It’s the world’s biggest chain through over 36,000 locations inmore 보다 100 countries, for this reason you have the right to rely ~ above the truth there’s generally a McDonald’s close-by. However, there are a number of placesthe worldwide chain has failed come nestle in as result of reasons such as neighborhood wealth,tastes and politics. Indigenous Iceland andBarbados to north Korea, here's where has rejected the huge Mac.

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Until 2009 Iceland had three McDonald’s branches, climate the gaue won crisis and collapse the the currency that year resulted in the company to pull the end of the floor of fire and also ice. Large bosses likewise cited the challenge of working in an isolated country with a small population and have actually no plans to return.



This north Atlantic paradise has actually a half on quick food joints yet that hasn’t stopped McDonald’s trying to open up over below a few times. It discovered a loophole in the form ofthe USNaval Air terminal for military people and also their families, but when the closed in 1995 it, too,had to go. After that the chaintried again in1999, but was outlawedonce and for every to maintain the country’s old civilization image.



In east Africa’s Kenya, the home of the Masai Mara wildlife reserve, there’s not a McDonald’s to be found. Although, in 2017 there were false claims the chain would certainly be following in the footsteps of other brands such together Subway, Domino’s and KFC and also opening a branch in the country’s resources Nairobi.



Southeast Asia’s Cambodia is one more country McDonald's hasn’t moved right into yet. Return the popularity of other worldwide chainsincludingKFC, burgess King, dairy product Queen and also Carl’s Jr., suggests it might do fine here.



In landlocked Mongolia nearly fifty percent the populace is nomadic and also local delicacies include mutton dumplings and also boiled lamb with potatoes. You absolutely won't view anyone picking up a big Mac native the drive-thru here. However, just over the border in adjoining Russia and China rapid foodbusiness is booming.

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There are thought to be 387 outpostsof McDonald's inAfrica (which is fewer 보다 the number in the whole of Mexico), yet none that them room in Nigeria regardless of the continent's best city Lagos beinghere. The only 4 African countries to have the franchise space Egypt, Mauritania, Moroccoand southern Africa.

Located in The Balkans in southeastern Europe, Macedonia has actually tonnes to sell in regards to food. Locals love kebabs, cabbage rolls and moussaka, and also the funding Skopje even hadMcDonald’s franchises until 2013. The company running castle unexpectedly lost its license and also they to be all forced to close there is no explanation.

While Laos' economic climate is developing, poverty and also malnutrition have actually been challenges, which has actually meant McDonald's hasn't increased into the country just yet. Adjoining Vietnam got its first branchin 2013 and also Thailand has had actually outposts the the an international chain due to the fact that the 1980s.

With relationships rocky between Iran and also the West, no McDonald’s has actually opened in the center Eastern country’s capital Tehran together of yet. The hasn’t quit a variety of imposter quick food brand opening consisting of Mash Donald, anunauthorised Chipotle and also a fake KFC.

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Despite KFC’s popular in this coastal West african country, McDonald’s hasn’t opened up up shopyet. Return the economic situation is booming,with morepeople moving into its funding Accra and shopping malls opening, so probably it won’t it is in too long until residents deserve to expect one.

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Brazil, Mexico and also Peru room all partial to McDonald’s, however in this Latin American nation theburger and fries franchise fail to construct a fanbase. It entered in 1997, but by 2002 it to be struggling so shuttered that is eight stores.Bolivia's former president Evo Morales is anti-global rapid food, having once said:“ are not interested in the health and wellness of human beings, only in your earnings and corporate profits."

McDonald's has actually thought about entering this southern African country a few times however plans have actually never gotten off the ground. In 1999talks were underway as soon as Zimbabwesuffered an economic crisis. In 2010 there to be news the chain might be moving in again, but for currently fans will have to travel to neighbouring South Africa to get their McNuggets fix.

This beautiful Balkan country is largely complimentary from an international fast food brands many thanks to the government’s stand on large international chains crowding out smaller companies. That didn't prevent amobile McDonald’s restaurant detect its method into the resources Podgorica in 2003, butbusiness there was short-lived.

When Afghanistan was residence to brother andUS military bases Camp Bastion and Kandahar it had actually Pizza Hut, Tim Hortons and also Burger King because that troops, however somewhat strangely over there was never ever a McDonald’s. Currently fans of fast food make execute with bootleg execution offavourites such together Kabul Fried Chicken in the country’s capital.

The Arabian Peninsula is not brief of McDonald’s v Dubai and also Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and also Oman all big fans of the chain. However, it has actually not opened up shop in poorer neighbour Yemen which has been the site of problem for many years.

One that the few places whereby McDonald’s has failed. The land of wood and water had eight restaurants until 2005 once they to be closed down.The factor was never explained, but it’s speculated the menu didn't fit with what Jamaicans usually like to eat.

This tropical sky in the Indian ocean is recognized for that is luxurious resorts and also sandy beaches, yet not for its fast food. The Maldives islands are free from McDonald’s franchises and also residents’ diets featurecoconuts, fish, rice and also spices.

Back in the 1990s a McDonald’s branch opened in Barbados'capital Bridgetown. However, the Bajans that were currently used to your own fast food chain such as Chefette (which serves fried chicken, burgers, pizza and fries) didn’t convert and it closed 6 months later. That hasn’t been ago since.

This asian country in between Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and also Iran has actually no intentionally of getting a McDonald’s according to a agency spokesperson in 2017. Prior to entering any kind of country the chain carefully considers economic and business determinants – and also it would need to be more expensive 보다 thelocal fast food.

This Polynesian archipelago relies on agriculture, fishing and also tourism, and also isn’t a wealthy country. So youwon’t find Tongans grabbing takeout native McDonald’s, citizens King or KFC for lunch. Traditionalcuisine contains spit-roasted pig and dishes with yam, sweet potato, taro (a violet root veg) and coconut milk.

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Despite the popular of worldwide chains KFC and also Pizza Hut in this South eastern country it has no McDonald’s in ~ the moment. The company’s website says it has actually no to plan to open restaurants in Bangladesh in the foreseeable future.

Six months after ISIS was required to leaving in 2017, a McDonald’s opened in Mosul.However, it has actually no main association v McDonald's Corp and also is a kebab residence using the brand’s name. Throughout the occupation, Western brands such as Nike and Adidas were banned and now they're becoming more popular. It might be a couple of more years until the actual deal come though.

One that the key reasons why Nepal doesn’t have a McDonald’s is thatbeef isn't widely eaten here early tothe cow gift the national animal andsacred to Hindus. But if you’re craving quick food, a pilgrimage to its capital Kathmandu will obtain you yourfix together fried chicken chain KFC has actually really taken off here.

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In this phibìc African nation there is no McDonald’s, but there’s absolutely a market for quick food in the metropolitan funding Tunis. Below you’ll have the ability to find LA chain Fatburger, an international favourite KFC and also pizza chain Papa John’s.

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There space no worldwide fast food outlets in this communist state, but after North korean leader Kim Jong-Un and Donald trumped met for a summit in 2018, relations in between the two countries warmed. It’s said the supreme Leader was open up to the idea the a west hamburger franchise in the nation as a gesture the goodwill.