In a letter top top Sunday, FBI director James Comey created that newly discovered emails execute not readjust the FBI’s front conclusion that Hillary Clinton must not be charged through a crime.

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Oops, never ever mind!

That’s FBI director James Comey’s brand-new message to congress and, through extension, the American windy on Sunday. A tiny over a main ago, Comey shook the presidential election v a letter to the chairs of several congressional committees, announcing that the FBI had found a new tranche of emails pertinent to its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s usage of a private email server if secretary that state. The emails come from one unrelated case, the said—since commonly reported to it is in an investigation into alleged sexts come a teenager from Anthony Weiner, who estranged mam is a top Clinton aide—and there was no timeline because that finishing the review.

The revelation gave new life come the struggling Donald trumped campaign, which seized on the matter as proof of Clinton’s negative judgment. She poll numbers, as well as her favorability figures and also Democratic enthusiasm, sagged. Brand-new leaks started dripping the end of the FBI on a day-to-day basis, together with allegations that the bureau to be trying to pointer the election towards Trump. The Clinton campaign demanded the Comey say more, yet no info was forthcoming.

But in a new letter on Sunday, Comey revealed that FBI agents had actually been functioning “around the clock” come look in ~ the emails.

“During the process, we reviewed all of the interactions that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary that State,” Comey wrote. “Based on our review, we have actually not changed our conclusions that us expressed in July with respect come Secretary Clinton.”

In other words, it to be all lot ado around nothing. Comey’s recommended in July was that although Clinton had actually been “extremely careless” v classified information, there to be no grounds because that charging her through a crime. Put much more bluntly, the FBI changed the food of the presidential project for what quantities to a fire drill.

This doesn’t mean the email story is unable to do entirely. ~ above Friday, a new release confirmed that in at least one case Clinton forwarded emails to her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, the the government now brand classified.

The chain in question was released on November 4, as component of the continuous release the Clinton’s emails from she time together secretary of state. The messages appeared to be pertained to climate speak in Copenhagen in December 2009, return they were redacted so that it is difficult to tell. They were sent out to an email address that Chelsea Clinton offered under one alias, “Diane Reynolds.” It was not significant classified in ~ the time.

The emails and the private server with which they operated have been a defining story the the Clinton campaign. In march 2015, The new York time first report on Clinton’s usage of a personal email address and a personal server during her time at Foggy Bottom. The story has dogged Clinton ever before since, raising questions around her judgment and also trustworthiness.

While polls proved Clinton’s lead end Trump narrowing slightly prior to Comey’s first letter, ~ above October 28, the news carried on near panic amongst Democrats. Clinton’s polling dropped further, and also her favorability tumbled, and also so go enthusiasm among Democrats. Clinton’s battles to create enthusiasm amongst her voters, and also to carry up her favorability, have added to a still-tight gyeongju over a rival, Donald Trump, who has actually committed many errors that would have actually been lethal for nearly any other candidacy.

The emails represent something the a classic Clinton scandal. Although the house investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing ~ above her part with respect come the attacks themselves, the was during that inquiry the her private-email use ended up being public. This is a pattern with the Clinton family, i beg your pardon has remained in the publicly spotlight due to the fact that Bill Clinton’s first run because that office, in 1974: other that appears potentially scandalous top top its confront turns out to it is in innocuous, yet an investigation right into it reveals various questionable behavior. The canonical instance is Whitewater, a fail real-estate invest Bill and Hillary Clinton make in 1978. Although no inspection ever created evidence that wrongdoing, investigations at some point led to president Clinton’s impeachment for perjury and obstruction the justice.

With Hillary Clinton the autonomous nominee for president, every Clinton scandal—from Whitewater to the State department emails—will it is in under the microscope. (No other American politicians—even ones together corrupt together Richard Nixon, or as hated by partisans as George W. Bush—have promoted the development of a irreversible multimillion-dollar cottage industry committed to attack them.) keeping track of every controversy, wherein it came from, and also how severe it is, is no small task, so here’s a primer. We’ll upgrade it as brand-new information emerges.

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What? throughout the course of the Benghazi investigation, New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt learned Clinton had used a an individual email account when secretary of state. The turned out she had additionally been using a exclusive server, situated at a home in new York. The result was the Clinton and her staff decided which emails to rotate over come the State Department as public records and also which to withhold; they say they then ruined the ones they had designated together personal.

When? 2009-2013, during Clinton’s term together secretary.

