The White House has been house to countless presidential pets over the years, indigenous parrots and pigs come roosters and also raccoons. But the many “pawpular” animal? Dogs, that course! In fact, pups have actually consistently lived in the White home throughout the 1900s and well right into the 21st century. Meet some that the most famed presidential dogs our country has known:

1. George Washington (President from 1789 – 1797)Sweet Lips, Scentwell, and also Vulcan: American Foxhounds

Washington and also his hounds. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Did you understand our very first president created an entirely brand-new dog breed that still exists today?

That’s right! George Washington to be an avid fox hunter and also wanted a exceptional dog that was speedy, intelligent, and also had a strong sense of smell, therefore he overcome bred his Black and also Tan Coonhounds through French Hounds to develop the American Foxhound, according to the American Kennel Club.

Washington had more than 20 dogs and was an innovative when naming these furry friends. Amongst them contained Sweet Lips, Tipsy, Tipler, Cloe, Drunkard, and Vulcan—in fact, Sweet Lips was one of his favorites, deeming her “the perfect Foxhound,” follow to Psychology Today. Washington cared because that his dogs diligently, visiting the kennels morning and also night to ensure that spent high quality time with his pups.

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2. Abraham Lincoln (President indigenous 1861 – 1865)Fido: mixed Breed

President Abraham Lincoln’s dog, Fido. Source: Presidential pet Museum

If you ever before wondered why we generally use the name “Fido” to refer to our dogs, it’s due to the fact that President Abraham Lincoln’s dog, Fido, has actually a heritage almost as one-of-a-kind as ours 16th president!

Before life in the White House, Fido enjoyed long walks around town and accompanied Lincoln while running errands. But when Lincoln winner the presidency, Fido had a tough time adjusting to the constant visitors and consistent travel.

The Lincolns do the challenging decision come send Fido to live through a friend—but under the following conditions, follow to the Presidential pet Museum:

never ever tie increase Fido alone outdoors never ever yell in ~ him for having muddy paws in the home Always allow him to come inside as soon as he scratches in ~ the door let him openly walk around the dinner table

To provide Fido part comfort native home, Lincoln sent his pup off v a custom-made couch that fit the president’s famously high stature. Talk around the perfect nap spot!3. Theodore Roosevelt (President from 1901 1909)Pete: “Bulldog” (historians now think him to it is in a Bull Terrier)

Teddy Roosevelt had plenty of dogs, but there space no well-known photographs the the notorious Pete. Source: WikiMedia Commons

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt had numerous presidential pets—including a badger and also kangaroo rats—but his most famed was his Bull Terrier, Pete. Return there space no well-known photos of Pete, his call stands the check of time!

Pete was best known for biting White residence staff and visitors’ ankles (if just he had actually a chew toy)! Roosevelt loved his furry friend—describing him together “ridiculously affectionate”—and frequently made excuses because that Pete’s behavior, follow to the Presidential pet Museum.

Eventually, Teddy was the end of excuses. A 1907 Washington Post short article reported an occurrence where Pete chased a French Ambassador increase a tree. Therefore “unfurgivable” incident, Pete was sent to live at a regional doctor’s house, however ultimately wound up earlier with the Roosevelts at their household home.4. Franklin D. Roosevelt (President indigenous 1933 – 1945)Fala: Scottish Terrier

The FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C. Additionally immortalizes Fala. The Source:

Teddy wasn’t the only Roosevelt with a soft spot because that pups—Franklin D. Roosevelt had actually eight dogs while serving in the White House! His Scottish Terrier, Fala, to be by far the many famous. He also grew for this reason popular amongst Americans the he had actually his own secretary to kind his fan mail!You have the right to visit a statue the Fala and FDR at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C. Fala is not only the an initial presidential dog to be immortalized in frosting form, however he’s likewise the only presidential pet to ever before receive the honor, according to NBC News.

Talk around a man’s finest friend!

Fala was treated like royalty in the White House, wherein he was served a bone top top the President’s breakfast tray and also slept on an to exclude, chair at the foot the Roosevelt’s bed. FDR loved mirroring off Fala’s tricks, including his most famous: curling his lip into a smile.

Fala was Roosevelt’s nearby companion until the end and even attend the president’s funeral, according to the FDR Library & Museum.

5. Calvin Coolidge (President indigenous 1923 – 1929)Rob Roy: White Collie


First Lady grace Goodhue Coolidge v Rob Roy. Source:

The Coolidge family members had 23 pets while in the White House, including multiple dogs, birds, cats, a donkey, a bobcat, and also Mrs. Coolidge’s lover raccoon. Among their favourite pets to be a White Collie named Rob Roy.Rob Roy, famously named after a renowned cocktail during prohibition, was the an initial dog to it is in a component of one official first Family picture portrait and also accompanied very first Lady elegant Goodhue Coolidge in her official White house photo, according to Coolidge described Rob Roy together “a stately gentleman of good courage and fidelity,” according to the publication Washington: A background of Our national City. He regularly accompanied the president to the oval office, walked through the Coolidges roughly Washington, D.C. When Mrs. Coolidge shopped, and slept in their bedroom.6. Man F. Kennedy (President native 1961 – 1963)Pushinka: mixed Breed

The Kennedy’s Pushinka. Source:

This famed dog to be a celebrity because that three main reasons: her mother was the very first dog to fly into an are and return safely; she to be accused of being a Russian puppy spy; and she assisted save the human being from atom destruction. You know, common dog stuff.

