Presidential inaugural ceremonies are perhaps the most widely known of the many ceremonies hosted at the U.S. Capitol.

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The Architect the the Capitol ( erects the inaugural communication on the Capitol"s West Front, sets increase the essential seating and also fencing top top the grounds, and also coordinates other activities with the share Congressional Committee ~ above the Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC) regarding all of the physical arrangements the are important to accommodate this event.

The 20th amendment to the Constitution mentions that the term of each chosen President the the unified States starts at noon top top January 20 of the year complying with the election. Every president should take the oath of office prior to assuming the duties of the position.

With the 2021 inauguration the Joseph R. Biden Jr., the oath has been bring away 73 different times through the 46 Presidents that the joined States. This numerical discrepancy results chiefly from 2 factors: a president must take the oath in ~ the beginning of every term the office, and, due to the fact that Inauguration Day has sometimes collapse on a Sunday, 4 Presidents (Hayes <1877>, Wilson <1917>, Eisenhower <1957>, and Reagan <1985>) have actually taken the oath privately prior to the publicly inaugural ceremonies. In addition, chairman Arthur took the oath privately adhering to the death of chairman Garfield and again 2 days later in the Capitol. Grover Cleveland is considered the 22nd and 24th presidents, having actually served 2 nonconsecutive terms (1885-1889 and also 1893-1897).

The oaths administered to day have been taken ar in the following locations:

U.S. Capitol (55 occasions)East Portico — 34Hall of the house of representatives — 6Senate room — 3West front — 9East front of original Senate wing — 1President"s Room — 1Rotunda — 1Vice President"s Room — 1White home — 6Old Brick Capitol (1st & A Sts., N.E.; site of current Supreme Court Building) — 1Washington, D.C. (not in Capitol or White House) — 2Outside Washington, D.C. — 7

Key historic Dates and also Details

Presidential Inaugurals

Read around Vice Presidential Inaugurations here.


January 20, 2021Joseph R. Biden Jr. 
January 20, 2017Donald J. Trump 
January 21, 2013Barack Obama 
January 20, 2009Barack Obama 
January 20, 2005George W. Bush 
January 20, 2001George W. BushFirst time the a former president (George H.W. Bush) attended your son"s inauguration together president.