Who? Hillary Clinton; invoice Clinton; height aides consisting of Huma Abedin

How major is it? Very serious. A may report indigenous the State room inspector general is harshly critical of Clinton’s email approach, however Loretta Lynch announced ~ above July 6 that the justice Department would certainly not pursue criminal charges, removed the threat of an indictment that could be deadly to she campaign. ~ above October 28, the FBI announced is it reviewing a new tranche the emails that turned up in one unrelated investigation, yet it did no offer any other details ~ above the scope. In any case, the scandal will stay a millstone around her neck forever. Comey’s damning comments about her conduct—“Although we did not uncover clear proof that Secretary Clinton or she colleagues intended to violate legislations governing the managing of share information, over there is evidence that castle were exceptionally careless in their handling of really sensitive, very classified information”—will reverberate throughout the campaign. Also unresolved is the question of even if it is Clinton’s server was hacked. You can read the FBI report here.

Secretary that State Hillary Clinton checks she phone on plank a airplane from Malta to Tripoli, Libya. (Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? setup aside the concern of the Clintons’ exclusive email server, what’s in reality in the emails the Clinton did rotate over to State? While several of the emails pertained to Benghazi have actually been released, there are plenty the others extended by public-records legislations that space still in the procedure of gift vetted because that release.

When? 2009-2013

How significant is it? Serious. While the materials of emails revealed so far has been more eyerolly than scandalous, the bigger difficulty is the revelation the dozens of email chains contained information that was classified at part level. In one case, Clinton forwarded information to her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, that while not marked classified in ~ the time, is now considered to be. Meanwhile, part emails stay to be seen. The State Department, under court order, is gradually releasing the emails she rotate over, however there are various other emails that she didn’t turn over, which have actually surfaced through court battles.

A guy celebrates together the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi burns ~ above September 11, 2012. (Esam Al-Fetori / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? on September 11, 2012, attackers overran a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, death Ambassador chris Stevens and also three other Americans. Because then, Republicans have actually charged that Hillary Clinton failed come adequately protect U.S. Installations or that she attempted come spin the attacks as spontaneous as soon as she knew they to be planned terrorist operations. She testifies for the an initial time on October 22.

When? September 11, 2012-present

How severe is it? through the June 28 relax of the home committee investigate Benghazi, this concern is receding. The report criticized protection preparations at the American basic in Benghazi and stations elsewhere, yet it created no smoking firearms or new accusations around things Clinton could have excellent the night that the attacks. Although part conservatives will certainly likely proceed to assail her, the biggest damages is likely to be iterative—the very damaging private-email story to be revealed during the course of the home inquiry. The respectable revelation of as much as 30 new, unreleased emails argued some brand-new information, however it turned out there was just one truly new message, a flattering an individual note indigenous an ambassador.

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What? Before ending up being Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills operated for Clinton on an unpaid communication for four months while likewise working for new York University, in which capacity she negotiated ~ above the school’s behalf with the government of Abu Dhabi, whereby it was building a campus. In June 2012, Deputy cook of staff Huma Abedin’s status at State readjusted to “special federal government employee,” permitting her to additionally work because that Teneo, a consulting firm run by bill Clinton’s former right-hand man. She also earned money native the Clinton foundation and to be paid straight by Hillary Clinton. In a separate case, alphabet News reports the a height Clinton foundation donor called Rajiv Fernando was placed on State’s international Security Advisory Board. Fernando appeared significantly much less qualified than plenty of of his colleagues, and was appointed at the behest the the secretary’s office. Interior emails show that State staff first sought to cover because that Clinton, and also then Fernando resigned 2 days after ~ ABC’s inquiries. Judicial watch released papers that display Doug Band, a structure official, trying to put a donor in touch v a State Department expert on Lebanon and to acquire someone a project at Foggy Bottom.

Who? Both Cheryl Mills and also Huma Abedin are amongst Clinton’s longest-serving and also closest aides. Abedin remains connected in her project (and she’s likewise married come Anthony Weiner).

When? January 2009-February 2013

How severe is it? This is arcane stuff, to be sure. There room questions around conflict of interest—such together whether Teneo clients could have benefited indigenous special treatment by the State room while Abedin worked for both. To a an excellent extent, this is simply an expansion of the tangle of disputes presented through the Clinton foundation and the countless overlapping duties of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Blumenthal take away a having lunch break while gift deposed in private session the the House pick Committee on Benghazi. (Jonathan serious / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? A previous journalist, Blumenthal to be a optimal aide in the 2nd term the the invoice Clinton administration and aided on messaging throughout the poor old days. He served as an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and also when she took over the State Department, she sought to rental Blumenthal. Obama aides, reportedly still smarting over his duty in strikes on candidate Obama, refuse the request, so Clinton simply sought the end his counsel informally. In ~ the very same time, Blumenthal was illustration a inspect from the Clinton Foundation.

