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Says Barack Obama is the "first chairman to choose 45 czars come replace elected officials in his office."

A chain email that’s to be circulating for years -- listing what it claims are chairman Barack Obama’s "accomplishments," other than they’re all an unfavorable -- has recently gone into heavy rotation again, evaluate by reader requests to fact-check it.

By now, we’ve fact-checked three of the dozens of "accomplishments" listed in the email, and also each has actually earned a rating of trousers on Fire.

The insurance claim we will inspect here is the Obama is the "first president to appoint 45 czars come replace chosen officials in his office."

We take it a look in ~ Obama’s czars earlier in 2009, once Sen. John McCain asserted the Obama had an ext czars 보다 the Romanovs. Us concluded that Romanovs had 18 and Obama had 28, so we rated the True.

That said, no one must conclude that the chain email’s claim is correct.

So what is a czar, anyway?

The hatchet "czar" is unofficially -- something that is much more often offered by the media than by the government itself. As finest as we can tell, the a title that the media likes to use to shorthand someone’s actual position.

Officially, a federal government employee might be "chairman of the restore Act accountability transparency board," but it’s much much easier for journalists to refer to the "Stimulus Czar." Ditto because that the "acting Assistant Secretary of the Treasury because that Financial Stability and also Chief Troubled heritage Relief routine Counsel," often referred to as "TARP Czar."

How countless czars go Obama have?

The claim that Obama has actually 45 czars appears to come native a 2011 report by judicial Watch, a conservative advocacy group. The group counted 45 czars appointed by Obama and 18 other unfilled or to plan czar positions.

By ours count, the number is inflated.

For example, Valerie Jarrett is noted as the "Special advisor Czar." The chairman has plenty of special advisers choose Jarrett. This says one can theoretically brand every unique advisor to the president a "czar."

A couple of others, such as the "Safe schools Czar" and "War Czar," room positions began under chairman George W. Bush. The "Oil Czar" is detailed as beam Mabus, who is Senate-confirmed Secretary the the Navy.

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We contacted Judicial clock to gain a an answer to these much more questionable positions.