Bloomberg spent an ext money top top TV and radio 보다 all the remaining candidates linked — and he flopped horribly.

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Mike Bloomberg organized his supervisor Tuesday night event in West Palm Beach, Florida, on in march 3, 2020. Joe Raedle/Getty pictures
Former new York City market Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race on Wednesday and also endorsed previous Vice chairman Joe Biden — ~ spending much more than $500 million the his own fortune top top his campaign, every to just win the American Samoa caucus.

Bloomberg showed up on the ballot because that the very first time on super Tuesday, with a an especially weak showing, regardless of throwing an ext money at his presidential bid 보다 all the remaining candidates combined. His just victory was in the small American Samoa caucus, wherein he got five delegates (out that 1,991 have to win). Otherwise, he didn’t make the peak two in any state on supervisor Tuesday, based upon the outcomes so far. If he may still victory some delegates in California, and also could pick up some district-level delegates in other states, Bloomberg was on monitor to come out of Tuesday with simply one-tenth as many delegates as Biden, who’s now the frontrunner in the race.


4 winners and also 3 losers on super Tuesday

Virginia significant a particularly embarrassing loss because that Bloomberg, as’s Emily Stewart has actually explained:

Bloomberg came in a distant fourth in Virginia, which former Vice president Joe Biden won, and also appears to have actually failed to pass the threshold to obtain delegates. No a great sign, offered that he poured $18 million into television and also digital ads there, spent millions of dollars over there in the 2018 midterms, and also held multiple campaign events and rallies there. A Bloomberg aide called CNN the though Bloomberg’s operation was good, that a “breeding ground” because that Biden voters.

As wall surface Street newspaper reporter Julie Bykowicz spicy out, Biden and also his allies spent about $360,000 in Virginia — 2 percent of what Bloomberg put into the state. Biden won Virginia through 53 percent the the vote, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders with 23 percent, Sen. Elizabeth Warren v 11 percent, and also then Bloomberg through 10 percent. Bloomberg didn’t even get the 15 percent that the vote needed to qualify for delegates there.

One the the fears among the moderate wing of the autonomous Party going into Tuesday was that Bloomberg would play as a spoiler to Biden, who has actually surged in the polls thanks to a huge primary success in south Carolina. Bloomberg didn’t even do well sufficient to attain that — together Biden swept many of the states on Tuesday, including delegate-rich Texas.

All the this to be obviously negative news for Bloomberg, yet it’s good news because that Democrats that were worried about large money buying presidential elections. In Bloomberg’s case, that didn’t it seems to be ~ to it is in true. And also it also wasn’t true for billionaire activist Tom Steyer, who freshly dropped the end after his very own presidential bid sputtered.

That no necessarily prove that money doesn’t play a large role in elections. Maybe it’s just that Bloomberg is a unique weak candidate — a actual possibility, offered his disastrous initial dispute performance and also forgettable second debate. And Bloomberg launched his presidential bid fairly late, i m sorry is why Tuesday was the an initial time he showed up on any kind of ballots.

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But thousands of millions that dollars later, it was every for nothing.

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