Image caption, The trial of accused druglord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is nearing its finish after eight mainly of proof from the prosecution
The trial of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has listed shocking revelations about the Mexican medicine lord's life.

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Below are some of the most disturbing testimonies by witnesses in the high-profile trial in new York as well as some allegations i beg your pardon are plain bizarre.

A trusted hitman because that El Chapo retained a "murder room" in his mansion top top the united state border, i m sorry featured a drain on the floor to an ext easily clean up after slayings.

Edgar Galvan testified in January that Antonio "Jaguar" Marrufo had actually a room v white tiles that was sound-proofed "so no noise come out".

Galvan claimed his function in the organisation was to smuggle weapons into the US, so the Marrufo could use them to "clear" the an ar of rivals.

At the time, he was living in El Paso, Texas, if Marrufo to be living in Ciudad Juarez, just throughout the US-Mexico border.

Documents unsealed just two days before jury deliberations available disturbing new accusations against El Chapo from Alex Cifuentes, a Colombian drug lord who has described himself as El Chapo's "right-hand man".

Cifuentes, that prosecutors say invested two year hiding indigenous authorities v El Chapo in the mexico mountains, insurance claims that El Chapo would certainly drug and rape girls together young together 13 years old, according to the brand-new York Times.

A woman named Comadre Maria would consistently send El Chapo photographs of young girls that he and also his associates can pick from.

This very same woman was connected as one intermediary for El Chapo's dealings v Mexico's president, Cifuentes alleged during the trial.

For $5,000 (£3,800), Cifuentes insurance claims Comadre Maria would certainly send the selected girls as much as Mr Guzman's mountain camps, where they would certainly be drugged v "a powdery substance" and also raped.

The documents allege the El Chapo called the youngest girl "his vitamins" and also said raping them gave him "life".

Mr Guzman's lawyer stated his customer denies these allegations and included that the cases had to be "too prejudicial and also unreliable to it is in admitted at trial".

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Image caption, El Chapo's wife, Emma Coronel, sat quietly v a session wherein the FBI shared her husband's messages to his lovers

Cifuentes claims former mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who served from 2012-18, welcomed a $100m (£77m) bribe native El Chapo.

He alleges grandfather Pena Nieto contacted El Chapo after taking office in 2012, questioning for $250m in return for ending a manhunt for the medicine cartel kingpin. El Chapo instead available him $100m, which the brand-new president accused accepted.

"El Chapo" provided his slew that mistresses to assist further his narcotics procedure - and also his text background proves it, the FBI alleges.

Thanks to the Flexi-spy software program Guzmán used to spy top top his wife, Emma Coronel, and also the women v whom he had affairs, the FBI was able to present his messages in court.

Guzmán and also Ms Coronel fawned over your daughters in numerous texts, together parents do, yet some had actually a patent "El Chapo" sensibility.

In one sent out on the twins' six-month birthday, the new York day-to-day News reported, that said: "Our is fearless, I'm walking to provide her one AK-47 so she have the right to hang with me."

Another damaging series of messages relayed just how El Chapo fled a villa throughout a raid by US and Mexican officials.

"I had to run out at three in the afternoon," Guzmán called his wife. "I saw them pounding ~ above the door following door, however I had the ability to jump out."

Guzmán tracked around 50 people through phones and computers, according to the medicine lord's ex-techie, Cristian Rodriguez.

Mr Rodriguez told the court "El Chapo" commonly turned ~ above his lovers' microphones after ending calls v them "to view what they would say around him", the daily News reported.

One of those lover was Agustina Cabanillas Acosta, who allegedly aided "El Chapo" make deals across the region.

Ms Acosta, meanwhile, to be well mindful of she lover's snooping - "I'm means smarter than him," she apparently texted she friends.

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Image caption, Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez, girlfriend (2nd left) of accused Mexican medicine lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman (2nd right), testifies as his wife Emma Coronel (right) looks on

In the most gruesome testimony to date, witness Isaias Valdez Rios described seeing "El Chapo" brutally win at least three men before shooting them.

In one incident, grandfather Valdez Rios claimed two world originally indigenous Sinaloa who had actually joined the rival Los Zetas cartel were understood traitors and also rounded up by Guzmán's hitmen.

"They were totally like rag dolls - their bones were totally broken. They can not move. And Joaquin to be still hitting them with the branch and his weapon too," grandfather Valdez Rios said.

There, the jury was told, "El Chapo" cursed each one prior to shooting them in the head v his rifle.

The leader that the Sinaloa cartel ordered that they it is in thrown in the bonfire, telling his males that the did not want any bones come remain, grandfather Valdez Rios said.

"He had burns made v an stole on his back, his shirt to be stuck come his skin. He had actually burns made v a auto lighter anywhere his body. His feet to be burned," mr Valdez Rios told the court.

The male was then locked in a wooden structure for days. Then he was brought blindfolded come a graveyard, his hands and also legs bound.

The guy was still gasping because that air - but he was dumped in a hole and buried alive, mr Valdez Rios said.

The tricks of the drug lord's daring escape from a mexican maximum security prison in 2015 were revealed by a former cartel associate.

