At critical count, officials to be attributing an ext than 100 deaths come Hurricane Sandy. Some patterns emerged in mapping the deaths in the region. Elderly residents were hit specifically hard, v close to fifty percent of the civilization who passed away age 65 or older. In new York City, the bulk of deaths occurred in Queens and on Staten Island, and also most people perished at the height of the storm, drown by the surge.
In much more inland areas, downed trees were an ext often the cause of death. The work after the storm were additionally deadly, as civilization tried to clear far storm damage or supplied poorly ventilated generators come ward turn off the dark and also the cold.       Some victims’ names have not been released, as the authorities seek to reach their families.



new York City 43 deaths
Northern brand-new York Suburbs 7 deaths
lengthy Island 14 deaths
brand-new Jersey 37 deaths
Connecticut 5 deaths

Lauren Abraham, 23


Ms. Abraham was eliminated Oct. 29 as soon as she stepped top top a downed electric line in former of her residence on 134th Street in Richmond Hill. The police stated she had gone exterior to take photos of the storm.

Patricia Bevan, 59

Staten Island

Ms. Bevan was discovered dead top top Oct. 31 ~ above the first floor of her flooded bungalow ~ above Hunter way in Midland Beach. The police said she drowned.

Walter Colborne, 89, and Marie Colborne, 66

Staten Island

Mr. Colborne and his mam were discovered lying dead ~ above the ground beside their auto at 10:30 a.m. Top top Nov. 1 in a wooded lot of on Tennyson Drive and also Nelson Avenue, near good Kills Beach. The police said they had actually drowned.

Eugene Contrubis, 67

Staten Island

Mr. Contrubis, a retirement clerk for the Police Department, was discovered dead Oct. 30 in his home on Kiswick Street in Midland Beach. The police said the cause of fatality was drowning.

Angela Dresch, 13, and also George Dresch, 55

Staten Island

Angela was uncovered dead Oct. 29 on the lawn exterior her home in Tottenville. Her father, George Dresch, was found dead on Oct. 30 in a wooded area several blocks away. The police stated both had drowned.

Rose Faggiano, 85


Ms. Faggiano was discovered dead Oct. 30 throughout a door-to-door search of she Howard Beach neighborhood by the Fire Department. The police claimed the reason of fatality was drowning.

John K. Filipowicz, 51, and also John C. Filipowicz, 20

Staten Island

Mr. Filipowicz and also his child were found on Oct. 30 by the police in their house on Fox beach Avenue in Oakwood Beach throughout a check. They were crushed through debris in the basement.

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Anna Gesso, 62

Staten Island

Ms. Gesso was uncovered dead Oct. 31, floating in the basement that her home on Naughton avenue in Dongan Hills. The police said she had probably drowned.

Richard Gold, 67


Mr. Gold was discovered dead Oct. 30 in the basement that his home on coast 133rd Street in Rockaway Park by a neighbor. The police claimed the cause was drowning.

Lorraine Gore, 90


Ms. Gore was found dead in the first-floor living room of her Coney Island apartment by a neighbor on Oct. 30. The reason of fatality was drowning.

David Gotthelf, 72


Mr. Gotthelf was uncovered dead in his house in Rockaway Park through a girlfriend on Oct. 30. The police stated the evident cause of fatality was drowning.

SenPo Hua, 87


Mr. Hua was uncovered dead by a ar in Coney Island top top Oct. 30. He to be under water in his life room.

Artur Kasprzak, 28

Staten Island

Mr. Kasprzak was uncovered dead at 7 a.m. Oct. 30 in the basement of his residence on Doty avenue in southern Beach. Once the home was flooding, Mr. Kasprzak, an off-duty police officer, led his family members to the attic for safety yet then went back to the basement. The police stated he was more than likely electrocuted.

Richard Krins, 67


Mr. Krins was discovered dead top top the floor in his residence in Sheepshead bay on Oct. 31. The cause was drowning.

Tony Laino, 30


Mr. Laino was eliminated Oct. 29, once a tree dropped on his home on 166th Street in Flushing. Mr. Laino to be on the 2nd floor when the tree fell, crushing him.

