Pat Sajak and also Vanna White space known an international for hosting Wheel of happiness — one of the most beloved game shows that the last 4 decades. The hangman-esque, crossword puzzle-inspired game attributes Pat Sajak — and every one of his quippy banter — together the male with a mic. Together for Vanna White, she clicks top top each box in the puzzle to reveal the phrase one letter in ~ a time, while managing small-talk with Sajak at the tail end of every episode.

Though Wheel of luck is usually on every night, appropriate after Jeopardy with Alex Trebek, the two people you watch every night ~ above the display get most of their filming excellent in a an extremely brief lot of time.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ master Vanna White (L) and Pat Sajak | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Let’s just say that as soon as it comes to famous and rich civilization working in Tinseltown, Vanna White and also Pat Sajak have gained it made. Sajak has actually an approximated net worth of $65 million, mostly because of his work-related on Wheel the Fortune, while Vanna White is estimated to it is in worth around $60 million, yet the 2 spend much of your Wheel of Fortune-made lifestyles living the dream. 

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How regularly do beat Sajak and also Vanna White work-related on ‘Wheel the Fortune?’ 

Pat Sajak and Vanna White might tape increase to six episodes a week, yet they are just expected on set four days the end of the month, as MentalFloss notes; if they are on collection 4 days every month at 12 months per year, they would theoretically be on collection 48 days the end of the whole year. Yet, it gets better! they only work-related nine months out of the year, together FantasticFacts notes; meaning, they work-related 36 days per year on Wheel that Fortune

If friend compare that to someone who works a consistent 9 – 5, the difference is astounding. Most civilization work end 200 days the end of the year — after subtracting for holidays time, ailing leave, and also more. 

As WLKY notes, beat Sajak and Vanna White are expected on collection two Thursdays and Two Fridays the end of the month. Play Sajak once joked about the easy-breezy schedule, stating: 

It’s the closest point you have the right to do in pretending you have a full time job. In dog years I’ve only done this show about nine years.


The inquiry is: if the duo is only coming right into work four days the end of the month, just how are castle taping every the episodes the premiere in a given calendar year? Vanna White defined that they have to tape 6 episodes every day. So, while they no busy very often, as soon as they acquire to work, they work-related hard and also fast. 

Many human being envy their schedule, and the two perform not take it it because that granted, together working four days the end of the month and also raking in that lot money is certainly a lifestyle numerous would dream of. However, this is not to say the they aren’t associated in other projects.

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Vanna White used to buy and also flip houses a when back, and she has additionally appeared as herself in a handful of shows. Sajak was previously a weatherman who provided to organize The play Sajak Show, and the has showed up in Sullivan & Son, Fresh turn off the Boat, Mission the Mercy, and more.