In Dorado, Puerto Rico, the city is giving desperate citizens water from an area contaminated with commercial chemicals.

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chairman Trump denied the truth that practically 3,000 people died in the consequences of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, tweeting the “3000 human being did not die in the two hurricanes the hit Puerto Rico”.’s Leyla Santiago reports from the island.

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SAN ISIDRO, PUERTO RICO - OCTOBER 15: Uncollected debris stand close to damaged residences in an area without electrical energy on October 15, 2017 in san Isidro, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is suffering shortages of food and also water in numerous areas and only 15 percent of grid electrical power has been restored. Puerto Rico competent widespread damages including many of the electrical, gas and also water grid also as farming after Hurricane Maria, a classification 4 hurricane, swept through. (Photo through Mario Tama/Getty Images)
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Puerto Rico revises Hurricane Maria death toll
san Juan market Carmen Yulin Cruz says that chairman Donald trump card has displayed “terrible neglect” towards the human being of Puerto Rico ~ Hurricane Maria.

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Guest: mayor Carmen Cruz from mountain Juan, PR (Facetime) Anderson in Studio 73 / manage 71 (channel 67) Please document CTL 7100 Switched Please document CTL 7103 Clean Switched Please document CTL 7138 AC ISO Please record CTL 7139 Splits Please record CTL 7140 big Smalls Please record GFX 905 Cruz ISO
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mountain Juan mayor: trumped showed destructive neglect
Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) reaction to president Trump’s tweets that stated FEMA can’t stay in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico “forever.”

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nydia velazquez 10122017
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Lawmaker's angry an answer to trump tweets
during a briefing through officials in Puerto Rico, chairman Donald Trump discussed the death toll and also financial results of Hurricane Maria.

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Trump: Puerto Rico threw budget out the whack
Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) defends the trump administration’s recovery initiatives in Puerto Rico, explain hurricane victim aren’t dying from absence of water and food.

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Scott Perry
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Rep. Perry: Puerto Rico victim aren't dying’s Don Lemon speak to san Juan market Carmen Yulin Cruz who stated that chairman Trump needs to protect against tweeting hateful things and also start act something to aid Puerto Rico.

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mountain Juan mayor calls trump card the 'hater-in-chief'
president Trump defended himself after taking criticism for tossing document towels when visiting hurricane devastated Puerto Rico.

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Evan Vucci/AP
President Donald trump tosses record towels right into a crowd as he hand out provides at Calvary Chapel, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Trump card is in Puerto Rico to survey hurricane damage. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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trump card defends tossing paper towels
president Donald Trump called Puerto Rican public representative they need to be “very proud” the hundreds of world haven’t passed away after Hurricane Maria together they walk in “a real catastrophe favor Katrina.”

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Evan Vucci/AP
President Donald trumped shakes hands v Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló after getting here with an initial lady Melania trumped at luis Muniz Air nationwide Guard basic to inspection hurricane damage and recovery efforts, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, in mountain Juan, Puerto Rico. (AP/Evan Vucci)
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trumped compares Puerto Rico deaths to Katrina
san Juan market Carmen Yulín Cruz says that Trump’s comments around Puerto Rico’s budget and comparisons come Hurricane Katrina proved a lack of respect for Puerto Rican people.

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san Juan mayor: trump miscommunicator in chief’s Nick Valencia asks Puerto Ricans if Donald Trump have to be immortalized v a statue together with other Presidents who have visited the island.

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Trump throws document towels to Puerto Ricans after hurricane_00000014.jpg
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exactly how will Trump be remembered in Puerto Rico?
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Story highlights

Puerto Ricans voted for statehood in a low-turnout, nonbinding referendum in June

Congress ultimately has the last say on even if it is Puerto Rico i do not care a state

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Washington —

The devastation in Puerto Rico ~ Hurricane Maria has carried the small island off the shore of Florida – house to 3.4 million American citizens – into the spotlight.

Some doubters of the commonwealth government’s solution have raised involves that aid to the island is lagging due to the fact that it is a united state territory and not a state. (Residents on the island are US citizens.)

Puerto Ricans voted for statehood in a low-turnout, nonbinding referendum in June, but the island has actually repeatedly poll with combined results on statehood in the past. Congress eventually has the final say on whether Puerto Rico i do not care a state.

together The new York time reported, the variety of Puerto Ricans moving to Florida over the last few weeks – and also the number that can move in the coming months – can tip the violet state in future elections.

yet how might Puerto Rico absent the nationwide political phase if it’s given full-fledged status as the 51st state in the union? here’s a watch at just how it would influence Congress and, perhaps, the White House.

The united state Senate in the balance

The Constitution provides that each state gets 2 seats in the united state Senate nevertheless of population, which way Puerto Rico would take the 101st and also 102nd seat in the chamber.

it’s likely, though not certain, the the autonomous Party would be favored to win those seats. Puerto Ricans who live in Florida are a strong Democratic group, and an ext than double as countless Puerto Ricans vote in the autonomous presidential caucuses in 2016 as the Republican presidential primary. Still, the Puerto Rican resides commissioner, the territory’s non-voting member that the House, caucuses v Republicans.

Two democratic seats native Puerto Rico would certainly (slightly) reminder the balance the the Senate. Republicans currently hold 52 seats; two much more Democratic seats would result in a 52-50 balance, allowing the GOP just one poll to spare, having actually to count on a tie-breaking poll from Vice president Mike Pence, instead of their existing two-vote margin, once Democrats stay united against their legislative branch priorities.

Fork in the road for the united state House

A big facility formula currently explains how plenty of House seats each state should get, follow to the Census Bureau.

The procedure starts by immediately giving every state one seat.

climate the technique gives every potential seat for each state a unique “priority value” based upon a formula and also the state’s population. The state through the highest priority value (California) gets the 51st seat. Then the next highest remaining (Texas) it s okay the 52nd. The next greatest (California again) it s okay the 53rd. New York gets the 54th. Florida it s okay the 55th. And also so on every the method to the 435th seat.

The bottom line is this: v 3.4 million people currently living in Puerto Rico, the island would certainly be entitled to five seats in the us House, according to this formula. (They’d gain the 128th, 209th, 294th and 378th seats, in addition to their automatic seat, in instance you were wondering.) The 5 unlucky states that would lose one chair each? Minnesota, California, Texas, Washington and also Florida.

The dimension of the US home of Representatives has actually been capped in ~ 435 voting members by law for end a century. So conference could include seats to the residence for Puerto Rico. (When Alaska and Hawaii ended up being states, the number of voting representatives to be briefly boosted to 437 prior to returning ago to 435 through the following census.) and then (maybe) mitigate the number with the next census.

Puerto Rico right now has one, non-voting resides commissioner.

Electoral university watch

say goodbye come 270. The number of each state’s electoral votes is same to their variety of senators to add their variety of representatives.

With one more two seats in the united state Senate for Puerto Rico, the total number of electoral votes in the Electoral College would certainly climb come 540, bumping the magic number for win in the Electoral College approximately 271. (That number could readjust if Congress would add much more seats come the House.)

Puerto Rico would most likely wind up with seven electoral votes. Minnesota, California, Texas, Washington and also Florida – 3 of which voted because that Hillary Clinton in 2016 – would certainly each lose one, offering Democrats a net obtain of 4 Electoral college votes based on 2016 choice results, if democracy in fact won Puerto Rico.

A wide 71% the non-Cuban Latino voters in Florida voted because that Hillary Clinton, follow to departure polls indigenous the 2016 presidential election.