David Maxwell, 64

Staten Island

Mr. Maxwell was discovered dead Nov. 9 in his bungalow on Mapleton avenue in Midland beach after policemans were request to examine the residence. He had actually drowned.

William McKeon, 78


Mr. McKeon passed away on the night that Nov. 6 in ~ Jamaica Hospital Medical facility as a an outcome of injuries sustained throughout the storm. Mr. McKeon had been uncovered bleeding native the head at the bottom that a dark stairwell the was still wet and also covered v sand in a structure on shore Front Parkway in Rockaway Park.

Albert McSwain, 77


Mr. McSwain passed away Nov. 10 at Jamaica Hospital Medical facility after maintain storm-related trauma to his head and also body. He was discovered by family members ~ above Oct. 31 at the bottom the the measures of his apartment building on Rockaway coast Boulevard. Power had gone out in the building.

Leonard Montalto, 53

Staten Island

Mr. Montalto was found dead in the basement of his home on Fox coast Avenue. He had actually drowned.

Brendan Moore, 2, and Connor Moore, 4

Staten Island

The brothers were found dead Nov. 1 in a marshlike area in ~ McLaughlin Street and also Olympia Boulevard in south Beach, around 100 feet from every other. Castle were brushed up away indigenous their mother by a rise of water. The police said the reason of fatality was drowning.

Anthony Narh, 57


Mr. Narh was found dead in a sport utility vehicle on Oct. 30 in a parking garage in ~ 92 Laight Street in Manhattan. Mr. Narh drowned.

Ella Norris, 89

Staten Island

Ms. Norris was found dead Oct. 30 in her home on Buel way in Dongan Hills. The police stated the cause was more than likely drowning since of storm-related flooding.

George P. O'Regan, 79

Staten Island

Mr. O’Regan passed away after a fall on Oct. 31 in the brand-new Lane an elderly Houses in shore Acres. The building was there is no electricity, and also Mr. O’Regan had actually apparently shed his footing in the dark.

John Paterno, 65

Staten Island

Mr. Paterno was found dead Oct. 31 in his one-story bungalow in Midland Beach. Mr. Paterno had cerebral palsy and also was paralyzed native the waist down. The police stated the reason of fatality was drowning.

Anastasia Rispoli, 73

Staten Island

Ms. Rispoli was found dead in her residence on Grimsby Street. The police said the reason was drowning.

James Rossi, 85

Staten Island

Mr. Rossi was discovered dead Oct. 31 in his backyard ~ above Quincy path in Dongan Hills. The police stated he appeared to have actually drowned.

Andrew Sammarco, 61

Staten Island

Mr. Sammarco was found dead Oct. 30 in his residence on Mills path in southern Beach. The police said he had actually drowned.

Cy Schoenfeld, 72


Mr. Schoenfeld was discovered confront down in his living room in Sheepshead bay on Oct. 30. The cause of fatality was drowning.

Nancy Sorenson, 50


Ms. Sorenson died Oct. 30 from an injury she received while shutting off the gas come her home on beach 124th Street in Rockaway Park. Ms. Sorenson cut her arm and also bled come death.

Beatrice Spagnuolo, 79

Staten Island

Ms. Spagnuolo was uncovered dead Oct. 30 in her home on Grimsby Street. The police stated she had actually drowned.

George Stathis, 90


Mr. Stathis was found dead Nov. 3 in his basement at beach 121st Street in Rockaway Park. He had actually drowned.

Jessie Streich-Kest, 24, and Jacob Vogelman, 24


Ms. Streich-Kest and Mr. Vogelman, she friend, were killed by a falling tree on Oct. 29 at Ditmas Avenue and 18th Street in Ditmas Park while wade Ms. Streich-Kest’s dog.

Frank M. Suber, 55


Mr. Suber was uncovered dead ~ above Oct. 30 in a basement on large Street in the gaue won district. It showed up that he had been wade on a sidewalk once a surging of water brought him into the building. The cause of fatality was more than likely drowning, the police said.

