because that cannabis dispensaries, Oregon ranks top nationally because that states, with 5 of its cities in the optimal 10.

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Marijuana dispensary chain Verilife commissioned the survey. It shows Oregon through 16.5 dispensaries per 100,000 residents.


Cities Medford, Eugene, Portland, Salem, and also Bend have actually the most dispensaries per capita in ~ the state.

Matt Zachejowski of media group Digital third Coast speaks for Verilife on the findings.

“The data we’re report on below is strictly brick-and-mortar marijuana dispensaries that room both one of two people medicinals or recreational,” he says.


This map mirrors Oregon as first in the U.S. Because that cannabis dispensaries per capita, adhered to by Oklahoma and Montana.

That data Zachejowski’s introduce to is from the Oregon Liquor control Commission (OLCC).

“It’s not really surprising in the so countless of those retailers weren’t necessarily beginning up indigenous scratch, they came over or moved from the Oregon medical Marijuana program,” states commission spokesman note Pettinger.

He to add by the moment cannabis was legalized for recreational usage in loss 2015, there were around 450 dispensaries collection up with the Oregon clinical Marijuana program (OMMP).

“That’s considerably different than a most other claims that had actually not had actually a clinical marijuana program,” Pettinger says. “Did not have actually a many existing retail outlets the were functioning or serving as dispensaries.

“And so it is a far-ranging reason why there are so plenty of Oregon cities on this perform that mirrors that there is a far-reaching per capita dispensaries per Oregon’s population.”

Today, only three OMMP dispensaries are provided on the state federal government website.

Going approximately four and also a fifty percent years since recreational marijuana to be legalized in Oregon, the industry seems stable and also thriving.


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A marijuana flourish in the head Grove area.

OLCC stats show more than 1822 energetic licenses for marijuana producers, and 923 because that retailers.

Pettinger states there has been part reduction amongst both groups.

“Some of it has been entrepreneurs who might’ve been an excellent growers and great producers yet not necessarily great business people. However the number of retailers in Oregon really hasn’t yes, really gone down significantly.

“There’s most likely been better disruption in the developing segment. In either folks exiting the market or to run afoul the our rule or laws.”

The latest data shows around 350 inactive licenses for Oregon three retailers or producers.

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Meanwhile, Verilife’s report shows marijuana tax revenue because that Oregon gone beyond $94 million in 2018, make it 4th in the U.S. California topped the list with $345 million.


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