Pennsylvania has taken component in every U.S. Presidential election, effectively voting for the nationwide winner in 47 out of 59 elections, giving a success rate of eighty percent. Due to the fact that 1828, Pennsylvania has actually voted for the autonomous nominee in twenty elections, and also the Republican Party"s nominee in 26 poll (including all however one elections from 1860 come 1932). The only time wherein Pennsylvania did no vote for a significant party candidate was in 1912, where it granted that 38 electoral votes come Theodore Roosevelt, that was running together the candidate that the newly-formed steady Party. ~ voting Democrat in all elections between 1992 and also 2012, Pennsylvania vote red in 2016, as Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by less than one percent the the renowned vote. In 2020, Joe Biden flipped Pennsylvania blue again through 1.2 percent of the famous vote. Pennsylvania proved to be the decisive state in the week following the 2020 election, as the returns of mail in ballots progressively swung the result in Biden"s favor, complying with a solid early reflecting from Donald Trump; the advance of these results ultimately signaled that Joe Biden had actually (provisionally) derived the 270 electoral votes required to success the election, top all significant news outlets to explain him the winner.

Pennsylvanians in office

Prior to the 2020 election, James Buchanan is the just U.S. Chairman to have been born in the Keystone State. Numerous other major party nominees have been born in Pennsylvania, consisting of three the the losing candidates who ran in between 1864 and 1884. Although that is an ext commonly connected with Delaware, Joe Biden"s success in 2020 made the the the second U.S. Chairman to have been born in Pennsylvania, having actually spent the first ten year of his life in Scranton. Biden will, many likely, want to it is in remembered much more favorably 보다 Buchanan, who is consistently ranked together the worst U.S. Chairman in history.

Weakening influence

From 1804 until 1964, Pennsylvania had the second-highest allocation that electoral votes in every U.S. Presidential choice (usually behind new York), through the number peaking at 38 electoral votes in between 1912 and also 1928. Due to the fact that then, Pennsylvania"s allocation that electoral votes has actually fallen gradually, and is intended to be just 19 votes in the 2024 election; half of what it to be one century previously. The factor for this fall in electoral votes is early out Pennsylvanians moving to various other parts that the country, while growing populations across the border and also Midwestern states has actually seen a change in population distribution throughout the country. Nonetheless, through 19 electoral votes, Pennsylvania is likely to remain among the most valuable battleground states in future elections.

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number of electoral votes indigenous Pennsylvania designated to every party"s candidate in U.S. Presidential elections from 1789 come 2020

Year and candidateDemocratRepublicanUnaffiliatedFederalistDemocratic-RepublicanWhigProgressive PartyUncast ballot
2020: Joe Biden*20-------
2016: Donald Trump*-20------
2012: Barack Obama*20-------
2008: Barack Obama*21-------
2004: john Kerry21-------
2000: Al Gore23-------
1996: bill Clinton*23-------
1992: bill Clinton*23-------
1988: George H. W. Bush*-25------
1984: Ronald Reagan*-25------
1980: Ronald Reagan*-27------
1976: Jimmy Carter*27-------
1972: Richard Nixon*-27------
1968: hubert Humphrey29-------
1964: lindon B. Johnson*29-------
1960: john F. Kennedy*32-------
1956: Dwight D. Eisenhower*-32------
1952: Dwight D. Eisenhower*-32------
1948: thomas E. Dewey-35------
1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt*35-------
1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt*36-------
1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt*36-------
1932: Herbert Hoover-36------
1928: Herbert Hoover*-38------
1924: Calvin Coolidge*-38------
1920: Warren G. Harding*-38------
1916: Charles Evans Hughes-38------
1912: Theodore Roosevelt------38-
1908: william Howard Taft*-34------
1904: Theodore Roosevelt*-34------
1900: wilhelm McKinley*-32------
1896: wilhelm McKinley*-32------
1892: Benjamin Harrison-32------
1888: Benjamin Harrison*-30------
1884: James G. Blaine-30------
1880: James A. Garfield*-29------
1876: Rutherford B. Hayes*-29------
1872: Ulysses S. Grant*-29------
1868: Ulysses S. Grant*-26------
1864: Abraham Lincoln*-26------
1860: Abraham Lincoln*-27------
1856: James Buchanan*27-------
1852: Franklin Pierce*27-------
1848: Zachary Taylor*-----26--
1844: James K. Polk*26-------
1840: wilhelm Henry Harrison*-----30--
1836: Martin valve Buren*30-------
1832: Andrew Jackson*30-------
1828: Andrew Jackson*28-------
1824: Andrew Jackson----28---
1820: James Monroe*----24--1
1816: James Monroe*----25---
1812: James Madison*----25---
1808: James Madison*----20---
1804: thomas Jefferson*----20---
1800: cutting board Jefferson (8), man Adams* (7)---78---
1796: thomas Jefferson (14), man Adams* (1)---114---
1792: George Washington*--15-----
1789: George Washington*--10-----

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