Our world-famous Dunkin’ Munchkins® Donut hole Treats have been a fan favorite because that as lengthy as we deserve to remember. Today, we’re giving you an within look at everyone’s favourite delectable donut treats. Us sat down through our an extremely own Manager that Donut Excellence below at Dunkin’, stack Golden, to obtain the inside scoop on these bite-size delights. Read an ext below!


Q: once were Munchkins® Donut hole Treats introduced?

A: Munchkins® Donut hole Treats made their debut ~ above Dunkin’ menus in the at an early stage 1970s. Ns remember purchase Munchkins® Donut feet Treats because that myself together a child with money from my document route! lock were created as a method to exploit the overabundance dough reduced out that the centers of our donuts and quickly became a pan favorite.

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Q: how are Munchkins® Donut feet Treats made?

A: After your innovative start, we occurred cutters especially for ours Munchkins® Donut feet Treats, now cut in an automatic format.

Q: How numerous Munchkins® Donut feet Treats same one donut?

A: This is among the most frequently asked questions we get about our Munchkins® Donut feet Treats! Based on life weight, approximately 5 cake Munchkins® Donut hole Treats equate come one cake donut, and also a small under 5 yeast Munchkins® Donut feet Treats equate to one yeast donut.

Q: What is the most popular Munchkins® Donut feet Treats flavor?

A: Jelly, glazed and chocolate often tend to be the many popular, however let’s be ethical – they’re every delicious! cacao coconut would certainly be the one i reach for, personally, whereby available.

Q: are there any especially unique Munchkins® Donut feet Treats seasonings out there?

A: It’s always fun when we develop limited-time spices in the Munchkins® Donut feet Treats format. It offers our guest a an excellent way come sample few of our brand-new treats and also innovative flavors. Few of my favorites have been red velvet, buttermilk, and confetti Munchkins® Donut feet Treats.

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Q: How numerous Munchkins® Donut hole Treats go Dunkin’ sell in a year?

A: We’re at this time tallying around 3.3 billion complete donuts and also Munchkins® Donut feet Treats offered in a year!

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