ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 30: Head Coach Ryan job (R) of the Ohio State Buckeyes shakes hands with Head Coach Jim Harbaugh (L) the the Michigan Wolverines after a university football game at Michigan stadion on November 30, 2019 in Ann Arbor, MI. The Ohio State Buckeyes won the game 56-27 over the Michigan Wolverines. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

There might not be a higher rivalry in American sporting activities than Ohio State-Michigan. The Buckeyes and also the Wolverines despise each various other so lot that the Columbus, Ohio college won’t even contact Michigan by its name. “That Team increase North” is exactly how the Buckeyes have referred to the Wolverines.

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The rivalry has been fairly one-sided as of late, though. It’s accurate been countless days because Michigan beat Ohio State.

To be exact, it’s to be 3,000 days because the Wolverines took under the Buckeyes. According to Eleven Warriors, it’s the longest Ohio State streak in the background of The Game.

The streak reached 3,000 days as soon as the clock struck midnight ~ above February 12. Ohio State fans to be on the streak immediately.

3,000 days because Michigan"s last win over Ohio State in football. #OhioState

— Ohio State Clock (
OhioStateClock) February 12, 2020

Michigan critical beat Ohio State in 2011, once the Buckeyes were led through then-interim head coach Luke Fickell, who’s now at Cincinnati.

Ohio State hired urban Meyer that November and also the nationwide title-winning head coach began to overcome Michigan. Meyer rattled off 7 straight wins end “That Team up North” before retiring in 2018.

Ryan Day take it the baton from Meyer and didn’t hold back. Ohio State conquered Michigan, 56-27, this previous season.

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Here’s a complete look in ~ the 3,000 work streak:

2012: Ohio State 26 Michigan 212013: Ohio State 42 Michigan 412014: Ohio State 42 Michigan 282015: Ohio State 42 Michigan 132016: Ohio State 30 Michigan 27 (2OT)2017: Ohio State 31 Michigan 202018: Ohio State 62 Michigan 392019: Ohio State 56 Michigan 27

Will the streak end this year? The odds don’t indicate it. Ohio State will hold Michigan at Ohio stadium in November 2020. The Buckeyes will certainly be a preseason top-five team this upcoming season and should it is in favored end the Wolverines once again.