Down Syndrome technologies is your trusted source for life-changing services for people with down syndrome, your families, and also communities. Our experienced resources, considerable support, and partnership with family members empower and permit individuals through Down syndrome to live to their fullest potential.

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Singular Focus

Our singular emphasis on under syndrome gives us expertise and experience distinct to ours work.

Broad Vision

Our large vision contains multiple facets across the full lifespan for seamless transitions in support.

Informed Optimism

Our informed optimism sees bright possibilities for civilization with down syndrome based on decades of real experience.

Innovative Spirit

Our innovative heart keeps us at the forefront, imagining possibilities and also advancing the ar of knowledge.

Wherever you space on her journey, our expert Lifespan services Team is v you, continually finding new ways to market innovative services for every age and also season the life. Ours interdisciplinary treatment team has speech-language pathologists, work therapists, and also a plank Certified behavior Analyst.

They have listed hope and the devices they equip us with are priceless. They space patient and also celebrate our successes v us. Mine daughter, husband, and also I walk out of our sessions a tiny taller… the best investment our family has do this year.

Your team is stellar. Her professionalism shines v in all interactions v the Adult proceeding Education participants. You all have actually the utmost level that patience when managing these adults, who have special needs. Her expectations are high together is the level that fun. To teach these individuals exactly how to be effective in life is an noticeable goal of yours and I watch them learning much when in her program.

It’s lonely, and also it’s a hard journey, and they aid when things room really hard. They room 100% on your side, on her team, cheering you on.

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This organization has actually made grandparenting even more wonderful! Each service we get involved in helps us much better appreciate, understand, and support ours beloved granddaughter. This team has actually such good resources, tossing in terrific tips and also tools that make united state all feel so much more informed, confident, and also connected. Many of all, we love angry the an excellent progress our beloved son is making.