President trump card criticized previous president Barack Obama because that golfing also often. Currently the White home is defending his own regular outings. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

This was one of dozens of tweets criticizing Obama for playing golf. (Here’s one more classic.) that was one of a grasp that also dinged Obama for acquisition a vacation.

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On the campaign trail, Trump was adamant: He would seldom play golf — “I’m no going to have time to go play golf,” he as soon as said — and also he definitely wasn’t walking to take it a many vacation. (“There’s simply so lot to be done,” he told “60 Minutes,” “so i don’t think fine be very large on vacations.”)

On Friday, Trump will head come his golf food in Bedminster, N.J., for a 17-day vacation. That’s almost twice as long as the holidays Obama absorbed August throughout his first year in office, once he checked out Martha’s Vineyard.

In 2010,’s D’Angelo Gore figured the the Vineyard trip was Obama’s 2nd that month, consisting of a weekend expedition to Arizona and Colorado throughout which Obama and his household visited the grand Canyon. Obama walk some work while he was there, however he do time because that recreation, too, including fly-fishing. Through Gore’s count, those were the 2nd and 3rd vacations of Obama’s presidency, counting a four-day pilgrimage to the family’s house in Chicago for Valentine’s Day.

If trips favor that count — quick getaways to a an individual property come recharge — then Trump has actually taken a lot that vacation. Before this month, Trump had made 11 such trips come his properties in Palm beach and brand-new Jersey. ~ above occasion, he would plunder in part work, as Obama did once he was the end West. Often, though, the didn’t. (He likewise spent one weekend in June in ~ Camp David, Md.)

By ours count, through the finish of August, trump will have spent every or component of 53 job in office in ~ leisure, compared with 15 days for Obama v August 2009. Those more, trumped will have played at least 33 ring of golf, nearly double Obama’s 17 rounds — and also that’s even prior to Trump it s okay to his holidays spot, an really golf course.

There’s certainly subjectivity come this. Maybe you don’t view Trump’s trips come Mar-a-Lago as vacations. Maybe you don’t counting partial days. Possibly you have another metric you would prefer to use. Fair enough.

For a presidential candidate who pledged to take small vacation and play next to no golf, though, the apples-to-apples comparison above is striking.

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