Henry Sullivan, 57


Mr. Sullivan was found dead Oct. 30 in his basement on coast 136th Street in Rockaway Park. His wife, Brenda Sullivan, stated he had actually gone over there to rotate off the gas. The police said the cause of death was probably drowning.

Eden Toussaint, 58


Mr. Toussaint was uncovered dead by his landlord ~ above Oct. 31 in a basement apartment on beach 69th Street in Rockaway Park. The police claimed he had drowned.

Unidentified Man, 51


An unidentified guy was found dead top top Nov. 1, having actually washed increase on coast Parkway at Bay 44th Street in the gravesend neighborhood. The reason of death was drowning.

Unidentified Man, approximately 62, and also Unidentified Woman, 74

Staten Island

An unidentified man and also an unidentified woman were discovered dead Nov. 2 by police officers in a residence on Olympia Boulevard in Midland Beach. The police claimed they had drowned.

Jack Baumler, 11, and Michael Robson, 13

north Salem

Jack was killed Oct. 29 as soon as a tree fell through his house in north Salem in Westchester County. He to be watching television alongside Michael, who also died.

Jeffrey Chanin, 51

Pearl flow

Mr. Chanin was eliminated Oct. 29 once a tree fell through his home in Pearl river in Rockland County.

Tiago Ferreira-Neto, 54


Mr. Ferreira-Neto, that Yonkers, was killed Oct. 29 as soon as his auto struck a tree that had fallen across the Sprain Brook Parkway in the city of Greenburgh in Westchester County.

Doreen Richardson, 69


Ms. Richardson was killed on Oct. 29 if driving top top her residential property in Kerhonkson in Ulster County, as soon as a 10-by-10-foot section of roof from a mobile home, detached by solid winds, crashed into the windshield of her car.

James Stapleford, 75, and Eva Stapleford, 73


Mr. Stapleford and his mam were found dead in the basement the their house at 52 Black road on Nov. 5 in the town of Olive in Ulster County. Police stated the reason of death was carbon monoxide poisoning indigenous the generator the pair had provided to strength their home during the storm.

Lewis Bodi, 87

glen Cove

Mr. Bodi died Nov. 4 after ~ being burned by a kerosene lantern at his glen Cove home.

Michelle Bracco, 44


Ms. Bracco, the Oceanside, passed away of carbon monoxide poisoning ~ above Nov. 5 after running a gas generator the end of a garage.

Santiago Diazde, 59

North sink Stream

Ms. Diazde, of Hempstead, was struck through a car and killed Nov. 8 while cross a street in North sink Stream where website traffic lights to be out.

Anne Marie Dolan, 57


Ms. Dolan was found Nov. 5 in a tent that had broke down under the load of a tree. The authorities stated she to be homeless and also living in a wooded area close to Veterans Memorial Highway in Commack. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Michael Fleming, 80

Bay shore

Mr. Fleming was found unconscious and also with a head injury in ~ the bottom of the stair in his only Shore house Oct. 29. He died the next day at Southside Hospital. The reason of fatality was detailed as blunt force trauma.

David Freberg


Mr. Freberg to be struck in the head by a broken tree limb in Nissequogue. The police did no release an ext details.

Juan Granados, 20

Garden City

Mr. Granados, that Mineola, passed away after crashing his motorcycle into a van Oct. 30 in ~ a Garden City intersection who signal to be still dark after ~ the hurricane.

Nicholas Lourikas, 66


Mr. Lourikas, that Centereach, was struck top top the head Nov. 6 by a storm-damaged tree the he and also another man were cut behind the Hauppauge royal residence Diner.

John Miller, 39

Lloyd harbor

Mr. Miller died in the driveway the his residence on Oak Hill roadway in Lloyd port on Oct. 29. The police claimed he to be struck through a fall tree while helping water level his wife and children, 5 and 3, right into their vehicle to evacuate.

