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Forty-three states, the district of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islandsoffer beforehand in-person vote (this consists of states v all-mail elections). Delaware hasenacted early voting however it will not it is in in result until2022. 6 states perform not offer pre-Election work in-person poll options: Alabama, Connecticut, Mississippi, Missouri, brand-new Hampshire, and also South Carolina.

States might use various terminology to refer to early in-person voting, including at an early stage voting, in-person absentee poll and progressed voting. audioeditorfree.com categorizes a state together having at an early stage in-person vote if the is easily accessible to all voters, and audioeditorfree.com distinguishes in between “early voting,” whichfunctions likewise to election Day voting, and also “in-person absentee voting,” i beg your pardon is once a voter requests, completes and also signs one absentee ballot in a polling place.From the voter’s perspective, however, the experiences of at an early stage voting and in-person absentee poll are basically the same.


The time period for early in-person voting varies from state come state:

Length:Early vote periods selection in length from 3 days to 46days.The average number of early in-person voting job is 23.Start date:Early in-person vote may start as at an early stage as 55 days before the election, or together late as the Friday prior to the election.The average start date for early in-person voting is 29 days before the election.End date:Early voting generally endsjust a couple of days beforeElection Day.Weekend early on voting:Of the claims that allow early in-person vote (this excludes the 7 all-mail states), 22and the ar of Columbia allow some weekend early on voting.Saturday: 17states, plus the district of Columbia administer for vote on Saturday. Seven extr states (California, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, north Carolina, phibìc Dakota andVermont) leave it up to county clerks who may choose to enable Saturday voting. Delaware will also include Saturday voting as soon as the lawgoes into impact in 2022.Sunday: five states (Alaska, Illinois, Maryland, brand-new York andOhio)allow for Sunday voting. Seven claims (California, Kansas, Massachusetts,Michigan, north Carolina, phibìc Dakota and Virginia) leaving it up to county clerks who may choose to be open up on Sundays.Florida mandates early voting should begin,including Sunday,the 10th day and also end the third day prior to the election for state and also federal elections. Neighborhood election officials also have the discretion to allow early vote the Sunday before the election. Delaware will likewise include Sunday voting as soon as the legislation goes into effect in 2022.

Statutes and further details space below and also includes information about locations, days and hoursif available. Because that the many part, this information applies to statewide general elections.Early voting periods for municipal or major elections might be different.

For additional information on pre-Election day voting, including voting through mail, visit audioeditorfree.com's webpage top top Voting external the Polling Placeor contact the early on Voting information Center.

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State with beforehand In-Person VotingStateEarly voting BeginsEarly poll EndsLocationsHours and also Days

AlaskaAS §15.20.064, 15.20.045 and 6 AAC 25.500

Fifteendays before election

Day of election

Elections supervisors’ offices

Other places as designated by election director

Varies through location


ARS §16-541, 16-542

Twenty-sixdays prior to election

Friday before election

Recorder’s office

Any other locations in the ar the recorder deems necessary

Not specified

Fifteendays before election

5 p.m. Monday prior to election

Offices of ar clerk

Other areas as figured out by county board of election commissioners

Not specified

CaliforniaElec. Password §3001, 3018

Twenty-ninedays prior to election

Day prior to election

County choice officials’ offices

Satellite places as established by county choice officials

Varies from county to county

DelawareDel. Password Title 15, chapter 54(Note: go into effect in 2022)

At the very least 10 days prior to an electionSunday prior to election

Designated by state choice commissioner

At the very least one every county and one added in the City the Wilmington

At least eighthours per day. Polling sites need to open in ~ 7 a.m. Top top at the very least fivedays of early on voting. Closing time is 7 p.m.

Includes the Saturday and Sunday prior to the election

District of ColumbiaDC ST § 1-1001.09

Sevendays prior to election, however in-person absentee voting is accessible 15days before

Saturday prior to election for early voting, day prior to election because that in-person absentee

Council Chambers

One satellite ar in every ward

8:30 a.m.-7p.m.