Testifying in court, Damaso Lopez claimed his boss' wife and sons had actually been involved from the start to gain El Chapo the end of Altiplano prison.

He mentioned mystery meetings in 2014, whereby Emma Coronel ceded detailed accuse from she husband come the plotters.

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A gps watch to be smuggled right into the prison, offering the plotters precise co-ordinates wherein the medicine lord's prison cell was.

The one-mile (1.6km) tunnel took months come complete, and also "El Chapo" had complained the digging was also loud and also he could hear the "noise" from his cell, grandfather Lopez said.

Despite all the problems, "El Chapo" escaped in July 2015, riding ~ above a especially adapted little motorcycle through the tunnel.

Yet another mistress, Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez, revealed come the court details of the drug lord's 2014 escape from mexican marines.

When the marines burst into his safehouse, ms Lopez stated the alleged drug lord take it off to run - stark naked.

They supplied an escape tunnel under a tub to flee, trudging v mud for an hour before surfacing, follow to the brand-new York Post.

As the mistress started to cry if testifying, the drug lord's wife, multiple sclerosis Coronel, apparently cackled in the gallery.

Just days after his affair through Ms Lopez, "El Chapo" would be recorded by authorities - when again naked - in bed through Ms Coronel.

She and also her husband to be both in equivalent burgundy-coloured jackets throughout Ms Lopez's testimony, in an effort to show their solidarity, reports the's Tara McKelvey indigenous court.

The drug lord's considered extravagance extended even to his extensive collection that weaponry, the trial has heard.

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Much that the evidence against the suspected narco chief has actually come native the prosecution's star witness, Jesús Zambada.

Mr Zambada testified the the alleged medicine kingpin had the brothers of an additional cartel leader killed because he did not shake Guzmán's hand.

"When left, Chapo gave him his hand and said, 'See you later, friend,' and also Rodolfo just left the standing there v his hand extended," mr Zambada said.

Former Sinaloa sublieutenant Miguel angel Martinez likewise testified because that the government, informing the jury he as soon as asked "El Chapo" why he killed people.

"And that answered me: 'Either her mom's going to cry or your mom's going come cry.'"

A previous cartel leader called the court just how "El Chapo" once had actually his own cousin eliminated after the man lied about being out of town.

Juan Guzman had told the medicine boss he would certainly be travelling, just to it is in spotted in ~ a park in the city.

To make an instance out of Juan, "El Chapo" allegedly ordered that to be interrogated and also assassinated. Juan's secretary, who was with him in ~ the time, was likewise killed.

The drug boss' mistress multiple sclerosis Lopez later told the court she psychic being with him once the news the Juan's fatality arrived.

"He stated from that suggest on, everyone betrayed him, they would certainly die," multiple sclerosis Lopez said. "Whether they were household or women, they were going come die."

Assistant us Attorney Adam Fels stated in his opening discussion that "El Chapo" had sent "more 보다 a line of cocaine because that every single person in the united States" - in just four of his shipments.

Mr Zambada said that once, in 1994, Guzmán provided the order to sink a watercraft carrying 20 tonnes the cocaine to evade authorities.

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Image caption, medicine kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán is escorted into a helicopter in ~ Mexico City"s airport adhering to his recapture throughout an intense military operation in Los Mochis, in Sinaloa State

The court additionally heard the Guzmán once provided a bazooka for target exercise - to relax top top a family holiday.

Mr Zambada stated "El Chapo" took the anti-tank rocket launcher with him ~ above a expedition with family members in 2005.

He decided to "test out" the weapon after the group had finished target practice with attack rifles, follow to the witness.

Some that the best news native testimony was how the Sinaloa cartel accused paid turn off a host of top Mexican officials to ensure your drug service ran smoothly.

Mr Zambada claimed the traffickers had $50m (£39m) in security money for former Mexican Secretary the Public defense García Luna, so that corrupt officers would be appointed to head police operations.

Mr Zambada said he provided the money to mr Luna in briefcases full of cash. Mr Luna has actually denied the allegations.

When former Mexico City mayor Gabriel Regino remained in line to become the following secretary the security, mr Zambada claims the cartel bribed him, too.

Image caption, "El Chapo" (right) is the highest-ranking alleged medicine lord to face trial in the us so far

A 6in (15cm) figurine that a folk hero called the narco-saint has been spotted on a shelf in a conference room used by the defendant's lawyers in ~ the court, the new York post reported.

The statue the Jesús Malverde, which has actually him sit on a violet throne v bags that cash, showed up on Wednesday, one of Guzmán's lawyers called the newspaper.

Jesús Malverde has been celebrated as a Robin Hood-type hero who, legend says, stole from the rich and gave come the poor in the beforehand 1900s.

Mr Martinez called the court Guzmán to be so wealthy, he had actually a exclusive zoo on top of his countless properties - including a $10m (£8) beach house as well as a yacht he named after self ("Chapito").

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Built in the at an early stage '90s, El Chapo's zoo reportedly had lions, tigers, and crocodiles, and a little train to ferry guests v it.