Vishwaja Muppa, 21

harbor Jefferson terminal

Ms. Muppa, of Edison, N.J., remained in the ago seat that a sport utility car Oct. 30 in port Jefferson Station when it crashed into a significant police car. She was pronounced dead in ~ the scene.

Abigalo Piedraheta, 78

new Cassel

Ms. Piedraheta died Nov. 2 after using a coal-burning grill within her new Cassel home, follow to the authorities, who claimed the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

Safar Shafinoori, 84


Mr. Shafinoori, of Roslyn, passed away Oct. 29 as soon as he went to move his car and was hit by a falling tree, the Nassau ar police reported.


Nassau county

An unidentified person passed away Nov. 4, supposedly of carbon monoxide poisoning; the home’s carbon monoxide detector had been collection off. The police did no release much more details.

Edith (Dee) Wright, 52


Ms. Light left her Montauk home on Oct. 29 to walk her dog and also was reported missing soon after. Her body washed increase the next morning at Georgica Beach, approximately 10 miles away, and also the police concluded that she had actually been swept out come sea by the storm.

Mudiwa Benson, 18, and Kenya Barbara, 19


Ms. Benson and also Ms. Barbara, both of Newark, were uncovered dead the carbon monoxide poisoning at the Riverside Court apartment building Oct. 31.

Erwin Bockhorn, 72

little Egg port

Mr. Bockhorn drown in his home in little Egg Harbor. That was uncovered dead Oct. 30.

Maureen Caporino, 65

Jersey City

Ms. Caporino was uncovered dead in she Jersey City apartment. Her oxygen device no longer worked after the power went out. She had turned to bottled oxygen, i beg your pardon the police said either ran the end or showed insufficient.

Richard Everett, 54, and also Elizabeth Everett, 48


The Everetts, of Randolph, passed away after a falling tree crushed your car.

Fletcher Fish, 77


Mr. Fish was killed when a tree crashed v the roof of his Hawthorne home. He remained in a second-floor bedroom. The police said his wife, who was at house at the time, was not injured.

Thomas Frey, 44


Mr. Frey, of Asbury, died Oct. 31 as a result of injuries endured the previous work in a chain observed accident if he was clearing storm debris.

Joseph Godleski, 69

south Hackensack

Mr. Godleski, of south Hackensack, drowning in Hackensack ~ above Oct. 30. His automobile stalled in the flooding, and also he apparently got out the it to flee and slipped in the water.

Amadeo Guiterrez, 41

north Brunswick

Mr. Guiterrez, a landscaper from north Brunswick, died Nov. 6 while trimming a tree in the backyard the a residence top top Tutor location in eastern Brunswick that had actually partially fallen during the storm, the authorities said. The east Brunswick Police Department claimed a section of the tree broke loose and struck him.

William Hardenburg, 67

Bethlehem Township

Mr. Hardenburg, the emergency management coordinator because that Bethlehem Township, was hit through a pickup truck Nov. 5 if working through a personal contractor to clean up storm debris in ~ a residence in Raritan Township.

Benjamin Harris, 83


Mr. Harris fell down a flight of stairs at his Hawthorne home after the electrical power went out.

Lester Kaplan, 73


Mr. Kaplan, the Brigantine, was discovered unconscious by family members on the dining room floor of his flooded house Nov 2. He got in cardiac arrest and died in one ambulance traveling to the hospital. The police stated the cause of death was hypothermia.

Celestine Kreitzer , 94

Forked river

Ms. Kreitzer passed away of hypothermia in her Forked river home. She was uncovered dead top top Oct. 30.

Bruce Latteri, 51

Jefferson Township

Mr. Latteri was discovered dead in a chair in his Jefferson Township house Oct. 30. The authorities stated he had actually been crushed by a fallout’s tree.

Vernie Mathison, 61

West Orange

Mr. Mathison passed away in his West Orange home. His oxygen an equipment stopped functioning after the electrical energy went out. The authorities stated the reason of fatality was respiratory failure.

Bobbie McDuffie, 46


Mr. McDuffie, the Newark, was discovered in his automobile by the police on Oct. 30. They said the reason of death was most likely drowning.