According to BBC News, it all started as soon as Jackie Kennedy take it a liking come Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev’s famous astronaut dog throughout a state dinner and also asked if over there were any kind of puppies. A couple of months later, one of those puppies came down on the White House.

During the Cold War, chairman Kennedy and Khrushchev exchanged numerous letters and also gifts–Pushinka gift the cutest gift of castle all, in our opinion. According to America come Alive!, Pushinka to be examined prior to being welcomed right into the Kennedy’s home to certain there to be no listening devices or something on her that would show she was a spy.Despite she lineage, she got clearance into the White House. JFK retained Pushinka also though he had a dog allergy, and also believed having pets in the house was crucial experience because that the Kennedy children.

While stress ran high throughout the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis, many think that JFK and also Khrushchev’s communication—and their presents such as cute Pushinka—helped finish the Cold War.

We don’t know about you, however our dogs sure perform have huge paws to to fill after this pup’s world-saving resumé!

7. Ronald Reagan (President from 1981 – 1989)Lucky: Bouvier des Flandres

President Reagan aboard a helicopter with his dog, Lucky. Source:

The Reagans got Lucky as a gift and affectionately named him after Mrs. Reagan’s mother, Edith Luckett Davis, according to thePresidential pets Museum.

With the median Bouvier des Flandres weightranging from 77 to 100 pounds, lucky was a big dog that required plenty the exercise. The Reagans shortly realized this and traded Lucky’s permanent house from the White home to their California Ranch wherein he had actually the an are to run free.

Lucky was also the motivation for the Presidential pet Museum, which opened in 1999. According to the Washington Post, Reagan’s main dog groomer was when the curator the the now-famous museum.8. George H.W. Bush (President native 1989 – 1993)Millie: English Springer Spaniel

George H.W. Shrub with Millie and Ranger. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Millie was the first presidential dog come “write” a New York Times finest Seller.Millie’s Book: as Dictated to Barbara Bushdescribes a day in the life that the president from a very first Dog’s allude of view and also benefited nonprofit literacy organizations, according to The Houston Chronicle.

The shrub family loved Millie dearly, and also so go the rest of the country—especially those in the Bush’s hometown of Houston, TX. Citizens petitioned for five years to open Millie bush Bark Park, the town’s first dog park, within George shrub Park.

In 2004, the city’s dog-loving desires came really! The park functions fake fire hydrants, walkways, open areas to operation leash-free, ponds come swim in, and doggy showers. The park was rated the best dog park in the country in 2005 and also is still a popular destination in the area. The park to be rated the ideal dog park in the country in 2005 and is tho a popular destination in the area, according to The Houston Chronicle.

9. Bill Clinton (President from 1993 – 2001)Buddy: chocolate Labrador

President invoice Clinton with Buddy. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Buddy was named after one influential figure in President invoice Clinton’s life—his late good uncle Henry “Buddy” Grisham who raised and trained dog for an ext than 50 years, according to animal Planet. Quickly after Buddy arrived on the White House, plenty of fan clubs and also websites developed in his honor.

Buddy and also Socks, the Clinton’s cat, combated like true siblings. In fact, your feud came to be a well-known part of White house living throughout the Clinton’s stay. The furry pair even came to be the subject of the publication Dear Socks, dear Buddy: Kids’ letters to the an initial Pets, penned by first Lady Hillary Clinton. The publication recounted the enormous amount of fan mail that the renowned pets obtained from their loving fans about the country.

10. Barack Obama (President indigenous 2009 – 2017)Bo: Portuguese Water Dog

President Obama and also Bo ~ above Air pressure One. Source: Wikimedia Commons

President Obama promised his daughters, Malia and also Sasha, that they would obtain a dog if he winner the presidency. In 2008, the an initial photo that Bo went famous on society media.

Bo eventually ended up being so well-known that he was the subject of four books, to be made right into a plush toy marketed on the White house online gift shop, and had an main schedule, follow to PBS.

Like FDR’s famous dog Fala, Bo took trip the civilization with the an initial Family ~ above Air force One and also met many human being leaders. He loved to sign up with Michelle Obama at her children’s book readings and also quickly stole the show, arguably ending up being the more anticipated guest amongst the children.

Don’t be fooled; being very first Dog isn’t all fun and also games. Bo and his sister Sunny, who joined the family in 2013, were practically dognapped! Luckily the secret Service arrested the suspect prior to his evil plot might unfold.

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Honorable Mention: Joe Biden (President native 2021 – Present)Champ and Major: German Shepherds

First Lady Jill Biden attach by Champ in Washington, D.C. Source: Wikimedia Commons

There room two new presidential dogs on the block, and also these furry youngsters sure room noteworthy!President Biden’s newest pup, Major, provides major background as the first shelter dog to ever reside in the White House, according to CBS News. Because being embraced in 2018, significant has had quite the journey going native a rescue dog in ~ the Delaware Humane combination to his brand-new title of first Dog in Washington, D.C.!While major is new to the White House, his larger brother, Champ, is a familiar furry challenge in the presidential halls. Champ attach Biden while he served as Vice president (2009 – 2017) and was even featured as a household member on the president’s plaque in ~ the naval Observatory! Champ is called after a phrase President Biden’s father regularly told that when encountering adversity growing up: “Get up, Champ,” follow to The new York Times.Both major and Champ caught the nation’s attention throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, acquiring followers and also fan account of their own across various social media platforms.

Just think, this presidential dogs to be (and are!) component of several of the most significant conversations that influenced our nation and the world. If just our pets could talk! You might not be coming house from work on Air pressure One, but don’t worry, your first Dog is simply as special!