On April 5, 1994, the music world mourned the fatality of Nirvana frontman cut Cobain, who died by suicide at the period of 27. Much more than 25 year later, Cobain and Nirvana"s heritage lives on. Here are 25 points you need to know about the alternative rock icon and also his legendary band.

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1. Kurt Cobain dropped the end of high school, then functioned there together a janitor.

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Even despite he was by all accounts a slob, kurt Cobain operated as a janitor in ~ Weatherwax High School, not lengthy after dropping out of that really school. The dance janitor in the "Smells prefer Teen Spirit" music video clip was an inside hoax for those that knew the Cobain"s old job.

2. The title because that "About a Girl" come about really quickly.

Chad Channing, among Nirvana"s drummers before Dave Grohl, claimed that sooner or later he asked load what the tune was about. "About a girl," was Cobain"s reply. "Why don"t friend just speak to it that?"

The girl in concern was Cobain"s girlfriend, Tracy Marander, who asked why he wrote about everything—including Floyd the Barber from The Andy Griffith Show—but her. Marander didn"t even realize the she was the "girl" till she check out the main biography that the band, Come together You Are: The Story of Nirvana, 4 years later.

3. There to be at the very least five various drummers in the band before Dave Grohl.

Cobain and also Novoselic were always members of Nirvana—formerly known as Skid Row, Pen cap Chew, Bliss, and Ted Ed Fred—but detect a long-term drummer showed to be also harder than coming up with a decent band name. In the beginning, there to be trivia prize Aaron Burckhard, that pissed off load by acquiring Kurt"s vehicle impounded after being arrested for fighting through a police officer. Then there to be Melvins drummer Dale Crover, that pounded the skins for Cobain and also Novoselic ~ above their very first demo tape before moving to mountain Francisco. Following came Dave Foster, who gained arrested for assaulting the child of the mayor of Cosmopolis, Washington. Burckhard summary returned prior to announcing the was as well hungover to exercise one day. Then a shared friend presented Cobain and also Novoselic to Chad Channing, that hung about for two years before the group"s co-founders chose he wasn"t cut it anymore. Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters played on the "Sliver" single.

Back in Washington, Crover performed v Cobain and Novoselic on a seven date tour with Sonic Youth in august 1990, prior to Dave Grohl"s band Scream damaged up and Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne introduced Grohl to Cobain and also Novoselic, ending the vicious bike of rotating drummers.

4. Nirvana"s very first single was a cover.

Nirvana"s an initial official relax was a covering of "Love Buzz" through the netherlands rock tape Shocking Blue. You understand Shocking Blue no by "Love Buzz" but by their standard song "Venus," which got to #1 on the U.S. Billboard hot 100 in February 1970 and also sold 7.5 million copies. A 1986 Bananarama cover also topped the charts. "Love Buzz" yet did no of those things, because that either Shocking Blue or Nirvana.

5. Nirvana"s very first album expense $606.17 come make.

Guitarist Jason Everman didn"t beat on Bleach, Nirvana"s first album, however was included to the tape to add a second guitar come the mix soon after. He was a leading candidate come foot the bill—which concerned $606.17—because he to be the only human in the band to have actually an actual paying job. Unfortunately for Everman, his withdrawn mindset clashed with Cobain"s similar disposition while on tour, causing a many long, quiet driving and also a severe absence of tape chemistry

Everman fail upward, coming to be the bass player for Soundgarden. He would be crate from the gig after ~ one tour, before Soundgarden made the big. Everman"s life after ~ near-stardom to be profiled in The New York time Magazine in 2013, where it to be reported the he join the Army"s 2nd Ranger Battalion and also then the one-of-a-kind Forces, serving tourism in Afghanistan and also Iraq, and also received a Bachelor of arts in philosophy from Columbia University.

6. "Smells like Teen Spirit" was motivated by cut Cobain"s girlfriend"s deodorant. And also alcohol.

After a night the drinking, kurt Cobain and then-roommate Dave Grohl were joined through Bikini death songwriter/vocalist catalen Hanna and also drummer Tobi Vail at their humble pre-fame abode. The party continued, and eventually Hanna spray painted "Kurt smells like teen spirit" top top Cobain"s wall, a reference to the deodorant Vail—Cobain"s girlfriend in ~ the time—used to smell pleasant without any type of white residue. As the remainder of the legend goes, cobain loved the phrasing and wrote the tune without understanding of the Teen heart deodorant"s visibility until ~ it was recorded.

