If girlfriend have ever lived phibìc of the 42nd parallel, possibilities are did you do it heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder. S.A.D. Isn’t just a an intricate term for the winter blues; it’s a recorded medical problem that afflicts details people in the late fall and also winter, v symptoms that include depression, a absence of energy, insomnia and also feelings of hopelessness. When the exact reasons remain unknown, sunlight plays a an essential role, probably by influence serotonin, melatonin, vitamin D level or some combination thereof.

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So i beg your pardon cities have actually the darkest, most depressing winters? And, conversely, i m sorry cities reap the sunniest work this time of year? audioeditorfree.com crunched the numbers to discover out. We taken into consideration the following factors in our analysis:

Percent of possible sunshine. What percent of the time is it sunny in the month of November, December, January and also February? This is the mean percent that daylight hrs in i m sorry the ar receives sunlight.

Solar radiation. Just how much power does a solar panel in this city generate during a winter day? This is the average power production in kilowatt hours per square meter (kWh/m2) because that a dashboard in variety managed by the nationwide Renewable power Laboratory. (Read our complete methodology below.)

Key findings

Gloomy winter in the northwest. The Pacific Northwest stays up come its merganser reputation, claiming all 4 of the optimal spots because that the darkest winters. The PNW has actually the perfect combination of brief days and also frequentcloud cover to usher in darkness during the winter months. Lake result takes a toll. Five of the ten cities through the many depressing winter are located downwind from among the good Lakes. Lake-effect cloud cover renders winter sunshine a rare sight in this places. The sunny three: Arizona, Florida and Hawaii. These three states account for 7 of the ten cities through the sunniest winters. If you’re emotion the effects of S.A.D., you could want to spend a mainly in among these 3 places.


1. Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage in the winter is a dark proposition. Work in late December and early January last because that fewer than 6 hours, day length doesn’t reach eight hrs until February. Also when the sunlight is out, you might not be able to see it: Anchorage receives simply 34% that the feasible direct sunlight in the month of November, December, January and February.

On the other hand, just since it’s night time doesn’t mean there’s no irradiate in the sky. On some magical winter nights, the skies above Anchorage are lit up by the Aurora Borealis, or the north Lights. Many Anchorageites will also tell you that their beautiful summers, as soon as it’s practically always day time, more than compensate because that their difficult winters.

2. Seattle, Washington

Despite its reputation as one of the rainiest cities in the country, Seattle doesn’t actually get that lot precipitation. In fact, the Emerald City receives much less precipitation yearly than new York City, Washington, D.C., Houston and Atlanta—Seattle’s 38.6 inches of precipitation each year doesn’t even crack the optimal ten for significant U.S. Cities.

No, what set Seattle apart (meteorologically at least) is the darkness. That is the northernmost major city in the contiguousU.S., which way that in the winter the sun rises later and sets earlier. Even when the sun is up, it’s most likely behind clouds: follow to the NOAA, Seattle has actually clear skies simply 28% of the moment from November come February, the lowest rate of any kind of city in the U.S.

Of course, because that the most component Seattleites find out to embrace and also enjoy the darkness. It’s a component of the society in the city that gave the remainder of the people grunge music, pumpkin-spice lattes and 1-click virtual shopping. These are all welcome diversions in a city wherein the sun rarely shows its confront for a third of the year.

3. Portland, Oregon

Located three hours south the Seattle, Portland suffers through the very same dark northwest winters, however to a contempt lesser degree. While Seattle gets simply 28% the its feasible sunshine, Portland is sunny 29% of the moment in the winter. Likewise, the median panel in a NREL solar installation generates 1.35 kilowatt hours per meter squared every day throughout Portland’s winter months, as compared with 1.15 in Seattle. Native of advice to brand-new Portlanders: come escape the gloom, head east. Countless cities eastern of the Cascade crest obtain upwards of 200 job of sunshine every year!

4. Spokane, Washington

The 4th city in a northwest quadrumvirate the gloominess, Spokane is in reality slightly additional north than Seattle—its shortest job is a complete 23 seconds much shorter than Seattle’s. The an excellent news for Spokanites is that their weather isn’t quite as gloomy as either Seattle’s or Portland’s. Top top average during the months of November, December, January and February, Spokane is cloudy 70% of the time.

5. Missoula, Montana

Home to the college of Montana, Missoula sit on the Clark Fork flow in west Montana. In general, winter temperature in Missoula room in the 10s and 20s, yet the sometimes arctic blast can send the mercury plummeting. The coldest temperature ever before recorded in Missoula is negative 33 degrees, in January 1957. If Missoula’s winters may be dreary, residents comprise for it by continuing to be active; Missoula is just one of the many fitness-friendly cities in America.

6. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids fan its high location on this perform to the proximity of Lake Michigan, i beg your pardon lies around 30 miles to the west. Lake-effect clouds save the Furniture City gray during the winter, contributing to its measly 29% sunshine rate from November to February. That’s the second-lowest price of any city in our study, tied with Portland, Oregon.

7. Buffalo, brand-new York

The gloomiest winter on the East coast are in Buffalo. Favor Grand Rapids, Buffalo suffers indigenous lake-effect cloud cover and also lake-effect eye off the a good Lake—in this case, Lake Erie. Occasionally winds turn off of Lake Erie deserve to dump numerous feet of snow on Buffalo over the course of simply days, together happened many recently in November 2014.

8. Syracuse, brand-new York

With almost 150,000 residents, Syracuse is the fifth-largest city in the state of new York. Choose Buffalo, the lands in the lake-effect snow cross hairs, which contributes to its 31% winter sunshine rate.

9. Cleveland, Ohio

Behind grand Rapids, Cleveland is the second cloudiest city in the Midwest. Cleveland averages around 3.5 work a year as soon as temperatures dip listed below zero. Choose Buffalo and also Syracuse, it sometimes gets captured in Lake Erie’s shadow, causing extra can cover and snow.

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10. Rochester, new York

Rochester is the third-most populated city in the state of new York, and the residence of the Eastman Kodak Company. The city in reality sits in between Buffalo and Syracuse, but due to the fact that of that isat a much more northern latitude 보다 either, that receives slightly much less lake-effect cloud cover throughout the winter.