New York is when again enduring a high volume that coronavirus infections as it attempts to increase its inoculation rates. Here’s a look at an essential COVID-19 numbers in the state.

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A COVID-19 vaccine is administered in ~ NYC health and wellness + Hospitals/Elmhurst in Queens. Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

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As COVID-19 vaccination prices increased and also COVID-19 cases began to to decrease across new York, the need for a daily update on the state’s positive case numbers, hospitalizations and also deaths began to feel unnecessary previously this year. 

However, as COVID-19 infections begin to rise again and also omicron, a new coronavirus variant, starts to spread, maintaining track that the state’s coronavirus numbers feels pertinent when again. 

The state and city government are proceeding to administer data the can assist put the past, present and future that the pandemic in context. We’re aggregating some vital numbers here, through the caveat that state data ~ above both COVID-19 cases and also vaccinations has actually been called into question, both under the management of previous Gov. Andrew Cuomo and under Gov. Kathy Hochul.

These numbers were last updated on Dec. 16.

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New York state

60,152 – The number of new York inhabitants who have died after testing positive for the coronavirus, as reported to the CDC ~ above Dec. 15. There were 53 deaths ~ above Dec. 15.

2,874,781 – Total variety of positive tests because that the coronavirus, together reported ~ above Dec. 15. There were 18,276 optimistic tests top top Dec. 15. There were 8,993, 8,226 and also 12,944 hopeful tests top top the three previous days.

3,765 – The number of people hospitalized v the coronavirus on Dec. 15. At the elevation of the first wave top top April 12, 2020, there were 18,825 civilization hospitalized v COVID-19.

762 – The number of patients in intensive care units on Dec. 15. In ~ the height of the very first wave on April 13, 2020, there were 5,225 world in intensive treatment units.

15,364,108 – Total variety of people who’ve received at least one coronavirus vaccine sheep in brand-new York state, together reported ~ above Dec. 15.

13,741,458 – Total variety of people who’ve received two doses in brand-new York state, together reported top top Dec. 15.

New York City

24,126 – number of confirmed coronavirus deaths of brand-new York City citizens according come the state, together reported ~ above Dec. 15. The state’s figure contains only deaths that happen in health treatment facilities such together hospitals and also nursing homes. The city report 29,833 confirmed deaths and 5,187 probable deaths (where there to be no hopeful test, however symptoms were continual with COVID-19) together of Dec. 16. City data has a three-day lag.

984,047Total variety of positive tests in new York City for the coronavirus, as reported ~ above Dec. 16. There was a seven-day mean of 3,709 day-to-day positive tests reported on Dec. 16, according to the city.

6,572,279 – full number of brand-new York City citizens who’ve received at the very least one coronavirus vaccine dose in new York City, as reported top top Dec. 16.

5,916,332 – full number of brand-new York City occupants who’ve received two sheep in brand-new York City, as reported on Dec. 16.

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797,877The variety of deaths native the coronavirus across the unified States, together of Dec. 16, follow to the CDC.