If you’ve had actually nagging regrets about not buying a 2018 dodge Challenger SRT Demon ago when it an initial came out, continuing to read may only do those feel worse. As you well know, evade discontinued the Demon in ~ the same model year the it debuted. That the 3,300 Demons the were produced, 16 of them room sitting top top the many Huntington coast Dodge/Jeep/Ram dealership in California. And also yes, they space unregistered, delivery-mileage examples just wait to stretch their legs on the traction strip. Dodge Demon prices space officially with the roof.

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The Zero-Mile Demons

To it is in clear, these Demons haven’t simply been loitering approximately on the lot since 2018 while the “For Sale” indicators fade. Many thanks to the article on Jalopnik that shared this information, we understand that the owner has just recently detailed them for sale after sit on them for three years. The recent listings are due to the crazy balloon the car market is floating in ideal now, and the truth that the Demon is becoming much more collectible through the day.

Image via Autotrader.

How much For A discontinued 2018 evade Challenger Demon?

Even supplied Dodge Demon prices space through the roof. If you carry out an “Any Distance” find on Autotrader right now for a Demon, friend won’t discover a solitary one detailed under $108,000, and also that’s through 20,000 miles on the odometer. You’ll likewise see that every dodge Demon listing at the Huntington coast dealership has actually a “Call because that Price” tag rather of an actual number. The Jalopnik article listed that they were able come coax the prices the end of the reluctant sales manager, who said that every one will price $200,000. That’s an insane number because that a car with an original MSRP of $85,000, but, that’s what happens once you’re in a place to dictate the market. You’ll additionally find private seller on Autotrader listing dodge Demon muscle cars in ~ $300,000. It’s probably simply worth a shot in ~ this point.

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If you decide that you want to fork end that sort of cash, you’ll have actually plenty of options to pick from. The Skittle-colored lineup of SXT, GT, and also R/T evade Challenger muscle cars the you generally see at evade dealerships is rather 100% Demons. Huntington Dodge has Demons in key Black, Yellow coat Yellow, Billet Gray, walk Mango, White Knuckle White, and Octane Red, simply to surname a couple of of your appealing exterior shade options.