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The Olympics is one of the leading international sporting occasions featuring both winter and summer games. The Olympic Games lure athletes from over 200 countries about the world who take component in different sporting activities. The Olympics are hosted every 4 years with the summer and also the winter games taking place two years apart. Due to the fact that the inception of the Olympic Games, 23 cities have played host to the Summer gamings while Winter games have been held in 20 cities. In addition, 5 Olympic gamings have to be canceled due to war.

Olympics organize Countries and also Cities

Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics is the older of the two Olympic events. There have been 28 Summer Olympic games held in 23 cities. The joined States has actually hosted the Summer Olympic Games 4 times, the many of any kind of country. The very first Olympics occasion in the united state was organized by St. Louis in 1904. In 1932, Los Angeles hosted the second Summer Olympic gamings in the country. The critical Olympics hosted by the us took location in Atlanta in 1996 with Los Angeles is expected to play host to the 2028 Summer Olympics. The united Kingdom has actually hosted the Summer Olympics 3 times through London hosting every the three events. The UK very first hosted the Olympics in 1908. After hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics, London is not expected to host any type of event anytime soon. France, Germany, Greece, and also Australia have each hosted the Summer games twice. Japan is hosting the 2021 Summer Olympic games that was to be organized in 2020 but was delayed as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winter Olympics

Olypmic ring in Sochi, Russia, serves together a reminder of the 2014 Winter Olympics held by the city. Editorial credit: evgenii mitroshin /

The Winter Olympic games were an initial held in Chamonix, France in 1924. Because then, 23 Winter games have been organized in 20 various cities. The unified States has actually hosted the highest variety of Winter Olympics occasions (4). Lake Placid first hosted the gamings in the united state in 1932 complied with by Squaw sink in 1960. Lake Placid again held the 1980 occasions with Salt Lake City hosting the 2002 Winter Games. France has actually hosted the Winter Olympics on three occasions, hosting the inaugural occasion in 1924 and also again hosting the events in 1968 and also 1992.

Did girlfriend Know?

Only Europe, north America, Asia, south America, and also Oceania have actually hosted the Olympic gamings with Europe hosting 36 editions. In 2016, Brazil ended up being the first South American country to hold the Olympics. Africa has actually yet to hold the games. In 2022, China’s Beijing City will be the an initial city to hold both the Winter and Summer Games. The hold cities room picked seven years in breakthrough by the IOC members. The selection procedure takes around two years with the an initial stage involving receiving applications from any kind of city interested in ending up being a hold city. A total of seven cities have hosted the Olympics much more than once, v London hosting that on 3 occasions.

Which countries Have organized the Olympic Games?

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United StatesSt. LouisSummer1904
United KingdomLondonSummer1908
SwitxerlandSt. MoritzWinter1928
United StatesLos AngelesSummer1932
United StatesLake PlacidWinter1932
United KingdomLondonSummer1948
SwitzerlandSt. MoritzWinter1948
Cortina d"AmpezzoItalyWinter1956
United StatesSquaw ValleyWinter1960
MexicoMexico CitySummer1968
West GermanyMunichSummer1972
Soviet UnionMoscowSummer1980
United StatesLake PlacidWinter1980
United StatesLos AngelesSummer1984
South KoreaSeoulSummer1988
United StatesAtlantaSummer1996
United StatesSalt Lake CityWinter2002
United KingdomLondonSummer2012
BrazilRio de JaneiroSummer2016
South KoreaPyeongchangWinter2018