Amodio join the room of Fame list of "Jeopardy" legends v the third-highest revenue in history during regular play after securing his 17th success in Thursday"s episode. 

The Yale computer system science Ph.D. College student from new Haven, Connecticut (and originally from Medina, Ohio) took house $42,400 Thursday after defeating contestants Steve Spillman and also Ruth Reichard, pass his 17-day full to $547,600. 

That soil Amodio at No. 3 on the list of top prize winners in non-tournament play, behind just Jennings ($2,462,216) and Holzhauer ($2,520,700), yet has a long method to walk to capture them. Friday point out the show"s 37th season finale; if the wins then, Amodio returns because that the 38th season, v Mike Richards as host, ~ above Sept. 13. 

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"The show has had so numerous brilliant human being (on it)," Amodio claimed of his fellow contestants in a statement. "I’m honored to be thought of as even close to them.”

On Thursday, the final classification was "Blockbuster Movies" and the clue: "Based top top a 1974 novel, this film has actually been explained as combining "An foe of the People" and "Moby Dick."" The correct response is "Jaws."

"Jeopardy!" contestant Matt Amodio"s 14-day streak renders him the fourth highest earner in show"s history

His record-breaking streak contends time been overshadowed by the find for Alex Trebek"s permanent replacement, which has been finalized with Richards and also Mayim Bialik, yet Amodio"s run has attracted the fist of his idol.

"This man is the Jeopardy! story no one is following," Jennings tweeted Amodio Monday. The current champion replied, "Ken Jennings knows who I am."

Amodio, a self-proclaimed "huge Ken Jennings fan," opened up around their exchange come Variety on Thursday, saying, "I tho can’t think it."

"In terms of the optimal moments of my life, ns assume acquiring my Ph.D. Will be a good one. When I acquire married, that’ll it is in a great one. I’m not certain they’re gonna unseat Ken Jennings recognizing me," the told the outlet. "That’s really number one in mine book."

"Jeopardy!" contestant Matt Amodio cashes in on seven-day winning streak, raking in end $250K

Amodio said his initial goal when very first competing on "Jeopardy!" was to "to win one game," but he"s fared much much better than that. 

"Once you win… friend can call yourself a "Jeopardy! champion." Not a "Jeopardy!" participant,"" the told Variety. "That’s something nobody can take far from you. You can lose the following game, or you could lose 71 gamings later if you Ken Jennings. You’re walk to lose eventually. Yet that never takes away from the descriptor." (Jennings" streak lasted 74 continually games.)

Amodio has actually played with 4 guest hosts during his 17-game run: He was an initial crowned "Jeopardy!" champion through Robin Roberts; his streak has actually lasted with LeVar Burton"s and also David Faber"s hosting duties. Sportscaster Joe Buck took end Monday and also appears to be Amodio"s favorite. 

"I live and breathe baseball, therefore to get to play v Joe Buck to be tremendous," that told Variety. "I didn’t know what to intend going in due to the fact that I’ve never ever seen the in any type of context various other than call baseball games, however he brought such energy to the show.

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His voice provides the roller coaster building up to the climax."

"Jeopardy!":You had actually your favorites, but how walk the guest hosts fare in the ratings?

"Jeopardy!" announces two new hosts: Mike Richards and also Mayim Bialik

"Jeopardy!" has actually spent the past seven month rotating 16 guest hosts at the podium once manned through late host Trebek. Some, consisting of LeVar Burton and former champ Jennings, to be contenders for the long-term slot, if others, such together "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts, to be paying tribute to Trebek"s legacy.