Tonight"s nation Music tv Awards room the 2nd of 4 shows devoted to the genre this year. Why are there for this reason many?


Brian Bayley

The nation Music tv awards air tonight, hosted by boy Rock and also featuring performances through Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, and also Rascal Flatts. It"s nation music"s second huge awards display of the year—the Academy of country Music awards happened back in April—and it"s not the last. The nation Music association awards—the genre"s many prestigious awards—take place in November, followed by the newly produced American country Awards in December. That"s a full of four awards shows specialized solely to country music. Hip hop, by contrast, only has the bet awards.

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Why does country music need so many awards shows?

Not to offer music—at the very least not directly. "The awards mirrors don"t have actually a incredible amount that value—in the artist"s eyes, in the industry"s eyes, or even in the eye of public perception," claims Jeffrey Rabhan, chair of the videotaped music room at new York University. Rabhan detailed that the Grammys is the only awards show that"s to be proven to rise record sales—smaller, genre-specific shows favor the CMT awards don"t aid much.

So why space there so numerous of them? below are four theories that come out of my conversation v Rabhan:

They"re funny to watch. uneven the Oscars, which room notoriously boring, music awards shows are entertaining. "They"re great TV," Rabhan says. Why? because they incorporate live musical performances that truly represent what renders the nominees praise-worthy—in comparison with the over-edited, lifeless clips native nominated films at the Academy Awards. Mumford and also Sons" appearance at the Grammys is evidence of the power of the awards show performance. The band didn"t also win one award, however their album shot come number two on the Billboard 200 after ~ the broadcast.

People track in. The high entertainment value of the shows translates right into high viewership. "There wouldn"t be so countless of castle if over there weren"t a demand for them," states Rabhan. "The ratings are good. And if the ratings weren"t good, the networks wouldn"t carry them." Indeed, last year"s CMT Awards broadcast collection a ratings document for the network.

They create solidarity in ~ the country music community. "Historically, the audience tends to be more passionate, more committed to the genre 보다 really any other genre," Rabhan says. And the many awards reflects "tend come solidify" the passionate audience.

They"re good advertising for country.

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For civilization who aren"t component of what Rabhan call the "tight-knit family" of country music, these mirrors serve as PR because that the genre. The shows highlight because that outsiders the way the genre is growing. "There is a blur that is keep going in country," states Rabhan. "Country is an evolving genre ... It"s a good thing for music." some of the performers in ~ this year"s CMTs speak to the genre"s evolution: child Rock and Sheryl Crow"s appearances repeat viewers that nation is large enough to incorporate two artist who began their music careers in rock.