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It was February 4, 2018, as soon as the Philadelphia Eagles won your first-ever NFL Super key Championship. For the team, the city, and also the fans, the world readjusted as the Philadelphia Eagles will certainly forever be Super bowl LII Champions.

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This franchise-changing victory was 57 years in the making. The previous time the the Eagles winner an NFL Championship was December 26, 1960, at Philadelphia’s Franklin field when the Eagles beat the green Bay Packers, 17-13. The 1960 title come 11 year after the Eagles strung with each other back-to-back championships in 1948 (7-0 triumph over the Chicago Cardinals at Philadelphia’s Shibe Park) and also 1949 (14-0 success over the Los Angeles Rams in ~ the L.A. Memorial Coliseum).

At the time of the 1960 NFL Championship quest, there to be no super Bowl, no Lombardi Trophy, and also no cool parade. In the years that followed, the NFL made changes. In 1967, the an initial Super bowl was played and also in 1971, the first Lombardi Trophy to be awarded. For decades, the Eagles and also Philadelphians remained on the sidelines watching others take house the people Champion title and also coveted trophy.

Finally, a breakthrough came in 1980 when the Eagles upended their arch-rival, the Dallas Cowboys, 20-7, at Veterans stadion to win the NFC Championship and earn their an initial Super bowl appearance versus the Oakland Raiders. Come Philadelphia’s an excellent disappointment, the final score to be Raiders 27 – Eagles 10 in Super bowl XV.

Not till the 2004 season were the Eagles able come get ago to their second Super Bowl. They winner the NFC Championship on January 23, 2005, by defeating the Atlanta Falcons, 27–10, in ~ Lincoln gaue won Field. The Eagles faced the new England Patriots in Super key XXXIX and lost in a close game, 24-21.

Thirteen year later, 2017 turned the end to be a magical season for the at sight Bowl-starved, hungry underdog Eagles. V 13 wins, tying a franchise document (2004) because that wins in the continual season, the Eagles clinched the NFC East division and gotten in the NFC playoffs with home-field advantage. The Eagles to win the Atlanta Falcons, 15-10, in the Divisional Playoff Round and also then trampled the Minnesota Vikings, 38-7, to win the NFC Championship Game and earn their 3rd Super key appearance.

The Eagles, City of Philadelphia, and also Eagles fans about the people were a Midnight Green country for the 2 weeks resulting in Super bowl LII. The anticipation and also excitement to be palpable. “Underdog mania” swept over the City. ~ above Super key Sunday, February 4, 2018, the Eagles faced the 5-time Super key Champion brand-new England Patriots. The game has been explained as among the best Super Bowls ever. And it was! The Eagles winner Super bowl LII, defeating the Patriots, 41-33.

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Newspaper headlines read, “AT LAST! EAGLES finally WIN THE supervisor BOWL” and “WON because that THE AGES!” The Eagles, the city, and the fans are forever world Champions.