"I understand a few friends that are fostering right now simply to give pets a safe location … ns couldn"t assist it," Gomez revealed throughout an Instagram Live.

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Selena Gomez has actually a brand-new furry family members member to save her agency while she techniques social distancing.

During she Instagram Live ~ above Tuesday afternoon, the rare singer, 27, presented fans come Daisy, the sweet puppy she is fostering.


She continues: “I understand a couple of friends the are fostering right now just to give pets a safe location … ns couldn’t help it, I have to keep her.”

Other celebrities space doing their part to make sure shelter animals have a love home throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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While filming the sixth season that Netflix hit Queer Eye in Texas earlier this month, Antoni Porowski stopped by Austin pets Alive! and also found an adorable pit-beagle mix called Neon to take it in.


“Hi guys. For this reason I’m in ~ Austin pets Alive! and I’m here fostering small baby Neon,” Porowski, 36, claimed in a clip post by the shelter.

“It’s very important for us to support our regional shelters because they’re acquiring a lot much less foot traffic,” that said, when cuddling up to the sweet pup. “If girlfriend can’t commit to adopting, I would encourage promoting as well.”

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A few days later, actor Kyle Chandler and his mam Kathryn embraced a dog, Clive, indigenous the very same shelter.

Shelters across the country are encouraging animal lovers come foster a pet during the coronavirus pandemic, citing the selection as a way to assist rescues, pets, and your own psychological health during this difficult time.

“Animal shelters throughout the nation are having actually to address an increase of dogs and cats in need of homes since fewer civilization are visiting shelters right now, and in some cases, shelters are having to in the interim close come the public,” Julie castle the CEO of best Friends animal Society, told audioeditorfree.com. “Some animal shelters are already seeing an increase in intake, and also many room bracing themselves because that the opportunity of fewer adoptions and also fewer foster homes, and also are pertained to about limited space.”

“It’s not just safe to save pets in the home, but additionally beneficial, as they deserve to serve as a resource of comfort during a crisis,” lock added. “The companionship the pets has been displayed to minimize stress and lower anxiety, helping human being to feel calmer and much more secure as soon as the news indigenous the outside audioeditorfree.com is distressing.”

The Centers for disease Control, the audioeditorfree.com Health Organization, and the American Veterinary medical Association have all stated that pets space not at hazard of spreading COVID-19, and also science has presented time and time again that including an animal to your life makes you happier and also healthier.

If you’re looking for more information, the American society for the prevention of Cruelty to animals (ASPCA) gives resources and information about rescuing animals and also companion pet safety.

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