Sunday excluded

FloridaFla. Stat. §101.657

Tendays before election

May be offered 11 to 15 days prior to an choice that contains state and federal races, at the discretion the the elections supervisor

Threedays prior to election

May end twodays before an choice that contains state and federal races, in ~ the discretion of the elections supervisor

Main or branch workplaces of poll supervisors

Other website designated by the elections supervisor (locations must administer all voters in the area v equal opportunity to vote)

No less than eight or more than 12hours every day

Election supervisors may choose to provide added days of early voting, including weekends

FourthMonday before a major or election; as soon as possible prior to a runoff

Friday automatically prior to a primary, choice or runoff

Board that registrars’ offices

Other sites together designated by plank of registrars (must be a government building generally available to the public)

Normal company hours ~ above weekdays

9 a.m.-4 p.m. Top top the secondSaturday former to main or election

Election public official may carry out for early voting beyond regular organization hours

IdahoID code §34-1006 and also 34-1002

ThirdMonday prior to election(in-person absentee)

5 p.m., Friday prior to election

Determined by ar clerk

Not specified

Illinois10 ILCS 5/19A-15 and also 10 ILCS 5/19A-20

Fortiethday prior to election for short-lived polling locations and also 15th day before election for irreversible locations

End the the day before election day

An choice authority may develop permanent and temporary polling locations for at an early stage voting at places throughout the election authority’s jurisdiction,including but not limited to:

Municipal clerk’s office

Township clerk’s office

Road district clerk’s office

County or regional public firm office

Early voting locations must be listed at windy universities

Permanent beforehand voting areas must remain open from the 15tth day before an election throughout the hrs of 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Or 9 a.m.-5 p.m.on weekdays.

Beginning eight days prior to an election, they have to remain open 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Or 9a.m. -7p.m. On weekdays,9 a.m.-Noon on Saturdays and also holidays, and also 10 a.m.-4p.m. ~ above Sundays.

Permanent early voting areas must stay open at least eighthours on any type of holiday and a full of at the very least 14hours top top the last weekend during the beforehand voting period.

Election authorities might decide the days and hours for temporaryearly poll locations, beginning the fortieth day prior to an election.

Twenty-eight days before election (in-person absentee)Noon, day before election

Office that circuit court clerk

County election plank may embrace a resolution come authorize the circuit court clerk to create satellite offices for beforehand voting

The office that the circuit court clerk need to permit in-person absentee voting for at the very least seven hrs on each of the 2 Saturdays preceding election day, however a county through fewer than 20,000 voters might reduce thisto a minimum of four hours on every of the two Saturdays coming before election day

IowaIA code §53.10 and 53.11(b)

Twenty days prior to election (in-person absentee)5 p.m., day before election

Commissioners’ offices

Satellite areas may be established by commissioner

Satellite ar must be created upon receipt of a petition signed by at least 100 default electors requesting a particular location

A satellite station created by petition have to be open at the very least one day because that a minimum of 6 hours

KansasKSA§25-1119, 25-1122a, 25-1123

Twenty days prior to election or Tuesday before election (varies through county)Noon, day before election

Offices that county choice officers

County choice officers might designate satellite locations

Not specified


KRS 117.085

Thursday before election.Saturday before election.Offices of county clerks or any kind of other places designated by the county board of elections.Not specified.

LouisianaLRS 18:1303 and 1309

Fourteen days before electionSeven days before election

Registrars’ offices

Registrar may provide alternate place in the courthouse or a public structure in the immediate vicinity thereof

One branch office of the registrar, as long as the is in a publicly building

8:30 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Saturday

Holidays excluded

MaineTitle 21-A §753B(2) and 753-B(8)

In-person absentee voting obtainable as shortly as absentee ballots are all set (30-45 days before election)

Threebusiness days before election, uneven the voter has actually an acceptable excuse.

Municipalclerks’ offices

During regular business hours on days when clerks’ offices are open

MarylandElection law §10-301.1

Monday, Oct.26 (2020 only)

Monday, Nov.2 (2020 only)

Established by State plank of poll in teamwork with neighborhood boards

Number required depends on county population and ranges from one to 5 per county

7 a.m.-8 p.m. (2020 general election)

10 a.m.-8p.m. Each day in all various other elections

MichiganConstitution post II, section 4 (as amended through Ballot Proposal 3 in 2018)

In-person absentee voting during the 40 days prior to an electionDay prior to electionAt least one location

During regular company hours and for at least eight hours throughout the Saturday and/or Sunday immediately prior to the election.

Local choice officials have the government to do in-person absentee voting easily accessible for additional times and also places past what is required.

MassachusettsM.G.L.A. 54 §25B(only available for state biennial elections)

Elevendays prior to election

Secondbusiness day before election (Friday before)

City hall election office and also town clerk’s office

Alternate or extr locations may be detailed at the discrection of the city or city registrar

Regular company hours. City or town clerks might provide added hours (including weekends) at their discretion.