Lawrence Priddy, 57, and Margaret Priddy, 78


Mr. Priddy died in a fire Nov. 3 in his Middlesex home. His mother, Margaret Priddy, passed away of injuries sustained in the same fire, which the authorities said could have been started by a candle.

Alice Redzilow, 86


Ms. Redzilow dropped in her Bayonne home Nov. 3 if the strength was out. The authorities claimed the cause of fatality was blunt impact injury.

Rafael Reyes, 55

new Brunswick

Mr. Reyes, of new Brunswick, died of carbon monoxide poisoning, most likely from a gas-fueled basement generator. The police uncovered him in his kitchen ~ above Nov. 1.

Bernice Sapp, 65

Atlantic City

Ms. Sapp was being evacuated from her apartment in Atlantic City come a sanctuary on the mainland Oct. 28 once she entered cardiac arrest on the evacuation bus and died.

Walter Schoepfer, 93


Mr. Schoepfer fell on the steps outside his residence in Ventnor and also struck his head Oct. 30. He was taken to the hospital and died Nov. 6.

William knife Jr., 61

Princeton Township

Mr. Sword, an invest banker, was killed when a tree fell on that while he to be cleaning debris exterior his house in Princeton Township top top Oct. 29.

George Tatay, 61


Mr. Tatay, that Brick, was found dead in his flooded house Oct. 30. The authorities claimed the cause was asphyxia because of drowning.

Leonard Thompson, 71


Mr. Thompson was discovered dead Oct. 31 in his Stafford home. The authorities claimed the cause of death was hypothermia result from exposure to cold.

Unidentified Man, 70, and also Unidentified Woman, 73


An unidentified man and an unidentified woman passed away in a fire in your Willingboro home.

Unidentified Woman, 59


An unidentified woman died in Trenton of carbon monoxide poisoning. The electrical power had unable to do out, and she was using a gas generator to power her home.

Unidentified Man, 55


An unidentified man died in his Edison home of carbon monoxide poisoning. The authorities stated he was operating a generator in an fastened space.

Unidentified Man, 79


An unidentified man died in his Lambertville home. The authorities claimed he fell and struck his head. There to be no electrical power in the home.

Unidentified Man, 58


An unidentified Jamesburg man fell in the parking most the Robert timber Johnson college Hospital in Hamilton as soon as he lost his balance together a result of a strong gust of wind.

Unidentified Man, 61

lengthy Branch

An unidentified man died of hypothermia in his lengthy Branch home. That was discovered wrapped in blankets, and also there to be no electrical energy in the home.

Unidentified Man, 93


An unidentified man passed away in a autumn at his Summit home. He was uncovered at the bottom the the stairs, and there to be no electricity, the authorities said.

Unidentified Woman, 79

Berkeley Heights

An unidentified woman died apparently after ~ she dropped in her Berkeley Heights home. There to be no electrical energy or heat in the home.

Mary Lou Viswat, 85


Ms. Viswat, a previous Middlesex borough councilwoman, died Oct. 30 after ~ falling down the cellar stair in her house there.

Ernest Williams, 65


Mr. Williams, of Newark, was uncovered in his home, whereby the power had gone out, top top Nov 4. The police claimed the cause of fatality was one asthma attack.

Jet Krumwiede, 21


Mr. Krumwiede, that Milford, to be tossed native his kayak while paddling in long Island Sound near Silver Sands State Park in Milford on Oct. 28. His body to be recovered by the Stratford police.

Russell F. Neary, 55


Mr. Neary, the Easton, to be clearing tree debris indigenous a roadway Oct. 29 when one more tree fell and also struck him.

Michael J. Pranulis, 53


Mr. Pranulis, a landscaper, to be cutting down a pine tree on Nov. 4 and also was killed when it dropped to the ground.

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Olga Raymond, 90


Ms. Raymond to be walking come a neighbor's residence on Oct. 29 and was killed when she was struck by a big tree.

Unidentified Man


An unidentified man passed away in Trumbull. The authorities did not reveal additional details.