7. The song"s riff was a "rip off" the The Pixies. And "More than A Feeling."

The Pixies are universally attributed with inventing the loud-quiet dynamic in 1987 v their debut EP Come top top Pilgrim. The wouldn"t be till 1990—one year ~ Nirvana"s debut album Bleach—that Cobain"s affection for the tape would greatly influence his songwriting, and also through the lens, "Spirit" pretty lot sounds choose a Pixies parody. Load admitted come trying come rip off the group, and also at a large 1992 concert in Reading, he likewise acknowledged the song"s passing resemblance to Boston"s "More 보다 A Feeling."

8. Once Kurt Cobain saw himself on TV because that the very first time, he referred to as his mother.

The music video clip for "Smells favor Teen Spirit" premiered top top MTV"s alternative music show 120 Minutes ~ above Sunday, September 29, 1991. Cobain watched himself in a hotel room at The i get it Smith Hotel in new York City and called his mother to call her, "There"s me."

9. Nirvana to be accused of plagiarism.

It all began in 1989, when Nirvana"s "Negative Creep" featured the chorus "Daddy"s little girl ain"t a girl no more," which reminded a the majority of the band"s at an early stage listeners that Mudhoney"s "Sweet Young thing Ain"t Sweet No More." Nothing come of it, yet years later on Cobain might have had that in mind when he warned Nirvana"s co-manager Danny Goldberg about making "Come together You Are" the next single after "Smells choose Teen Spirit."

"Kurt was nervous around "Come together You Are" because it to be too comparable to a death Joke song <"Eighties">, yet we all believed it to be still the far better song to go with," Goldberg told Rolling Stone. "And, he to be right, death Joke later did complain about it." yet that"s all they did—complain.

Killing Joke never actually took the tape to court over the similarity to your 1984 song because of "personal and also financial reasons," and possibly since "Eighties" itself sounds an horrible lot favor The Damned"s 1982 tune "Life goes On." Shrugging and muttering to us that good artists borrow and good artists steal, killing Joke welcomed Dave Grohl behind the drum kit come play on their 2003 album.

The only time the someone actually sue Nirvana to be director Kevin Kerslake, that alleged that Cobain supplied some the his concepts for the "Heart shaped Box" music video. The instance was resolved out of court.

10. The original music video clip for "In Bloom" is indigenous 1990 and set in brand-new York City.

"In Bloom"—along with other Nevermind song "Breed," "Lithium," and also "Polly"—was a track intended for a 1990 album with below Pop, the band"s initial record label. In ~ first, below Pop seemed to be up to the task, paying for a record session and releasing a music video clip showing the band performing the intended an initial single in ~ a couple of various shows, traversing around David Dinkins-era reduced Manhattan. Since nobody said Novoselic around continuity, he shows up in components of the video fully bald—the bassist thought his playing was so poor at one gig the he shave his head to appease the bass gods.

Sub Pop, however, would certainly prove to it is in on the verge that bankruptcy, and would only be saved by the deal they made through Geffen records to receive some royalties from Nevermind. Helping to save the cash flowing to be "In Bloom," the album"s 4th single, supported by a much more professional looking and thought out video with the tape performing on one old Ed Sullivan Show type of program.

11. The original "Lithium" video concept to be a cartoon.

Initially, Cobain and director Kevin Kerslake i agree on Cobain"s idea for the "Lithium" video: an animated story around a girl named Prego who discovers some eggs the hatch. Unfortunately, the 2 discovered—a little too late—that the animation would take four months come produce and also decided to just use clip from a couple of live performances. Kerslake walk his finest to do things interesting by using video of the band at its many vibrant, manic moments during the quiet components of the song, and also vice versa.

12. Nevermind"s "candy-ass" sound was thanks in part to john Lennon.

Nevermind producer Butch Vig really want Cobain to double track his vocals to do the songs sound "fuller," "richer," and not have actually the document label invest a many money to intentionally sound lo-fi. Cobain believed that would just be an additional indication the the band shedding its indie, punk credibility (even despite he was already recording a major label album). Vig knew that load was a large John Lennon fan, therefore whenever cut would originally not agree come sing in addition to himself, Vig would tell him, "John Lennon walk it." that worked, every time.

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Cobain would later insurance claim to resent the mainstream, radio-friendly manufacturing of the hugely effective album, poetically and timelessly describing it in 1993 together "candy-ass."

13. "Drain You," "Lounge Act," and also several song on Nevermind room reportedly about Tobi Vail.