Here is a list of the 11 employees who died after a blast ~ above the BP-leased drilling rig Deepwater Horizon on April 20, 2010 around 50 mile southeast the the Louisiana coast in the Gulf the Mexico. The rig was owned by the Swiss for sure Transocean Ltd. It to be drilling the Macondo well, in which BP to be the bulk owner. Top top the morning that April 12 — after burning for around a day and also a half — the Deepwater Horizon sank. The rests on the bottom about a mile below the Gulf surface.

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None of the men worked straight for BP. Two were to work by M-I Swaco, a department of oil ar services company Schlumberger. The rest worked for Transocean. No bodies were recovered.

• Jason Anderson, 35, the Midfield, Texas. A dad of two. His wife, Shelley, stated Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. Anderson started preparing a will in February 2010 and also kept the in a spiral notebook. It sank with the rig.

• Aaron Dale “Bubba” Burkeen, 37, that Philadelphia, Miss. His death at the Deepwater Horizon come on his wedding anniversary and four days before his birthday. He to be married v two children.

• Donald Clark, 49, of Newellton, La. That was among six workers reserved to leave the rig ~ above April 21, the work after the blast.

• Stephen ray Curtis, 40, the Georgetown, La., Curtis was married and had two teenagers.

• Gordon Jones, 28, of Baton Rouge, La. Jones came down on the rig the day before the explosion. He passed away three days before his 6th wedding anniversary and also 10 minutes after talking to his pregnant wife, Michelle Jones. Their son, Max, was born three weeks later.

• Roy Wyatt Kemp, 27, Jonesville, La. Kemp to be married. His daughter’s date of birth was 3 days before the explosion. Kemp was one of six workers reserved to leave the rig ~ above April 21.

• karl Kleppinger Jr., 38, that Natchez, Miss. Kleppinger to be a veteran of the very first Gulf War and also the dad of one child.

• Keith Blair Manuel, 56, of Gonzales, La. Manuel had actually three daughters. He was a pan of LSU athletics and had football and basketball season tickets.

• Dewey A. Revette, 48, the State Line, Miss. Revette had been married to his wife, Sherri, because that 26 years once the rig exploded. The was among six workers scheduled to leaving the rig top top April 21.

• Shane M. Roshto, 22, of Liberty, Miss. His wife, Natalie, filed a sue April 21, 2010, speak she endured post-traumatic stress disorder after her husband was killed in the explosion. The was among six workers that were set to leave the rig ~ above April 21.

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• Adam Weise, 24, Yorktown, Texas. Weise journey 10 hours to Louisiana every three weeks to job-related on the rig. A high college football star, he spent off- time hunting and fishing. He was among six workers reserved to leave the rig top top April 21.