.comcast with video clip and photos will certainly be accessible for download and also use by the audioeditorfree.com and public.