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you have the right to shoot 1 buck throughout rifle season. You deserve to kill 2 during bow season as long as 1 buck is prior to the rifle season the various other one is after the rifle season. Pretty good rule ns think considering other states only enable 1 buck.
# that bucksYou deserve to shoot 3 total. One v a gun, one archery before gun season or 2 after ~ gun season. You can shoot every one of the does that you want, just buy all of the doe tags the you care to.There is a 4 allude on 1 next restriction for all bucks.

A tiny clarification Missouri. As stated you have the right to take 1 through a gun, 2 v a bow as long as 1 or both are taken ~ the total season. Additionally in Missouri friend can use for managed hnts on MDC land and also shoot secondary buck. Therefore technically you have the right to shoot 4. It"s as well late to use for the controlled hunts this year. Also, no all Missouri counties have actually antler restrictions.

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MO deer
Okay men in MO, ns have practically 300 hours of vacation time top top the books. I dont really care about the horns so the doe tag sound good to me, does anyone need their does thinned the end or assist me with and area that has has possibilities.
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