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When Rachael & John"s lover dog Isaboo passed in ~ the end of May, Rach penned a sweet tribute, encouraging pet adoption and vowing to at some point welcome a new pet right into her and also John"s residence in Isaboo"s honor.

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"We will open our home and also our hearts to another animal in need, because that is what Izzy would want," Rach wrote.

Can you handle how cute she is?!

"Happy fostering Day to Bella Boo Blue ? who we welcome to our family members today," Rach wrote.

"She loves just how we roll! ( the out carpeting ?) Look at those baby BLUES? ?"

The name, the course, is a nod to Isaboo — which merged Rach"s favourite name, Isabella, with the surname of her very first dog, Boo— and Bella Boo Blue"s gorgeous baby blue eyes.

To celebrate, Rach and also John had an adoption Night dinner (adorable, right?), which included Masala Spatchcock Chicken, Grilled Paneer & Veggies, Pea + Potato Samosas, Ginger & Curry Succotash, Mango Chutney, Raita and Green Chili Sauce. Yum!

As for Bella Boo Blue, she had actually minced chicken and also naan bread through a spoonful that yogurt to celebrate.

We can"t wait to accomplish you, sweet girl!If you desire information around the countless dogs and also cats accessible at north Shore pet League America, click below to be taken directly to their website.

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