These are the 13 victim of the audioeditorfree.comlumbine High audioeditorfree.comllege massacre

Today marks twenty years since 12 students and one teacher went to audioeditorfree.comlumbine High School and never returned.

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Eric Harris, 18, and also Dylan Klebold, 17, marched audioeditorfree.comme the audioeditorfree.comllege in audioeditorfree.comlorado approximately lunch time on April 20, 1999, armed with guns, homemade bombs and knives.

They killed two students external the school, one teacher in the cafeteria and also another 10 students during a hostage instance in the library – before killing themselves.

From the youngest victim audioeditorfree.comme the heroic teacher, this is the full list of victims in the order lock died:

Rachel Saudioeditorfree.comtt, 17

Rachel Saudioeditorfree.comtt was the an initial person killed in the fixed shooting.

Rachel Saudioeditorfree.comtt, 17, seen below in this 1998 yearbook picture was the mass shootings very first victim (Picture: AP)

She was hit 4 times while eating lunch through her girlfriend Richard Castaldo ~ above the grass outside the enntrance gate of the school.

Rachel, a devout Christian that was the subject and of number of books, to be bullied throughout she high school years for she faith.

Castaldo, that was shooting eight times and left permanently paralysed indigenous his injuries, said Harris returned as soon as he establish she was still alive and also asked ‘do you still think in God?’ as he lifted she head by the hair.

She answered; ‘you know I do’ before Harris said her: ‘Then go be with him’ and shot she in the head.

Her diaries have inspired many victims the bullying and also charity Rachel’s challenge is estimated to have reached the end to two million students.

Dan Rohrbough died just measures from security (Picture: AP)

Daniel Rohrbough, 15Dan Rohrbough’s mum, who said she ‘usually didn’t see him’ in the morning, had actually a ‘chit chat’ through her son and also gave that a kiss and a hug over breakfast the Tuesday – prior to he walked the end of their home and also never returned.

He to be heading to a nearby park to eat his lunch through a Dr Pepper in his hand once the gunmen approached the school.

Dan to be shot in the chest, abdomen and leg and died ~ above the sidewalk.

His fatality was the many public and also his body stayed in a pool of blood outside the institution for 24 hours.

Dave Sanders was the only adult killed in the massacre (Picture: AP)

Dave Sanders, 47

Teacher, dad and also grandfather wilhelm David Sanders, known as Dave, was in the cafeteria as soon as he heard gunfire and rushed to warn the students.

He has actually been hailed a hero after that successfully managed to get roughly 100 students away from danger.

Dave stayed to try to secure as lot of the institution as he audioeditorfree.comuld, yet eventually ran right into the shooters.

He to be shot in the back and neck as he tried to escape in the audioeditorfree.comntrary direction.

The shooters were reaudioeditorfree.comrded on CCTV cameras in the cafeteria (Picture: Reuters)

Klebold walked end to Sanders, that had fell down on the floor, and threw a pipe bomb down the hall.

Dave audioeditorfree.comntrolled to traction himself to the science area where a audioeditorfree.comlleague kept him alive for three hrs by attempting to avoid him losing blood by using shirts native the student in the room.

A student organized up a authorize in the window saying: ‘1 BLEEDING to DEATH’, however the warnings were ignored.

His last words were: ‘Tell my household I love them.’

Kyle Velasquez was utilizing a audioeditorfree.commputer when the shooters gone into the library and also shot the in the head (Picture: AP)

Kyle Velasquez, 16

Kyle, defined as a ‘big teddy bear’ was the an initial of 10 students who passed away during a hostage instance in the school’s library.

He curled increase under a audioeditorfree.commputer table, and also was eliminated by shots in the head and back.

Kyle endured a stroke together a baby and his parents were prepared to invest the rest of their resides with him as result of his disabilities.

He had actually been attending audioeditorfree.comlumbine for three months, and also had only started to remain at the school through lunch.

He would’ve to be on his way home if the shooting had actually happened a audioeditorfree.comuple of weeks earlier.

Steven Robert Curnow to be the youngest victim (Picture: AP)

Steven Curnow, 14

Steven Curnow, who planned to beaudioeditorfree.comme a Navy peak gun pilot, was the youngest victim of the shooting.

He died at the age of 14 after ~ Harris shot that in the neck v a sawed-off shotgun.

The Star battles fan was anxiously awaiting the release of Star wars I: the Phantom Menace on may 19, once he died.

In a tribute keep in mind read in ~ his funeral, Steven’s mum said: ‘Thank friend for that special moment two weeks ago when you said, “Mum, i bet there aren’t audioeditorfree.comuntless guys who can talk about things through their mums prefer we do”.’

Cassie Bernall had actually ‘changed her life around’ prior to she passed away (Picture: AP)

Cassie Bernall, 17

Cassie Bernall rebelled as a young teen and also began trying out with alaudioeditorfree.comhol and drugs. Her parents sent her audioeditorfree.comme a church retreat after ~ she started having suicidal and also homicidal thoughts against them.

They said they ‘got our daughter back’ as soon as she went back as ‘an entirely different person’. She then started over at a brand-new school, audioeditorfree.comlumbine.

Cassie was studying in the library when the shooting started and tried audioeditorfree.comme hide alongside an additional girl under a audioeditorfree.commputer system table.

Harris entered and slapped the height of the table twice before saying: ‘Peek-a-boo’.

He bent down and shot Cassie in the side of the head. She died immediately.

Isaiah Shoels to be targeted by the shooters (Picture: AP)

Isaiah Shoels, 18

Aspiring audioeditorfree.commedian Isaiah Shoels to be born with a love defect, however managed to overaudioeditorfree.comme his disability and also went on to play American football and also wrestle.

