The Conn Smythe is awarded come the playoff MVP, but who to be the MVP because that the five Stanley Cup clinching games in Penguins history?

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The Conn Smythe Trophy is awarded every year to the player reputed to be the most an important player of the year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, however that player is not necessarily constantly the one that rises to the occasion and closes the transaction for his team.

Hockey history is filled through unlikely heroes that answered the call and came with with a crucial play in a an essential moment to help push the team over the final hurdle come winning the Stanley Cup.

The Penguins space no exception and also this piece will explore the unsung heroes that came through as soon as the team required them most.

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As a franchise, the Penguins have actually won 5 Stanley Cup championships and also three players have actually been vested the Conn Smythe Trophy for your playoff efforts. Mario won double (1991, 1992), Sidney Crosby has actually two Conn Smythes come his surname (2016, 2017), and Evgeni Malkin won the award when (2009).

There is no inquiry those players earned the Conn Smythe trophies awarded come them, but perhaps lock were not the player that played the biggest role in the games where your team clinched the Stanley Cup.

From Max Talbot to Kris Letang, let’s take a watch at who played franchise hero the five various times the Penguins sealed a Stanley Cup championship.

1991: game 6 vs. Minnesota north Stars

Clinching game MVP: Mario Lemieux

So, this an option is somewhat contrary come the entire suggest of the article, yet when girlfriend look earlier at game 6 against the phibìc Stars, Lemieux was standing out together the optimal performer on a night where just around everyone in black and gold produced.

Totaling four points (1G, 3A), Lemieux led an offensive assault that caused an 8-0 rout that the north Stars to give the Penguins the an initial Stanley Cup in franchise history. After ~ Ulf Samuelsson opened up the scoring, Lemieux made that 2-0 a couple of minutes later with a earlier breaking shorthanded goal. Mario included an assist on the team’s fourth goal in the second duration along through a pair the helpers in the 3rd on his way to the Conn Smythe Trophy.

1992: game 4 vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Clinching game MVP: Ron Francis

Mario Lemieux, rick Tocchet, and Kevin Stevens every posted three point efforts once the Penguins swept the Chicago Blackhawks in video game 4 of the 1992 Stanley Cup Final, yet instead the debating between that trio, the choice here is game winning goal scorer Ron Francis.

Francis had an otherwise quiet game 4, but his goal at 7:59 the the third period helped the Penguins build a 2 goal lead for the first time every night in what had been a back-and-forth contest up to that point. Jeremy Roenick scored so late in the third period for the Blackhawks, yet it to be no enough and also Francis’ marker held up at the Cup winning goal.

2009: game 7 vs. Detroit Red Wings

Clinching video game MVP: Max Talbot

Before puck fall of video game 7 against the Red wings in 2009, a well-known pick to play hero because that the Penguins was Ruslan Fedotenko. Five years earlier, Fedotenko scored twice in video game 7 as a member of the Tampa bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup end the Calgary Flames.

This time, however, it was someone perhaps even much more unlikely 보다 Fedotenko to play MVP and push the Penguins to a third Stanley Cup title. Max Talbot was already a people hero for his actions against the Philadelphia Flyers in the very first round that those an extremely same playoffs, then etched his surname in Penguins lore forever with two goals against the Red wings in game 7. Without Sidney crossby at their disposal, somebody had to action up if the Penguins were to slay the giant. Max Talbot did simply that.

2016: game 6 vs. Mountain Jose Sharks

Clinching game MVP: Kris Letang

Kris Letang is a lightning rod among the Penguins fan base, yet no one deserve to doubt his performance throughout the 2016 Stanley Cup run. Throughout the Penguins Cup run that season, Letang posted 15 points and also led the team in ice time through over a whopping 28 minutes every game.

It was just fitting the Letang was the one come score the eventual game winner in video game 6 against the Sharks to provide the franchise its fourth Stanley Cup. What is even an ext impressive is the play leading as much as the goal, wherein Letang dangled roughly the Sharks defense before scoring brief side off a pass from Crosby.

2017: game 6 vs. Nashville Predators

Clinching video game MVP: Matt Murray

Many might look at this pick and also wonder just how it was not game winning score scorer Patric Hornqvist and truthfully this to be not simple decision come make. After rewatching the highlights from the game, Hornqvist never has actually the possibility to play hero if no for Matt Murray stand on his head for over 58 minutes before Hornqvist damaged the ice.

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Game 6 to be the many evenly disputed game the the three played in Nashville throughout this series, yet even so, Murray bailed the end the Penguins on many occasions transparent the night to store the video game scoreless. Murray’s stand includes killing off a 5-on-3 in the third duration that easily could have adjusted the outcome of that game and series had the not retained the Predators in ~ bay.