When? 2009-2013

How significant is it? only mildly. Several of the damage is already done. Blumenthal was apparently the source of the idea that the Benghazi assaults were spontaneous, a notion that verified incorrect and provided a politics bludgeon against Clinton and Obama. He also advised the secretary on a wide selection of various other issues, from northern Ireland come China, and also passed along evaluation from his kid Max, a staunch movie critic of the Israeli government (and conservative bête noire). However emails exit so far display even Clinton’s height foreign-policy guru, Jake Sullivan, rejecting Blumenthal’s analysis, elevating questions about her judgment in trusting him.

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What? Since invoice Clinton left the White residence in 2001, both Clintons have actually made millions of dollars for providing speeches.

When? 2001-present

Who? Hillary Clinton; invoice Clinton; Chelsea Clinton

How major is it? Intermittently dangerous. It has actually a tendency to flare up, then die down. City council Bernie Sanders made it a helpful attack against her in early on 2016, saying that by speak to banks like Goldman Sachs, she to be compromised. There have actually been calls for Clinton to release the transcripts of she speeches, i m sorry she has declined to do, speak if every other candidate does, she will too. Because that the Clintons, who left the White house up to their ear in legitimate debt, profitable speeches—mostly by the former president—proved to it is in an effective way of rebuilding wealth. They have also been an efficient magnet for prying questions. Wherein did Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton speak? just how did lock decide how much come charge? What go they say? how did they decision which speeches would be offered on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, with fees going to the charity, and which would certainly be treated as an individual income? room there situations of conflicts of interest or quid pro quos—for example, speak gigs for invoice Clinton on behalf of clients who had actually business prior to the State Department?

A brooch for sale in ~ the Clinton Museum save in little Rock, Arkansas (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? invoice Clinton’s foundation was actually created in 1997, however after leave the White home it ended up being his primary car for … well, everything. With tasks ranging indigenous public health and wellness to elephant-poaching protection and small-business assistance to boy development, the foundation is a huge worldwide player with several influential offshoots. In 2013, complying with Hillary Clinton’s departure as secretary the State, it was renamed the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

When? 1997-present

Who? invoice Clinton; Hillary Clinton; Chelsea Clinton, etc.

How major is it? If the Clinton Foundation’s strength is chairman Clinton’s countless intellectual omnivorousness, its weakness is the distractibility and lack of interest in information that sometimes come with it. ~ above a philanthropic level, the foundation gets kind ratings from exterior review groups, though critics charge the it’s too diffuse to do lot good, the the money has not constantly reached its to plan recipients, and also that in some situations the money doesn’t seem come have achieved its intended purpose. The foundation made errors in its tax returns it needs to correct. Overall, however, the crucial questions around the Clinton foundation come down to two, related issues. The very first is the look at unavoidable problems of interest: how did the Clintons’ charitable occupational intersect v their for-profit speeches? exactly how did your speeches intersect v Hillary Clinton’s work at the State Department? were there quid-pro-quos involving U.S. Policy? walk the structure steer money improperly to for-profit service providers owned by friends? The second, linked question is around disclosure. As soon as Clinton became secretary, she agreed that the foundation would make specific disclosures, i beg your pardon it’s currently clear the didn’t constantly do. And also the looming questions around Clinton’s State department emails do it harder to answer those questions. The wall surface Street journal reports the the FBI was probing the investigation, though it’s uncertain what its status is.

Supporter prick Furinash holds up cardboard cut-outs of Bill and also Hillary Clinton. (Jim Young / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What is it? since the Clintons have a long history of controversies, there are any number of past scandals that proceed to to rise around, especially in conservative media: Whitewater. Troopergate. Paula Jones. Monica Lewinsky. Travelgate. Vince Foster’s suicide. Juanita Broaddrick.

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When? 1975-2001

Who? invoice Clinton; Hillary Clinton; a brigade of supporting characters

How serious is it? The typical wisdom is that they’re not terribly dangerous. Some room wholly spurious (Foster). Rather (Lewinsky, Whitewater) have been therefore exhaustively investigated it’s difficult to imagine castle doing much further damage to Hillary Clinton’s standing. In fact, the Lewinsky scandal famously boosted her publicly approval ratings. But the January 2016 resurfacing that Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegations offers a test instance to watch whether the standard wisdom is important wise—or just conventional. On might 23, Donald Trump exit a video prominently highlighting Broaddrick’s accusation.