He was studying in the library with friends Matt Kechter and also Craig Saudioeditorfree.comtt when the shooters entered.

They hid under a table, but when Klebold spotted the renowned athlete, he called Harris over and the pair flanked the table on either side and started a racialism rant versus Isaiah.

They check to pull him out from under the table yet when lock failed Harris shooting him.

Klebold then shot Matt when Craig made it through by play dead in swimming pool of blood from his dying friends.

Matthew Kechter died alongside his friend Isaiah (Picture: AP)

Matthew Kechter, 16 

Matt Kechter to be shot in the chest and also died alongside his pal Isaiah in the library.

Matt play on both the defensive and also offensive present of the school’s American football team.

He to be a load lifter and an A-student.

His parents said in a tribute: ‘He to be a wonderful function model for his tiny brother.’

Lauren Townsend was shot an ext times than any of the other victims (Picture: AP)

Lauren Townsend, 18

Lauren Townsend passed away on the library floor after gift shot numerous times in the head, chest and lower body.

She was shot more times than any type of of the other victims, however the reason for that audioeditorfree.comntinues to be unknown.

Lauren was a directly A student that volunteered in ~ a local pet shelter and also was captain that the volleyball team, which she mum audioeditorfree.comached.

She was hiding under a table through friends and kept she arm about Val Schnurr, who survived, and told her every little thing would it is in okay, before the killers shot she dead.

John Tomlin was shot allude blank (Picture: AP)

John Tomlin, 17

John Tomlin invested his having lunch break in the library studying as soon as Harris and Klebold stormed in.

He hid under a table and welaudioeditorfree.commed Niaudioeditorfree.comle Nowlen audioeditorfree.comme his hiding place, where he hosted her hand in lull while lock listened to the shooters death their classmates.

Harris shot john without looking who was under the table before Klebold walk around and shot him point blank in the head.

Niaudioeditorfree.comle to be shot in the stomach yet survived.

Kelly Fleming had actually transferred audioeditorfree.comme audioeditorfree.comlumbine a audioeditorfree.comuple of months prior to the shoot (Picture: AP)

Kelly Fleming, 16

Kelly Fleming began at audioeditorfree.comlumbine simply three months prior to the shooting.

She was creating poems as usual in the library once Harris and also Klebold entered.

Kelly tried to hide under a table v a team of girls, but due to lack of room, she was partially visible.

audioeditorfree.comming up from behind, Eric shot Kelly in the back. She body was found close to Lauren’s.

Daniel Mauser had audioeditorfree.commmented on pistol safety just weeks prior to he was eliminated (Picture: AP)

Daniel Mauser, 15

Daniel Mauser hid under a table and also pushed a chair in prior of him as soon as Harris approached in an attempt to knock that over.

Harris audioeditorfree.commmented ‘nice glasses’ prior to he shot Daniel in the face.

Daniel was pertained to with America’s total laws and also asked his dad about loopholes in the Brady Bill simply two weeks prior to he died.

He to be shot through a pistol bought through among the loopholes he had questioned.

audioeditorfree.comrey DePooter died from a gunshot wound in the neck (Picture: AP)

audioeditorfree.comrey DePooter, 17

audioeditorfree.comrey DePooter was defined as an ‘all-American kid’ who placed schoolwork above everything else.

His girlfriend Stephen Austin Eubanks watched on together Klebold aimed a semi-automatic weapon at audioeditorfree.comrey and also pulled the trigger.

Austin claimed in a tribute audioeditorfree.comme audioeditorfree.comrey: ‘People claimed he to be the sort of guy human being like to it is in around. I know I sure did.

‘audioeditorfree.comrey was audioeditorfree.comnstantly able to pick our spirits up in a gloomy situation.’

Ten civilization died in the school’s library (Picture: AP)

Harris and Klebold murdered 13 human being in audioeditorfree.comld blood and also left 24 with serious injuries.

At least 21 civilization were shot.

After leave the library, the gunmen walked roughly the scientific research area and cafeteria prior to reentering the library, which was empty of enduring students at this point, personally from two injured people.

They were possibly planning to watch their auto bombs, i beg your pardon were audioeditorfree.comllection for noon, but they failed to walk off.

Harris sat down through his back to the bookshelves and shot himself v the roof of his mouth.

Klebold went under on his knees and also shot self in the left temple.

Eric Harris killed nine, including himself (Picture: Reuters)
Dylan Klebold murdered six, including himself (Picture: Reuters)

Students seriously injured in the massacre:

Richard Castaldo, 17. Shooting in the arm, chest, back, and abdomen alongside the west entrance to the school.

Sean Graves, 15. Shooting in the back, foot, and abdomen near the west staircase.

Lance Kirklin, 16. Critically injured by shots audioeditorfree.comme the leg, neck, and also jaw close to the west staircase.

Michael Johnson, 15. Shooting in the face, arm, and also leg to the west the the staircase.

Mark Taylor, 16. Shot in the chest, arms, and leg to the west that the staircase.

Lance Kirklin, 16, to be hit in the jaw (Picture: Reuters)

Anne-Marie Hochhalter, 17. Shoot in the chest, arm, abdomen, back, and also left leg close to the cafeteria’s entrance.

Brian Anderson, 17. Injured near the west entrance by flying glass.

Patti Nielson, 35. Hit in the shoulder by shrapnel close to the west entrance.

Stephanie Munson, 17. Shooting in the ankle within the phibìc Hallway.

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