Residents of Puerto Rico cannot vote in the general presidential choice — that is a right scheduled for states — however they deserve to vote in primaries. In the Republican primary, Marco Rubio got 70% that the vote, and won every one of Puerto Rico’s 23 delegates.

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Senator Rubio go on to shed his house state of Florida, and suspended his campaign. So what walk that median for the delegates from Puerto Rico? every state and also territory to adjust its very own rules about when delegates should vote because that the candidate lock were originally bound to and also when they deserve to change. Because that Puerto Rico, the vote in the first round will certainly be because that Rubio.

At the Republican national Convention, every state or territory’s delegates will announce that vote. Puerto Rico’s will certainly announce that they are casting their 23 votes because that Marco Rubio. Once all the delegates have been counted, there are two possibilities. If one candidate has 1,237 votes, that person will it is in the Republican Party’s nominee because that the office of chairman of the unified States.

As that this writing, there room 944 delegates still easily accessible in states or territories that haven’t yet held their Republican primaries. The is still mathematically possible for either Donald trump or Ted Cruz to be the nominee top top the an initial ballot at the convention.

If no candidate it s okay those 1,237 votes, there will be another ballot. At the point, Puerto Rico’s delegates deserve to vote because that anyone castle choose. Kevin Romero-Díaz, a spokesperson because that the Republican Party in Puerto Rico, states that the delegates intend to vote together for a candidate who supports statehood.

Which candidate would that be?

Donald Trump exit a declare on Puerto Rico prior to the primary, in i beg your pardon he claimed that “the will certainly of the Puerto Rican world in any kind of status referendum must be thought about as Congress complies with through on any desired readjust in standing for Puerto Rico, consisting of statehood.”

Ted Cruz make a single-sentence declare on Puerto Rico status: “Puerto Rico have to be enabled to take an up or under vote ~ above statehood, and if the voters pick statehood, Puerto Rico must be enabled to continue with the process of coming to be a State.”

Neither of this statements deserve to be called solid advocacy because that statehood, however Cruz is giving a clear path to statehood which is in line through both the U.S. Constitution and the condition bills currently under factor to consider in Congress.

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However, a disputed convention can finish up v a completely different nominee. Trump has actually said the there would certainly be “riots” if he reaches the convention through a strong lead and is not favored as the nominee, yet legally the convention can end up selecting Kasich, Rubio, Bush, Carson, or a completely new candidate.