If you have heard of the national Guard or the Reserves, you have actually probably heard the phrase, “One Weekend a Month, 2 weeks a Year.” probably you experienced it on a billboard or TV advertisement. Possibly you heard the from a recruiter, or if you to be on energetic duty. One Weekend a Month, two weeks…

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One Weekend a Month, 2 Weeks a Year, breaks under to 78 points per year:

15 joining Points48 Points indigenous Drill Weekends15 annual Training Points= 78 Points

You obtain 15 joining points, just for gift a member of the Guard and Reserves. This is automatic.

Each Drill period is worth one retirement allude and someday of base pay. There space two drills per day, because that a full of 4 drill durations per drill weekend.

Finally, you have actually the “two weeks every year” which is 15 days. (Trivia: why is 2 weeks 15 days? ns don’t know. I’ve seen world quote 14 days and also 15 days; usage this is a ballpark estimate).

Can friend Earn more Retirement Points?

Absolutely. This is a topic unto itself, together there room many, many ways to earn extr retirement points. This can include performing added training, being caused or mobilized, skilled Military education (PME), taking particular correspondence courses, serving on an honor guard or funeral duties, temporary energetic duty, and also much more.

Federal law limits the variety of inactive duty clues you deserve to earn every retirement year.

Reserve year ends on or ~ 30 Oct 2007: max of 130 PointsReserve year end on or ~ 29 Oct 2000: max that 90 PointsReserve year ends on or after 23 Sep 1996: max that 75 PointsBefore 23 Sep 1996: max that 60 Points

These borders only use to inactive points. Energetic duty point out don’t count towards that limit. The maximum number of total points you have the right to earn every year is 365 (366 in leap years).

Can You miss Training Days, UTAs, or annual Training and also Still obtain a an excellent Year?

This is the dirty little secret you never ever hear around in the Guard and Reserves (at least, until you’ve been roughly the unit for awhile). It may be feasible to miss a certain variety of training days, UTAs, etc, and still earn a good Year towards retirement. But you have to tread very closely here.

As you review above, members are reserved for enough training to earn about 78 Points every year. But you only need 50 point out to earn a qualifying year toward retirement.

Why is this?

The basic answer is that officials know not everyone can make every solitary unit drill assembly. Or they may not be able to take off the 2 weeks because that their yearly Training. This can be for personal, medical, or experienced reasons.

So it deserve to be feasible to miss out on one or much more drills, or the annual Training, and still knife a good Year.

But below is the kicker – you need to gain written permission from her unit, or friend risk lacking out ~ above a an excellent Year. In fact, you deserve to have the requisite number of Points and still not earn a great Year if your unit identify you did not earn the (most generally for too countless unexcused drill absences, or other bureaucratic problems).

Note: I’m no an experienced on this exact situation, for this reason this is something friend would have to take up through your base legal department or personnel ar if you believe it may apply to you. My recommendation is to always have a written record of excused absences so friend have the compelled documentation because that your service records.

Drill Attendance and Annual cultivate Participation is essential – because that You and also Your Unit

My reference is to execute your finest to to visit every UTA and also do her AT days if able. Most units have required training and appointments you should attend throughout your Drill weekends. Absent out on those have the right to make it challenging to continue to be on top of her training requirements. And your two week annual tour is a an excellent time to become much more proficient in your army duties. Missing that time might make friend less efficient in her unit.

If girlfriend do miss a Drill, ns recommend trying to make it increase if or once possible*. I have done this a pair times. For example, ns missed a Drill Weekend while my family and also I were relocating come a new state. Ns made it increase the complying with month by coming in 2 days early. This gave me 4 consecutive Drill days, i beg your pardon is a an excellent way to accomplish a lot in a short amount that time.

*There space two date considerations when consisting of Drill dates and also UTAs: The very first is the budget year (which always begins ~ above Oct. 1), and the 2nd is her Anniversary Year finish (AYE), i m sorry is the anniversary of the date you joined the safety or Reserves. Girlfriend can discover this in your annual points statement or through your personnel or human resources office. Girlfriend will require to comprise missed Drills or UTAs before your AYE for it come count towards your an excellent Year, and also you may need to schedule certain events around the budget year, as soon as budgets can come to be tight.

Can friend Skip the two Week annual Training Requirement?

The two week yearly Training is a normal service requirement and also is normally considered component of the minimum service requirement for the year. However, that can, and often does, vary based upon branch that service, unit, and also career field.

Some members may uncover they offer well in overfill of the two weeks yearly Training. Members can also be obtain orders for added training requirements, or be activated for other reasons, consisting of deployments, mobilizations, disaster relief, and more.

Members may additionally have the two weeks waived for miscellaneous reasons, and still knife a great Year.

In part cases, the member may participate in training external their unit, and also have the take the ar of their yearly Training days.

