Barack Obama captured the White home on the toughness of a comprehensive electoral change toward the democratic Party and by to win a number of an essential groups in the middle of the electorate. Overall, 39% of voters were democracy while 32% were Republicans — a dramatic shift from 2004 as soon as the electorate was evenly divided. The Democratic benefit in election Day party to know was substantially larger 보다 in either of bill Clinton’s victories.

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While moderates have favored the autonomous candidate in every of the past five elections, Barack Obama got the assistance of an ext voters in the ideology system “middle” 보다 did either man Kerry or Al Gore prior to him. He winner at least half the votes that independents (52% vs. 49% for Kerry), suburban voters (50% vs. 47% for Kerry), Catholics (54% vs. 47% for Kerry), and other crucial swing groups in the electorate.


Without a doubt, the overwhelming backing the younger voters was a an important factor in Obama’s victory, follow to an evaluation of national Election Pool exit polls the were detailed by national Public Radio. Obama drew two-thirds (66%) the the vote among those younger than age 30. This period group to be Kerry’s strongest four years ago, however he drew a much narrower 54% majority.

Obama’s broadened support did not prolong to all period groups, however. In particular, McCain winner the support of voters age 65 and also older through a 53%-to-45% margin, slightly bigger than Bush’s 52%-to-47% margin four years ago. Notably, Al Gore narrowly won this age group in 2000 (50% vs. 47% because that Bush).

Obama won a huge majority among those v low or moderate yearly incomes (60% of those making less than $50,000 a year). Yet he also made to mark gains among the most affluent voters: more than fifty percent (52%) the those with annual incomes that $200,000 or much more favored Obama when 46% sustained McCain. 4 years ago, Kerry won simply 35% of this high-income voters.

Obama struggled to success Hispanic votes during autonomous primaries in California and other states, yet on Tuesday he drew two-thirds (66%) that the hispanic vote, a 13-point advancement over Kerry in 2004. He also gained 7 points amongst African American voter (95% vs. 88% because that Kerry), and also managed to slightly boost on Kerry’s re-superstructure of the white poll (43% vs. 41% because that Kerry).


Yet the leave poll revealed a sizable space in support for Obama between whites in the South and also those living in other parts the the country. Simply 31% of southerly whites voted because that Obama, while the garnered the support of about fifty percent of white voter living in various other regions.

Economy Was leading Issue

As expected, the economy dominated the voters’ agenda this year: more than six-in-ten (63%) voters, including similar majorities of Obama supporters (65%) and also McCain backers (60%), cited the economic situation as the many important problem facing the country. Economic issues and personal financial concerns consistently reduced in Obama’s favor. Among those who said they are really worried about economic problems — fifty percent the electorate — 59% voted for Obama; those who expressed less concern around the economy favored McCain. One-in-three voters claimed they are really worried around being able to afford the health care services they need, and also these voters backed Obama through a 65%-to-32% margin.

The tax concern was the centerpiece the McCain’s closing argument: He said that Obama would certainly raise taxes and redistribute the wealth. However most voter actually believed both candidates would certainly raise your taxes: 71% stated Obama would execute so, when 61% claimed McCain would carry out so.


Despite Obama’s strong an individual appeal, his supporters overwhelmingly say they favored him based on his issue positions (68%), not his management and an individual qualities (30%). By contrast, McCain’s supporters were divided, with 49% speak his management and an individual qualities mattered most to them, fairly than his location on the worries (48%).

Two issues worked to McCain’s advantage. In spite of recent decreases in the price of gas, many voters (68%) claimed they favored offshore drilling wherein it is currently not allowed. McCain winner by a large margin amongst voters who support offshore drilling (59% to 39% for Obama). Yet his margin come from those that strongly donate drilling; Obama won among voters who only somewhat favor drilling in at this time protected areas, as well as among the minority of voters that oppose this proposal.

Voters who rated terrorism as the height national problem — simply 9% the the electorate — favored McCain by better than six-to-one (86% to 13%). But terrorism has actually faded in importance since 2004. In addition, Obama ran almost even v McCain amongst the 70% of voter who said they are worried around another terrorist strike on the unified States; 48% the these voters favored Obama, if 50% backed McCain.

Overall, much more voters said they feel Obama has the best judgment to do a good president (57%) than stated the same around John McCain (49%). A 57%-majority likewise said Obama is in touch with civilization like them, while simply 39% claimed this about McCain. Also his experience did not provide McCain a good advantage: if 59% said McCain has actually the best experience to it is in president, 51% claimed the same about Obama.

Moreover, McCain did not totally escape the zero of George W. Bush. Completely 71% the voters said they refuse of the job George W. Shrub is doing as president, and also 48% that voters claimed they believed if McCain to be elected, he would certainly mainly continue Bush’s policies. Amongst voters who claimed that McCain would continue Bush’s policies, the vast bulk (90%) favored Obama.

Sarah Palin’s impact on McCain’s fortunes will no doubt be long debated, and the outcomes of the departure polls are somewhat mixed. Fully 60% of Americans casting ballots claimed that Palin is no qualified to be president should it it is in necessary; 81% of these voters favored Obama. However those that cited Palin’s choice as a aspect in their vote — 60% that all voters — favored McCain by 56% come 43%.

While Obama’s supporters expressed concern around the influence of his race on the election, the exit poll argues that, if anything, the race variable favored Obama. Only a tiny share that white voters (7%) said that race was important to their vote, and they poll overwhelmingly because that McCain (66% to 33%). Yet their impact was overshadowed through the much bigger proportion of whites who stated race was not vital (92%).

At the very same time, over there is small doubt the Obama’s gyeongju was a aspect in happen out huge numbers of brand-new African American voter to the polls. Blacks comprised a larger share the the electorate in 2008 (13%) 보다 they go in 2004 (11%) or 2000 (10%), and also they sustained Obama at higher rates than they did one of two people Kerry or Gore.

Looking forward, many voters space upbeat around an Obama presidency. A majority of voter (54%) defined themselves together either “excited” or “optimistic” about the opportunity of Obama serving together president. Double as plenty of Obama backers (56%) together McCain backers (28%) to be excited about the possibility of their candidate winning.

Nearly two-thirds of voter (64%) claimed McCain assaulted Obama unfairly during the campaign, contrasted with 49% who claimed Obama attacked McCain unfairly. These assaults evidently did no raise prevalent concerns around Obama ascending to the nation’s highest possible office. Overall, 24% the voters said the idea that Obama win “scared” them, if 28% said the same around the idea the McCain winning.

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About one-in-three voter (32%) claimed they received calls or access time on instead of of one or much more of the presidential candidates, and the comprehensive outreach the the Obama campaign is apparent in the exit poll data. Nationwide, 26% stated they to be contacted on instead of of Obama, contrasted with 19% on instead of of McCain. A third of Obama’s supporters reported having been contacted through the campaign, when McCain’s outreach contacted 24% the those who voted because that him.