MinnesotaM.S.A. §203B.081, 203B.085

Forty-sixdays before election (in-person absentee)

5 p.m. The day prior to election

Elections offices or any type of other location designated by ar auditor

Monday through Friday regular organization hours.

10a.m.-3p.m. ~ above Saturday prior to election; 10a.m.-5p.m. ~ above the day prior to Election Day.

Thirtydays prior to election (in-person absentee)

Day before election

Elections offices

Not specified

NebraskaN.R.S. §32-808, §32-938, 32-942

Thirtydays before eachelection.

Election Day

County clerk or election commissioners’ offices

Not specified

New JerseyN.J.S.A.§19:63-6

Ten days before the election, however in-person absentee voting starts forty-fivedays before election.

Sunday prior to election

Each county board of elections shall designate at least three, yet not an ext than five, public locations within each county, other than that the county plank shall point out at the very least five, but not more than seven public areas for early voting if the variety of registered voter in the county is at the very least 150,000 but less 보다 300,000, and also shall clues at least seven, however not much more than 10 public places for early voting if the variety of registered voter in the county is 300,000 or more.

Not specified

New MexicoN.M.S.A. §1-6-5(G)

ThirdSaturday before election

Saturday before election

Clerks’ offices and:

Class A counties with more than 200,000 registered voters: salesperson must develop at least 12 alternate locations

Class A counties v 200,000 or under registered voters: salesperson must establish at least 4 alternative locations

Non-class A counties with much more than 10,000 registered voters: salesman must develop at least one alternative location

Non-class A counties with 10,000 or fewer registered voters: clerk’s office and alternate locations together designated through clerk

Hours are set by the clerk, and must begin no previously than 7 a.m. And end no later on than 9 p.m.

Each alternating location must be open up for at the very least eightconsecutive hrs on every day of at an early stage voting, and may be closed on Sundays and Mondays

New YorkElection legislation Title VI,§8-600

Tenth day prior to electionSecond day prior to an electionAt the very least one beforehand voting location for every complete increment of 50,000 registered voters in every county, but not much more than seven are required. Counties v fewer 보다 50,000 registered voters shall have at least one beforehand voting location. Counties and the city of brand-new York may pick to establish an ext than the minimum required. At an early stage voting sites chandelier be located so the voters have adequate and also equitable access.

Open because that at the very least eight hours in between 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Every weekday during the early voting period.

At least one early on voting website shall be open until 8 p.m. ~ above at least two weekday in every calendar week throughout the beforehand voting period.

Open for at least 5 hours in between 9 a.m. And 6 p.m. On each Saturday, Sunday and also legal holiday throughout the beforehand voting period.

Boards of vote may create a greater variety of hours because that voting throughout the early voting period beyond what is required.

North CarolinaN.C.G.S.A. §163-227.2

Third Thursday before election

3 p.m. On the last Saturday before election

Office of county plank of elections

The county plank of elections may select to offer added locations, topic to approval by the state plank of elections. All sites must be open during the same days and hours.

Monday v Friday during regular service hours in ~ the county board of elections. A ar board may conduct early on voting ~ above weekends.

If the county board of poll opens early voting siteson Saturdaysor Sundays throughout the early on voting period, then all sites chandelier be open up for the same variety of hours uniformly transparent the ar on those days.

There room exceptions because that counties with islands that contain no bridges come the mainland.

Fifteen days prior to election

Day before election

At the discretion of ar auditor

The ar auditor chooses and publishes the hours.

OhioNote: Uniform statewide schedule is set by the secretary of state: 2020 poll schedule here

Twenty-eightdays prior to election (in-person absentee)

2 p.m. Monday prior to election

Main office of plank of elections

Board might conduct voting at a branch office only under particular conditions

8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday throughFriday, with some expanded evening hrs in the week prior to the election

8 a.m.-4 p.m. ~ above Saturday

1-5 p.m. Top top the Sunday before Election Day

Wednesday coming before an choice (in-person absentee)

2 p.m. On the Saturday prior to election

At a ar designated through the county election board. Because that counties of an ext than 25,000 registered voters or with an area of more than 1,500 squaremiles, much more than one ar may it is in designated

8 a.m.-6 p.m. Top top Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

9 a.m.-2 p.m. Top top Saturday


25 P.S. § 3146.2a

Fifty days prior to election (in-person absentee)5 p.m. An initial Tuesday prior to day of electionLocal board of electionsDuring regular company hours

Rhode Island


Twenty days prior to election (in-person absentee)Day before electionAt neighborhood boards of canvassersDuring regular company hours

South DakotaS.D.C.L. §12-19-2.1

Forty-fivedays before election (in-person absentee)

5 p.m. The day prior to the election

Office of the human in fee of elections

Regular office hours

Twentydays prior to election

Fivedays prior to election (sevendays because that a presidential preference primary)

County election commission office or other location(s) designated by the county election commission.