For example, in three of the last 4 years ns did not serve the two week annual Training (AT) through my unit. Instead, ns was on active Duty for Training assignment (ADT), including two different tech institutions (each of i beg your pardon was two months long), and Officer training School, which was nine main long. My unit allowed these training occasions to was standing in for my 2 weeks of yearly Training.

While this may seem favor the exact same thing ~ above the surface, the days are actually coded differently, and also the resources comes from various budgets. Had I want to, I might have asked my unit to allow me to do the in ~ days. This would mean much more Retirement Points, and an ext pay. Yet also more time far from mine family.

Some units might or might not offer their members the option. Remember, as I composed above, your ability to waive your AT days will certainly depend totally upon her branch the service, her unit needs, her career field, current training needs, and also other factors.

Some Guard and also Reserve Members might Serve Much more than Average

Everything created so much is based on the minimum company requirement. However many Guard and Reserve members offer much much more than the minimum. Over there are countless reasons because that this, including their unit needs, your career field, since they volunteered to serve additional days, mobilizations, deployments, being activated, and also many various other reasons.

Some members serve in career fields with very high operations (ops) tempos. Some career fields enable their members to serve practically as countless days as they want (common with flight crews, Remotely Piloted plane (RPA) crews, special ops, details medical fields, and other high-demand or undermanned career fields).

Some members likewise volunteer for orders as frequently as possible, picking up assignment whenever the require or possibility arises.

How lot Time can You expect to serve in the Guard and also Reserves?

If all of this sounds vague, and slightly complicated, that’s due to the fact that it can be. You may be able to breeze through numerous years in the safety or Reserves, and also never serve an ext than the minimum variety of days. And also another member in her unit may serve twice as numerous days together you.

In other words, even human being in the same unit might have an extremely different duty requirements based on their career field, training needs, availability, and also other factors.

The best advice I have for someone considering involvement the security or to make reservation is to contact a recruiter at her prospective unit, and ask them about the unit mission, ops tempo, current needs / open up jobs, and also what you might be forced to do in one of those jobs.

If possible, girlfriend may have the ability to interview with one of the members of your prospective career field to obtain a much better understanding of the day come day job, cultivate requirements, ops tempo for that job, likelihood the deployments or mobilizations, and also any other relevant inquiries you might have.

Serving in the Guard and also Reserves requires a significant Commitment

Overall, serving in the safety or Reserves needs a commitment of yourself, and your family, if you have actually one. You may only be compelled to serve on a part-time basis. However you may also be compelled to serve approximately a permanent basis if you space activated or mobilized. For this reason it have the right to require a meeting of your employer together well. This last allude is important, together you may be compelled to invest time away from her civilian job. The good news is there room employment protections in place, through the USERRA program.

USERRA is a federal law that consists Employment rights for active Military, Guard, and also Reserves. Essentially, USERRA serves to protect your task in the occasion you join the military. There room a lot of nuances, so it’s ideal to read much more about the to gain a simple understanding of exactly how it works. The army does provide legal assistance to members, so you can constantly consult through a armed forces attorney (or JAG, Judge advocate General), if the need arises.

Be all set to Make an individual and experienced Sacrifices

Serving the one of two people the guard or Reserves may only call for a minimum amount of time. But much more likely, it will interfere v your an individual or expert life at some point.

My good friend Doug Nordman is fond of saying this around serving in the security / Reserves,

You recognize you’re law something right as soon as your family, your unit, and your civilian employer are all same frustrated through you.

There is a lot of of fact to his statement. In my 4 years of serving in the Air nationwide Guard I have missed birthdays, anniversaries, dance recitals, college events, and also family events. I have actually missed time from work and also my business has suffered as a result.

And i haven’t even been deployed. All of these missed events came over the food of my typical drill weekends, or during the numerous times I’ve been activated for training (each time for around two months). Many human being are deployed for months in ~ a time and their sacrifices can be much greater.

These are an overwhelming sacrifices come make. The takes a loving and understanding family. It takes creativity on your finish to storage birthdays and other occasions in advance, or as soon as you return home.

But it also takes dedication to her service. And a commitment come the civilization in your unit. I love offer in the Air nationwide Guard. I think in the mission. Ns love being around the unit members. Ns feel honored to be a part of ours nation’s military.

And ns love the I’m earning benefits both in the present moment, and I’m working towards a to make reservation retirement and also all the benefits the entails.

Guard and Reserve organization is a Calling

One Weekend a Month, 2 Weeks a Year is a good marketing slogan. But serving in the safety or reserves is much more than that.

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It’s a calling. The is a commitment come a way of life of service, whenever, and also wherever you space needed. It’s not constantly easy. Sometimes it might feel favor the sacrifice is too great. But ultimately, that is rewarding.