Eleven guys were eliminated when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosive on April 20, 2010. Five years later, their households -- mothers, fathers, siblings, wives and also children -- soldier on there is no them and hold tight to your memories. Click through the collection to learn much more about each man. Household Photos/Transocean

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Anderson was 35. His daughter, Lacy, to be 5 once he died. His son, Ryver, was 1. In a victim influence statement come a judge filed in January 2013, Anderson"s wife, Shelley, described his lack in their lives: "It is grueling for me to tuck my daughter in bed and read her a story while my child is crying in the other room since mommy can only perform one point at a time and daddy is not residence to help. ... Jason to be planning come walk his tiny girl under the aisle on she wedding day, to dance the father-of-the-bride dance, come teach her to "boom a deer." ... The won"t be holding mine hand for any of the events in she life ever again." family members Photo/Transocean
Burkeen, 37, to be a crane operator on Deepwater Horizon because that 10 years. He was endured by his wife, Rhonda; his daughter, Aryn; and his son, Timothy. "The job of the explosion was Dale"s wedding anniversary," his mother, mar Burkeen, wrote in a victim affect statement. "The rig sank on mine birthday, and Dale"s date of birth was April 24th. ... That is a main in April in which i will constantly be reminded that tragedy and also loss -- a reminder that will take place each and also every year for the remainder of my life." household Photo/Transocean
Clark, 49, was an assistant driller who invested a decade through the Transocean company. That was endured by his wife, Sheila, and also four children: James, Krystal, Donald Jr. And also Tandrea. He was remembered through colleagues as a gentle, soft-spoken guy with terrific work ethic. Household Photo/Transocean
Curtis, 39, was an assistant driller top top the Deepwater Horizon. The was made it through by his wife, Nancy; his daughter, Kala; and also his son, Treavor. Treavor and also his father "had a unique father-son bond," Treavor"s mother, Sissy Curtis, wrote in a victim influence statement. "His father to be his hero, his life and also his everything." Stephen and also Treavor loved hunting, fishing, baseball and also watching NASCAR. Treavor freshly wrote ~ above his facebook page: "Going to rise a tree in the a.m. And also be wherein I feel closest to my Dad." household Photo/Transocean
Jones, 28, to be a drilling fluids specialist. The was made it through by his wife, Michelle, and also two sons, Stafford and also Maxwell. Maxwell to be born a few weeks after his father"s death. "We work-related together so that his children will never ever forget who Gordon was," his sister, catalent Goodlife, created in a victim impact statement. "He was incredibly funny with an obnoxiously infectious laugh. He had a method to make anyone feel welcome no issue their background. He really was an excellent guy." family members Photo/Transocean
Kemp, 27, to be a derrickhand board the Deepwater Horizon. That was endured by his wife, Courtney, and also two daughters, Kaylee and Maddison. Kaylee had turned 3 on April 17, three days prior to the tragedy, "and us were waiting for she daddy to come home to have her date of birth party," wrote her mom in a victim influence statement. Maddison was simply 3 month old at the time. "Wyatt"s memory will certainly live on in our hearts, and also through pictures, and also the stories I tell our girls almost daily. I have kept images up in our residence so Maddi will always know her daddy"s face. Kaylee and also I have dreams of Wyatt." household Photo/Transocean
Kleppinger, 38, to be a floorhand that had functioned with Transocean for 10 years. The was additionally a military veteran who served in the U.S. Military during procedure Desert Storm. The was made it through by his wife, Tracy, and his son, Aaron. Kleppinger love NASCAR, follow to Steven Newman, president and also CEO that Transocean. Family members Photo/Transocean
Manuel, 56, was a senior drilling fluids specialist. He was made it through by his fiancee and also three daughters. "My dad to be not just the ideal father ever, but still after being in my 30s, to be a male that I dubbed a friend," wrote among his daughters, Jessica, in a victim affect statement. "My human being has to be rocked badly. I am not the same person. My baby young ... Will certainly never recognize the love that his grandfather." one of his ideal friends claimed Manuel"s credo because that life was the 4 Fs: fun, family, friends and also faith. Family members Photo/Transocean
Revette, 48, was chief driller top top the oil rig. The was survived by his wife, Sherri, and also two daughters, Andrea and Alicia. He was a family man, fisherman, deer hunter. That adored his girls, and his wife says he never ever watched a movie his entire life -- too plenty of largemouth bass to catch. He had just to walk his earliest daughter, Andrea, under the aisle at she wedding. "That to be our very first thought when all this happened," Sherri said a few months after ~ the rig explosion. "Our youngest kid won"t gain that." family Photo/Transocean
Roshto, 22, was a floorhand who joined Transocean in 2006. He to be deeply devoted to his wife, Natalie, and his son, Michael. ~ above the inside of his tough hat, he created down two dates -- his wedding day and his son"s date of birth -- to gain him through hard times. Family Photo/Transocean

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At 24, Weise to be the second youngest to die and the just one who did not have children. He to be a floorhand and drove 10 hours every three weeks to job-related on the rig. Every time Adam left, his mom said he"d tell her, "I"m functioning for your retirement, Mom." Arleen Weise clings come memories of her fun-loving son. He would hide in the bushes in ~ the neighborhood golf club and also blow an air horn as soon as golfers hit mid-swing. When he was a boy, she kissed the on the college bus in front of his classmates. "That"s OK," Adam said as soon as they furious him, "because ns love mine momma." household Photo/Transocean