Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar run a chop ship, specifically when it come to relationships. The Duggar children never "date," castle "court," which Michelle Duggar describes as "dating with a purposeful mind set, yes, really such a comparison from what us are used to see in our world." Courting, because that Jim Bob, also method "getting to know each various other in a team setting, both families spending time together and the pair setting goals together to identify if they space meant to marry. Through dating, a pair will frequently pair off alone and that periodically leads to a much more physical relationship" (via People). 

Because of these beliefs, you can imagine that there room a totality lot of things a Duggar can"t do prior to their wedding day.

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Strict rules mean that a Duggar who is courting (or is being courted) is hardly ever before alone. People says chaperones room required, and also only next hugs room allowed; but after the engagement, hand hold is allowed. The Duggars are enabled to kiss for the an initial time on your wedding day, and are totally free to permit go and enjoy physics intimacy on their wedding night and also after that. 

In fact, Jill Duggar Dillard has actually been surprisingly outspoken on intimacy after ~ the wedding and also beyond. In a June 2019 blog post, she encouraged married couples come "have sex often," recommending "3-4 times a week" as a beginning point, and also says, "Be open up with her spouse about your desires and readjust things increase to keep it exciting!" 

Because of every these rules that apply before marriage, it"s not too surprising that the Duggar youngsters tend come tie the node on the younger side. Yet how plenty of have actually walked under the aisle?

Since there space so countless of them, you"ll be forgiven for forgetting how countless Duggars there are (19!), and how numerous of those 19 youngsters have obtained hitched. Cheat Sheet reports that there are eight married Duggar kids. Oldest son Josh Duggar and Anna Keller were the an initial to tie the node in September 2008, and also their marriage trouble played the end while TLC"s 19 Kids and also Counting was quiet on wait (the show was cancelled after the scandal). The couple are still with each other though, and also have been busy over the critical 11 years, with five kids and one on the means any work now. 

Since Josh and Anna"s nuptials, seven an ext Duggars have walked down the aisle.

John David might officially be 2nd born (or third born, he"s a twin to the unmarried Jana), but he is the many recent Duggar come tie the knot. The married Abbie Burnett in November 2018 and also the couple are expecting their first child (a girl) in January 2020.

When was the last time us heard from Jill and Derick Dillard? The couple, who married in June 2014 and also have two sons together, starred in the spin-off display Counting On. However, Jill and also Derick were required to leaving the present after Derick make transphobic remarks and significant backlash ensued.

Jessa and Ben Seewald met in ~ church, and while Jessa was attracted to Ben, Cheat Sheet reports that she to be afraid he wouldn"t feeling the same method because she is two-and-a-half year older than him. That obviously wasn"t a trouble for Seewald, since the two have been married since November 2014, with have actually two boys and one girl.

Ben Seewald is catalyst for one much more Duggar marriage: He presented sister-in-law Jinger Duggar to previous soccer star Jeremy Vuolo; lock tied the node in November 2016 after simply one month that courting. Because Jinger and also Jeremy didn"t have youngsters until 2 years after your wedding, fans speculated there to be either fertility troubles or birth control was involved.

Josiah Duggar and also Lauren Swanson also had one incredibly short courtship. The former family members friends walk on a expedition to brand-new Zealand with a group, came back courting, and 41 work after that, lock tied the knot in June 2018.

Joy-Anna Duggar might (currently) it is in the youngest married Duggar, but it was at her wedding that her brothers Joseph asked Kendra Caldwell come marry him. A sweet minute or did that steal Joy-Anna"s thunder? You be the judge. Joseph and Kendra married in September 2017.

Lastly, there"s Joy-Anna, who married Austin Forsyth in may 2017 and also got pregnant on she honeymoon. Their child was born in February 2018.

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With 11 much more Duggar children to go, it may not be lengthy before an additional wedding bring away place.