The U.S. State that Idaho is split into 44 Counties. Check out the Idaho county Map, every Counties list along with their County seat in alphabet order and their population, areas and also the date of formation.

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About Idaho county Map: The map showing the ar boundary, every counties boundary, state capital and also neighbouring states.

About Counties in Idaho

Idaho is one of the states of America the is positioned in the Pacific Northwest region of the country. The state shares the boundaries with Montana and also Wyoming to the east, Nevada and also Utah come the south, Washington and also Oregon to the west. The state shares an global border through the an additional called country Canada. Idaho ranks as 14th biggest state having geographical area in joined States. The funding city the Idaho is Boise. Boise is in fact biggest city that the state. According to the census taken in the year 2019, the populace of the state is 1.787 million. The nick surname of Idaho is “The Gem State”. It to be nicknamed prefer that, due to the fact that a range of gems, one deserve to find, in the state. According a survey, approximately 72 different species of gemstones are discovered in the state Idaho.

The counties that Idaho room 44 in number. The many populous county and largest ar in Idaho state is Ada County. The smallest county in the state is Clark County. The county named Blaine is the wealthiest county in the state and Ada drops in the 2nd place. The lowest per capita earning County and the poorest ar in the state the Idaho is Madison County. The wealthiest city in the state is Eagle and also Star ranks as the second richest city. Eagle city is a beautiful, friendly and also unique city in the nature.

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The state that Idaho has three branches of federal government like any other claims of United claims of America. Lock Legislative branch, executive, management branch and also Judicial branch. The state government`s primary unit that local government is county in the state. Counties space vested v political powers and in fact they are small administrative body of the state government.

The U.S. State that Idaho has 44 Counties. This is list of Idaho Counties and also County seat in alphabet order together with check your population, areas and the day of formation.

List that Counties in Idaho and also County Seats

S.NCountyCounty SeatPopulationArea Formed
1Ada CountyBoise392,3651,055 sq mi1864
2Adams CountyCouncil3,9761,365 sq mi1911
3Bannock CountyPocatello82,8391,113 sq mi1893
4Bear Lake CountyParis5,986971 sq mi1893
5Benewah CountySt. Maries9,285776 sq mi1915
6Bingham CountyBlackfoot45,6072,095 sq mi1885
7Blaine CountyHailey21,3762,645 sq mi1895
8Boise CountyIdaho City7,0281,902 sq mi1864
9Bonner CountySandpoint40,8771,738 sq mi1907
10Bonneville CountyIdaho Falls104,2341,869 sq mi1911
11Boundary CountyBonners Ferry10,9721,269 sq mi1915
12Butte CountyArco2,8912,233 sq mi1917
13Camas CountyFairfield1,1171,075 sq mi1917
14Canyon CountyCaldwell188,923590 sq mi1892
15Caribou CountySoda Springs6,9631,766 sq mi1919
16Cassia CountyBurley22,9522,567 sq mi1879
17Clark CountyDubois9821,765 sq mi1919
18Clearwater CountyOrofino8,7612,462 sq mi1911
19Custer CountyChallis4,3684,926 sq mi1881
20Elmore CountyMountain Home27,0383,078 sq mi1889
21Franklin CountyPreston12,786666 sq mi1913
22Fremont CountySaint Anthony13,2421,867 sq mi1893
23Gem CountyEmmett16,719563 sq mi1915
24Gooding CountyGooding15,464731 sq mi1913
25Idaho CountyGrangeville16,2678,485 sq mi1864
26Jefferson CountyRigby26,1401,095 sq mi1913
27Jerome CountyJerome22,374600 sq mi1919
28Kootenai CountyCoeur d"Alene138,4941,245 sq mi1864
29Latah CountyMoscow37,2441,077 sq mi1888
30Lemhi CountySalmon7,9364,564 sq mi1869
31Lewis CountyNezperce3,821479 sq mi1911
32Lincoln CountyShoshone5,2081,206 sq mi1895
33Madison CountyRexburg37,536472 sq mi1913
34Minidoka CountyRupert20,069760 sq mi1913
35Nez Perce CountyLewiston39,265849 sq mi1864
36Oneida CountyMalad City4,2861,200 sq mi1864
37Owyhee CountyMurphy11,5267,678 sq mi1863
38Payette CountyPayette22,623408 sq mi1917
39Power CountyAmerican Falls7,8171,406 sq mi1913
40Shoshone CountyWallace12,7652,634 sq mi1864
41Teton CountyDriggs10,170450 sq mi1915
42Twin falls CountyTwin Falls77,2301,925 sq mi1907
43Valley CountyCascade9,8623,733 sq mi1917
44Washington CountyWeiser10,1981,456 sq mi1879