Tayte Williams a member that California"s Electoral university holds up her ballot for Vice President-Elect, Sen. Kamala Harris in ~ the state Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Monday, Dec. 14, 2020.

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California’s 55 representatives to the electoral university met this afternoon in Sacramento and also cast their ballots because that President-elect Joe Biden and also Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

The state’s electors driven Biden previous the 270-vote threshold and also delivered the the presidency.

The electors are liked by California Democrats and also bound by law to cast votes for the party lock represent. No elector actors a vote for chairman Donald Trump, what"s well-known as a "faithless elector."

The group an initial cast 55 ballots for Biden, climate again ceded unanimous outcomes for Harris in a 2nd round the voting. Each candidate got a standing ovation once the votes were read.

“On behalf of every the civilization of California, I want to give thanks to you,” stated Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, who offered as an elector and ran the conference as chair. “We continue to validate the this democracy — this experiment in dealing with everyone equal and making sure that every poll counts — is truly, truly successful.”

Normally, the conference of the electoral college is one election-year formality the receives little attention.

“The only reason the country is caring about the drama the the electoral college votes — i beg your pardon is typically not any kind of drama at all — is because of Trump’s ongoing insistence that he’s walk to be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat and also remain in office,” said Rick Hasen, an election law professional at UC Irvine. “There’s no legal path for the to do that.”

No states taped votes indigenous faithless electors. In Georgia, the human being chosen through Georgia’s Republican Party to serve as electors had actually Trump won the state additionally gathered to cast unofficial votes because that the president.

“Given every the focus on faithless electors because the critical election, the parties have actually been very careful to pick very loyal civilization to be the electors for each candidate,” Hasen said. “So, i don’t expect any Biden elector or trumped elector to walk rogue in any state.”

The pandemic also complex the meeting, i m sorry is constitutionally forced to occur in-person at the state Capitol. The electors met in the Assembly chamber and cast physics ballots throughout the process, follow to state election code.

A resource with the California autonomous Party said electors were asked come quarantine front of the gathering. Castle were spread out on the Assembly floor and in the gallery.

Electors were compelled to wear face masks and also socially street inside the state capitol. Only restricted news media were allowed inside.

The capitol grounds to be barricaded and patrolled by the members of the Assembly Sergeant At-Arms, who administer Capitol security. No protestors gathered outside throughout the meeting, despite the state Capitol and also surrounding area has actually been the website of regular and violent weekend protests. Pro-Trump demonstrators have gathered because that six-straight weekends to falsely claim the election was “stolen” from him.

In California, every political party nominates its own electors. The autonomous electors are selected by every of the party’s nominees for federal office, an interpretation each autonomous candidate because that Congress chooses one elector.

This year, California’s members of the electoral college encompass ‘Big Bang Theory’ executive, management producer invoice Prady, Sacramento market Darrell Steinberg and also Super key champion Bryan Fletcher.

The roster likewise includes a litany that community and also political activists, family members of California congressional representatives and also former chosen officials. According to state code, electors room paid $10 for their services and are reimbursed 5 cents per mile for take trip costs.

Once all votes indigenous the electoral college are recorded, congress will accomplish in a joint session on Jan. 6, 2021 come certify the results. Here"s a outline of the procedure happening about the country.

Hasen expects some GOP residence members come object during that process, but expects any type of objections come amount come nothing much more than delay tactics.

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“A big part of exactly how annoying this will certainly be will rely on whether a councilor agrees to join with a representative in do an objection,” the said. “If no senator joins, one objection is no heard by every house.”

Correction: A previous version of this story misspelled the surname ofSacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg. It has actually been corrected.