The Duggar family, made renowned for your reality show on TLC, 19 Kids and also Counting, gave viewers a glimpse into what showed up to it is in a big, wholesome, American family. Similar to all things that are too great to be true, the family was collection back through scandals, especially involving your son, josh Duggar.

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Because they"re together a large clan, the Duggar family members tends to fascinate civilization still, even though TLC permanently canceled the reality show (though there"s to be a brand-new spin-off, Counting On). Together the kids grow approximately have family members of your own, few of the Duggars remain relevant, especially on social media — even using their strength of affect to subvert the an extremely conservative preeminence that women shouldn"t make money.

It"s this exact component of their stays that brings so lot censure from fans: the opportunity that the family still adheres to a patriarchal, also sexist, way of life whereby the males are in charge and the women host less power. So v the family facing ongoing backlash, fans are wondering why Jana, the Duggars" eldest daughter, proceeds to live in ~ home. There are some quite outlandish pan theories about Jana"s living situation but the prize is surprisingly simple.

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Jana Duggar (pictured far right), born in 1990, continues to live at home with she parents, Jim Bob and also Michelle, and also her younger siblings. This decision is notably different from few of her younger sisters, who opted to get married in their early on 20s, per In Touch Weekly.

Why is Jana still at home? Tumblr web page "Duggar Bates Confessions" offers some wild theories, every In Touch Weekly. Some speculate the Jana is gay however can"t pursue a partner because of she family"s strict spiritual beliefs. Others say she"s a sinner of her parents and has to stay house to help raise the younger Duggars. Another fan speculated that one of the younger children is secretly Jana"s child and also that"s why she sticks approximately to aid raise the brood.

As exciting as few of these theory are, Jana it s her actually described why she likes remaining so close come her household on an illustration of Counting On native January 2019: "Actually, I"ve had actually the choice to relocate to an additional room yet love being in the girls" room v my sisters! The evenings space the best. Us sit about talking and also catching increase on every others" " (via Pop Culture). Plus, in an respectable 2020 illustration of the show, Michelle Duggar evidenced that she allows every one of her children to relocate out at period 18 if they pick to, yet many pick to stay residence to save money.

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During one interview in July 2020 through Us Weekly, Jana admitted that sometimes it deserve to get tough with people asking about her single status, especially compared to her sisters. She additionally said, "I long to it is in married," so probably she"s just at residence waiting it out for the appropriate person.