ATLANTA — together a nation, the United claims of America is, through definition, a federal constitutional republic -- one the combines a central or as whole governmental body with local states governed straight by the human being as enumerated by a created constitutional document.

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The chairman of the United claims is elected every four years by way of a process established in the United says Constitution -- the Electoral College.

When citizens cast their votes because that president and also vice president, castle are, in actuality, voting for electors, who, in turn, do the final choice as component of a body dubbed the Electoral College.

In short article II, section 1, clause 2 that the Constitution, a necessity was created for every state legislature to determine just how those electors to be to it is in chosen. In addition, the very same clause disqualified any kind of person that holds a commonwealth office from being a member of the Electoral College.

"Each State chandelier appoint, in together Manner as the legislature thereof might direct, a variety of Electors, equal to the whole variety of Senators and also Representatives come which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no senator or Representative, or human holding one Office of trust or profit under the united States, shall it is in appointed an Elector."

Modifications come the Electoral College to be made in the 12th Amendment, i beg your pardon does two things: it calls for each elector to vote individually for the presidential and also vice-presidential candidate, and it suggests that the presidential and also vice-presidential nominee should be from different states.

An additional modification to be made in the 23rd Amendment, which listed electors for the district of Columbia, allowing its citizen to participate in presidential elections.

The number of current members the the Electoral university -- 538 -- is identified by the total variety of US Senators, members of the US home of Representatives, plus three additional members -- representing Washington, DC.

As a result, the variety of Electoral university members -- or Electoral Votes -- each state has actually is identified by the dimension of its own congressional delegation. The number of a state"s Electoral Votes might be adjusted following the Census every ten years, in accordance to any adjust in the dimension of the state"s conference delegation.

For example, in 2020, Georgia has 16 Electoral Votes -- this is based on the 14 members of us House, to add the two US Senators in the Peach State"s delegation.

To win the presidency, a candidate have to receive one vote much more than fifty percent of the Electoral Votes easily accessible -- or 270.

Following election Day, through federal legislation (3 U.S.C. § 5), all state recounts and also court contests end presidential choice results should be addressed by Dec. 8. This is in order to meet the legally-mandated meeting of the Electors. This year, that meeting must take place on Dec.14.

On that date, the electors will accomplish in each state and also cast their ballots for president and vice president.

Following this action, the ballots need to be sent out to the chairman of the United says Senate -- who, at this point, is Vice chairman Mike Pence. Pence have to receive this from each of the states by Dec. 23.

On Jan. 6, 2021, the United states Congress meets in joint session because that the officially counting the the Electoral Votes.

In the majority of the states and the ar of Columbia, a winner-take-all mechanism is supplied -- which means that as soon as a candidate has won the renowned vote in the state, the state"s electors will certainly follow suit and also cast their votes for the candidate because that president.

In two states -- Nebraska and Maine -- the Electoral Votes are split. One Electoral vote is awarded to the candidate that wins the renowned vote in every congressional district, if the remaining two votes walk to the candidate win the statewide renowned vote.

Complaints have arised over the years however have come to be far more vocal in the years since the 2000 shrub v. Gore presidential election about the Electoral College and also whether or not it effectively represents the will and also voice of the American people.

To abolish the Electoral college and shift the technique of electing the chairman of the United says to a renowned vote would call for an amendment to the United says Constitution.

An necessary note: none of the amendments to the constitution have ever before been suggest by a constitutional Convention.

In one of two people event, the president would not have actually a hand in amending the Constitution, due to the fact that the resolution associated does not go come the White house for a presidential signature or approval.

The resolution would go to every of the states, and also once 38 of your legislatures show their approval, the Constitution would certainly be thought about to have been amended.


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