January 20, 1997William J. ClintonFirst time that the awareness was transfer live top top the Internet.First inaugural that dropped on the martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.
January 20, 1993William J. Clinton 
January 20, 1989George H.W. Bush 
January 20, 1985 & January 21, 1985Ronald ReaganFirst time the the oath was taken in the Rotunda.First inaugural that dropped on a Super key Sunday.The bible was put on a marble-topped table the was developed for the 2nd inaugural of Abraham Lincoln. The table was created with an stole baluster cast for the Capitol dome in the 1860"s.First time a tv camera was put inside the president"s limousine indigenous the Capitol come the White House.
January 20, 1981Ronald ReaganOutdoor tape concert was hosted on the West front lawn top top the day before the inaugural.First inaugural hosted on the West Terrace the the Capitol.First time that room EF-100 was supplied as a holding room.First closed-captioning of tv broadcast for the listening impaired.First post-inaugural luncheon hosted in Statuary Hall.Post-inaugural luncheon was partly televised.Nine inaugural balls to be held.First time that an inaugural ball was organized in a legislative building (Rayburn home Office Building).Balls were transmitted by satellite to 32 ballroom sites across the country.
January 20, 1977Jimmy CarterFolding chairs instead of wood benches were provided on the eastern Plaza.Used an old family members Bible; second Bible top top lectern had been offered at inauguration of George Washington.At Carter"s request, the timeless inaugural luncheon was not held.First chairman to walk all the means from the Capitol come the White home with their family after ceremony.First time the an outgoing chairman left indigenous the Capitol Grounds aboard a helicopter.Solar warmth was provided in the reviewing stand.Provisions were produced the handicapped to watch the parade.
August 4, 1974Gerald R. FordFirst unelected vice chairman to assume the presidency.First vice president to assume the presidency under the provisions the the 25th Amendment come the Constitution, which states that, upon the resignation of the president, the vice chairman shall end up being president.
January 20, 1973Richard M. Nixon 
January 20, 1969Richard M. NixonOnly persons with special invitations to the ceremony were admitted come the Capitol Grounds.Two Bibles were offered in the inauguration; castle were household heirlooms, date 1928 and 1873.
January 20, 1965Lyndon B. JohnsonFirst time the a push gallery was installed on the Capitol Grounds.First use of a bullet-proofed, closeup of the door limousine.
November 22, 1963Lyndon B. JohnsonFirst time that the oath was administered in an aircraft (Air force One, a Boeing 707, at Love field in Dallas, Texas).First time the the oath was administered through a woman, buy it T. Hughes, U.S. Ar Judge that the northern District that Texas.
January 20, 1961John F. KennedyFirst chairman to it is in inaugurated on the extended east Front.First time the a speaker of the residence administered the oath the office come the angry president. (Previously the oath had been given by one of two people the President pro tempore of the Senate, the ex-Vice President, or a United states Senator.)First time a poet, Robert Frost, participated in the main ceremonies in ~ the Capitol. (See official program.)First time the both parents of the president-elect attended their son"s inauguration.As the very first Catholic chosen president, Kennedy was the an initial to usage a Catholic (Douay) variation of the bible for your oath.First inaugural parade because that which military flame throwers were supplied to clear snow from Pennsylvania Avenue.First figure of the Air force Academy band in the parade.First time the the parade was televised in color (NBC).First inauguration commemorated with five balls.Last chairman to wear traditional stovepipe hat to the inauguration.
January 20, 1957 & January 21, 1957Dwight D. EisenhowerFirst time the a president was inaugurated for a term minimal by the constitution (22nd Amendment).First presidential luncheon, hosted in the Old supreme Court chamber (S-228) in the Capitol.
January 20, 1953Dwight D. EisenhowerBroke with custom through reciting their very own improvised prayer instead of kissing the Bible.A presidential choice made homburgs one inaugural must, displacing timeless black toppers.
January 20, 1949Harry S. TrumanFirst inauguration to be televised.
April 12, 1945Harry S. Truman 
January 20, 1945Franklin D. RooseveltFirst and only time a president to be inaugurated for a fourth term. (The 22nd Amendment come the Constitution, validated in 1951, restricts the presidency to two terms.)
January 20, 1941Franklin D. RooseveltFirst president to take it the oath that office because that a 3rd term.
January 20, 1937Franklin D. RooseveltFirst chairman to it is in inaugurated ~ above the January 20th date, a adjust made through the 20th Amendment come the Constitution.First time the evil president-elect to be inaugurated out-of-doors on the very same platform through the president-elect. No vice-presidential attend to was given.
March 4, 1933Franklin D. Roosevelt 
March 4, 1929Herbert HooverFirst inaugural come be tape-recorded by a talking newsreel.
March 4, 1925Calvin CoolidgeFirst time one ex-president (William Taft) administered the oath of office as Chief Justice.First inaugural come be broadcast nationally by radio.
August 3, 1923Calvin CoolidgeOath that office given by the president"s father, a vermont Justice of the Peace.
March 4, 1921Warren G. HardingFirst president to journey to and also from your inaugural in an automobile.First usage of loudspeakers at an inaugural.First usage of the steel-framed inaugural stand that was supplied until 1981.
March 4, 1917 & march 5, 1917Woodrow WilsonBroke the criterion by acquisition the oath ~ above a Sunday.First time the the oath has been take away privately in the President"s Room in ~ the Capitol.First time the floodlights (as protest to temporary searchlights) were provided to illuminate the Capitol dome during an inaugural.First time that females participated in the inaugural parade.
March 4, 1913Woodrow WilsonThe classic inaugural round was suspended.
March 4, 1909William H. TaftFirst time the a president"s mam rode through her husband in the procession native the Capitol come the White House.First usage of an vehicle in an inaugural parade (President Taft was no an occupant).First time the the dome was illuminated; short-lived searchlights to be used.
March 4, 1905Theodore RooseveltFirst time that telephones were installed on the Capitol Grounds for an inaugural.

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September 14, 1901Theodore Roosevelt 
March 4, 1901William McKinleyFirst time the the home of representatives was allowed to sign up with with the Senate in make arrangements because that the inaugural.