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The magnitude-7.0 earthquake reported close to of Anchorage Friday is the 14th with a size of at the very least 6 in the area end the critical 100 years, according to the United claims Geological Survey.

“Earthquakes are usual in this region,” follow to the USGS website. “Over the past century, 14 various other M 6+ earthquakes have occurred within 150 kilometres of the November 30, 2018 event.”

The state has had at the very least six magnitude-5.0 quakes end the past 4 years. One of the many recent was Jan. 23, 2018 as soon as a 7.9 earthquake struggle the Gulf that Alaska.

The second-largest earthquake ever before recorded resulted in widespread damages when it hit Prince william Sound in march 1964 through a magnitude of 9.2, according to the Alaska Seismic perils Safety Commission.

Alaska additionally played residence to the largest on-land quake in phibìc America as soon as a 7.9 quake to win the Denali fault in main Alaska in 2002, follow to the commission.

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“Scientists have long known that Alaska has an ext earthquakes than any kind of other region of the unified States and also is, in fact, among the most seismically energetic areas that the world,” follow to the commission’s website.

Alaska is residence of the the 2nd largest earthquake ever recorded (1964 good Alaska Earthquake, magnitude 9.2)Alaska has 11 percent of the world"s taped earthquakesThree the the eight biggest earthquakes in the world were in AlaskaSeven of the ten biggest earthquakes in the United claims were in Alaska
One "great" earthquake (magnitude 8 or larger) earthquake every 13 yearsOne magnitude 7 come 8 earthquake every yearSix size 6 come 7 earthquakes every yearForty five magnitude 5 come 6 earthquakes per yearThree hundreds twenty size 4 come 5 earthquakes per yearAn typical of a 1,000 earthquakes are located in Alaska every month

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