Offices need to be open a minimum of three consecutive hrs on weekdays and Saturdays in between 8 a.m.-6 p.m.during the at an early stage voting period.

On at the very least three days, offices must be open between 4:30-7p.m., and also on at the very least one Saturday indigenous 8 a.m.-4 p.m. In counties v a populace ofover 150,000.

TexasTex. Elec. Password §85.001and 85.002

Seventeendays before election

Fourdays prior to election

In a room in the workplaces of the county clerk, or somewhere else as determined by the clerk

Each county has one main early on voting center

During service hours on day of the week unless:

Fewer than 1,000 voters, in which case threehours per day, or an ext than 100,000 voters, in which instance 12 hrs per day during the critical week

VirginiaVA password Ann. § 24.2-701.1

Forty-five days before election5 p.m. Saturday prior to electionOffice that the basic registrar. Added locations in public buildings may be noted at local discretion.

Regular company hours.

A minimum of eight hours in between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Top top the two Saturdays before the election. The electoral board or general registrar may provide early voting on the 2 Sundays before the election, as well.

West VirginiaW.V. Password §3-3-3

And SB 581

Thirteendays prior to election

Threedays prior to election

Courthouse or the annex beside the courthouse

County commission may designate added areas, topic to demands prescribed by the Secretary the State

Must be open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ~ above Saturdays with EV period

WisconsinWis. Password §6.86(1)(b)

Fourteendays preceding the choice (in-person absentee)

Sunday coming before the election

Clerks’ offices

A municipality shall specify the hours.

Fortydays prior to election (in-person absentee)

Day before election

County clerks’ offices

Courthouse or various other public building

Must it is in open continuous hours top top normal service days

Additionally, seven states have actually all-mail voting. Every eligible voter is sent out a ballot that can be returned by mail, or dropped off at a voter center or similar location throughout the early voting period.



Ten business days before Election Day.7 p.m. On election DayVoter service CentersMonday-Saturday 8 a.m. To 4:30 p.m.

NevadaN.R.S. §293.356 et seq.

ThirdSaturday preceding election

Friday prior to election

Permanent locations for early voting together designated by ar clerk

Branch polling areas for beforehand voting as designated by county clerk

There room special needs for at an early stage voting sites on native American reservations.

Monday through Friday because that at the very least eighthours a day, come be created by the clerk. Any kind of Saturday that drops within the early on voting duration for at the very least fourhours, to be established by the clerk. A clerk may select to offer Sunday hours as well.

Oregon§254.470, Secretary the State RulesDropsites need to open the Friday before an election, yet may open up as soon as ballots are available (18 days before).Day that election.Election workplaces or other staffed areas (libraries, city halls, etc.) or outdoor mailboxes (drive-by or go traffic).Normal service hours.

UtahUtah password §20A-3-601

Fourteendays before election

Friday before election, despite an election main may select toextend the early voting period to the day before the election

In government offices as established by choice officer

At the very least fourdays every week, and on the last day of the EV period.

The choice officer might elect come conduct early on voting ~ above a Saturday, Sundayor holiday.

VermontTit. 17, §2531 thru 2537

Forty-fivedays before election (in-person absentee)

5 p.m. Day before election

Offices of town clerks

Clerks might make “mobile polling stations” available

Not specified

WashingtonRCW §29A.40.160Vote centers need to be open up 18 days prior to an election.8 p.m. On job of election.Election workplaces or other locations designated by the ar auditor.Normal business hours.Early voting in U.S. TerritoriesTerritoryEarly voting BeginsEarly vote EndsLocationsHours and Days
U.S. Virgin Islands18 V.I.C. §94a14 days before an election.3 days before an election.Permanent main or branch office the the super of elections because that the district. The at sight of vote may likewise designate publicly or government-owned facilities. However, these sites must be geographically located so together to administer all electors in the district an equal possibility to actors a ballot, insofar as is practicable.No less than eight hours and also no much more than 12 hours per job at every site.

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