Lottery outcomes available

Deer searching lotteries because that this fall"s seasons now are complete. You can inspect your outcomes online because that the antlerless and muzzleloader lotteries. Winners additionally will receive postcards in the mail. There are no surplus permits in 2021.

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Deer searching how-to

Interested in deer hunting? clock our series of 10 online videos for information, explanations and tips on how to endeavor into field and forest this fall. You additionally can see exactly how to field dress, skin and quarter a deer.

New for 2021

A number of changes room in place for 2021. Amongst them are additions to CWD areas, the return of mandatory CWD trial and error and brand-new bag limit labels. Read much more in ours what"s new section or the regulation book.

SeasonDatesHuntDates2022-2026 deer seasons
ArcherySept. 18 - Dec. 31
Firearm (A) - 100 SeriesNov. 6-21
Firearm (A) - 200 SeriesNov. 6-14
Firearm (A) - 300 SeriesNov. 6-14
Firearm (B) - 300 SeriesNov. 20-28
MuzzleloaderNov. 27 - Dec. 12
Metro deer administration zone (701)Nov. 6-28
Youth - audioeditorfree.comwideOct. 21-24
Early antlerlessOct. 21-24
Special huntsVaries
CWD huntsVaries

Interactive map•Downloadable map

CWD testing

CWD sampling is obligated for every deer one year and older that room harvested in any CWD zone ~ above the opening weekend of the A or B firearms deer season. Voluntarily sampling choices are easily accessible outside of opened weekends for deer harvested within a CWD zone.

Exceptions: Deer permit locations 213 and also 273, i beg your pardon are part of a risk-based security program. Both areas will expropriate voluntary samples until its sampling score is reached.

Sampling stations, either staffed or self-service, will certainly be easily accessible in every CWD ar on opening weekends.

Carcass movement constraints are in result for all CWD management and control zones.

Detailed maps and corresponding details are easily accessible in the CWD info section and also on the fold-out deer map, which is spread with the printed regulations booklet.

Test for CWD yourself

If girlfriend hunt in a deer permit area that is not in a CWD zone yet still would like to have actually your deer checked, clock this video clip to learn exactly how to collect a lymph node sample and pay for a private test.

Deer permit areas affected

Management zone604, 605, 643, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649, 655
Control zone255, 343, 344
Surveillance zone110, 157*, 159, 184, 169*, 197, 213, 225*, 233, 235*, 236*, 273, 292, 293, 338, 341, 342, 701*
* Only a part of this deer permit area is within the security zone.

CWD region definitions

Surveillance: CWD has been discovered in captive deer in this region or in wild deer in an nearby deer allow area or The is gathering info to identify if CWD has actually infected any kind of wild deer in this deer allow areas. Some precautionary administration actions space in place.Control: This zone borders a administration zone whereby CWD in wild deer persists or a slim spread has been documented. These areas are designated to aid prevent further disease spread.Management: CWD has actually been discovered in wild deer in this areas. Multiple monitoring actions design to help mitigate disease spread space in place.

All deer patent (archery, firearms, muzzleloader and also bonus permits) walk on sale Sunday, Aug. 1. Once on sale, licenses may be purchased at any time prior to or throughout the season.

After a deer season is open, all licenses and also permits room valid the same day of purchase if purchased before legal shoot hours. If the license or permit is purchased ~ legal shooting hours have begun, the is valid the following day.

A human may acquisition no much more than one firearms, muzzleloaderand archery deer patent in a calendar year.A person may no take or sign deer without the appropriate license or permit. The term “take” consists of attempting to take it deer, deer drives, spotting or otherwise assisting one more person in taking deer.

Tagging your deer

Your deer license and also site sign comes together a two-part form. The upper half is the site tag for tagging the deer in the field. The lower half is the deer license and also registration slip. Huntersmust execute the following:

Detach the website tag indigenous the deer license/registration slip.Before moving the deer, the hunter whose name is ~ above the license validates the tags by using a knife or similar sharp object to cut out the notches denote the month, date and time of work the deer was killed (AM/PM).If more than one month, date or time is reduced out or marked, the tag becomes invalid., municipalities and also organizations throughout Minnesota offer methods to hunting at one-of-a-kind times and in areas that could regularly be closed come hunting.

Participation in these hunts is restricted and regularly requires unique registration. Top the information included in regulation book and the links listed below to register and participate in these hunts.

* parks with special hunts are noted here

Earn-a-buck regulations use during some one-of-a-kind hunts. The regulation requires that a hunter harvest and tag an anterless deer with his or her very own tag prior to harvesting a antlered deer.

Do friend value strong connections to your outdoors and also the food girlfriend eat? room you searching for a new method to communicate with the fields, woods, and also waters roughly you?

Then watch our series of 10 free, one-hour discover To Deer hunting lunchtime webinars. This classes offer an introduction and explanation the deer hunting and also how to do it.

You also can see our series of short videos design to assist make girlfriend a better deer hunter. Native sighting in her gun to managing land to reading deer sign and setup up your stand, these videos are intended to assist regardless of your endure level.

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Discover loss fields and also forests with help from our archery and firearms how-to-hunt-deer guides.